Meet me on south street song orlons

meet me on south street song orlons

South Street by The Orlons After several auditions, Cameo executive Dave Appell appointed Hightower as the lead singer and began writing songs for them. It reach #3 on the Billboard Hot in South Street is in Philadelphia, and, at the time they were writing about Meet me, on South Street. Original lyrics of South Street song by The Orlons. Explain your version of song meaning, find more of The Orlons lyrics. Meet me, on South Street, Oh, yeah. The Orlons are an American R&B group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that formed in They recorded their own versions of the Dee Dee Sharp songs for their debut album, The group had three hits in "South Street", the group's last Top Ten hit, which 3 on the Billboard chart; "Not Me", which reached No.

Twenty One" for a good examplethe implications were always clear.

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The other album here, the Orlons' third release, shows how much music had changed in such a short time. The dance crazes had ebbed in popularity and the folk revival was the latest fad. The biggest difference in the group was the introduction of Caldwell's "froggy" style of singing, which is given prominence somewhere on almost every song here.

Lyrics: South Street by The Orlons

This gave the Orlons a sound distinct from other girl groups of the era, but it did not last. Caldwell left the group less than two years later and the band never had another big hit.

Incidentally, "South Street" was the first introduction of the term "hippies" in popular parlance. The song begins with the line, "Where do all the hippies meet? Collectors' Choice has done another fine job of repackaging the albums with original artwork and informative liner notes.

The Orlons - South Street (1963)

The albums are recreated in dynamic mono and sound full and fresh. Fans of Philly pop and girl group aficionados will enjoy the twofer, but my guess is most listeners would prefer to hear the two hit singles on hit compilations and feel little need to hear the rest -- which is not all that different from when the albums were first released.

They also recorded a version of the Bobby Rydell hit The Cha-Cha-Cha, which includes the line "When you see the Wah-Watusi, you go a-ha-ha-ha," poking fun at their own hit.

meet me on south street song orlons

Davis left the group in August and Caldwell quit the group in[1] Sandy Person replaced Davis. By then, the group's popularity had waned in the United States due to misdirection of their record company, Cameo Records.

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They continued to perform into the late s with success in the UK. They disbanded in after Hightower decided to stay in England after a tour.

meet me on south street song orlons

She married record producer Ian Green. In later years, Davis married and found work as an executive secretary, whilst Caldwell became a shop steward of the bus drivers' trade unionand then became the administrator of the union's legal fund in Philadelphia and served on the Philadelphia Board of Education for 29 years.

InCaldwell and Davis re-formed the group with two new members and performed live on the oldies circuit until Davis' death in On October 13,Shirley Brickley was shot dead by an intruder in her home in Philadelphia. Marlena Davis lost a battle with lung cancer on February 27, aged Audrey Brickley died of acute respiratory distress syndrome on July 3, aged