Kerala school meet 2015 point table of la

2 lakh to crore: The BYJU's Classes success story - Business

kerala school meet 2015 point table of la

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Byju's Classes becomes a brand My classes were referred to as Byju's Classes from the time my classes became popular. Inwithout me knowing, the brand name Byju's Classes was created by my students and I decided to capitalise on the brand name later.

kerala school meet 2015 point table of la

I didn't want to lose the popularity and the good name the brand had achieved. Inthe idea to form a team came from some of my students who contacted me after finishing their courses at various IIMs. We started the company Think and Learn with 25 to 30 people, but the team grew in numbers every month to more than 1, today. The product our company planned to create was content for school students and the decision to move from CAT to creating content for school students came from my observation of the students I taught.

I felt that most of the students lacked conceptual clarity and a proper foundation. I found that there was a huge gap in how the subjects could be learnt and how they were taught. That is why I wanted to create something that could fill the gap. Looking back, I feel I excelled in exams because I wrote exams for fun, the same way I played games.

There was no stress or pressure to perform well in the exams. I looked at exams as a part of the learning process.

So, I decided to target the crucial years in a student's life from the 8th to the 12th standard. Today, my classes begin for 4th standard children; they are in maths, physics, chemistry and biology.

Maths and science are two subjects for which I had special attitude and I enjoyed both, especially solving maths problems. I never learnt maths and science to write exams. I loved learning on my own and understanding the concepts. I noticed then and even now that majority of the students learn a subject to score good marks. You lose the pleasure you derive from solving, say a maths problem, by studying for the exam.

These students don't realise the fun they are losing out on by studying only to score high marks. I was a Maths Olympiad winner in school only because I enjoyed solving maths problems. The problem with our education system is that it gives more importance to breadth than depth.

We tend to create many generalists and very few specialists. They tell you to work hard on your weaknesses. On the contrary, I would argue that you should also build on your strengths! Asking questions is the key to a student's success. You see year-olds learning things by asking questions all the time, but as they grow, adults discourage them from asking questions.

Your thought process is alive only when you ask the right questions. My love for maths has helped me a lot in life.

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For example, I used my strength in solving maths problems to start my own company, attract investors and on a lighter note, even impress the girl I loved to become my wife.

From towe immersed ourselves in creating content mainly for school students from classes 6 to Our content is very contextual and visual.

Kerala School Kalolsavam

Instead of focusing on the whats of learning, we pay attention to the whys and hows as well. We created each chapter in a subject like a movie. And it's not just me; a lot more teachers take classes these days. We have a strong content team, a member media team to make it into interesting videos and a technology team of to personalise it.

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In all, we are a member product development team now. By AugustByju's Learning App was ready to be launched, and in one year, we have had 5. We have also found that students spend an average of 40 minutes per session and more than 90 per cent of the students who came on board last year renewed their subscription, acknowledging the fact that they benefited from the learning programme.

Investment over the years We didn't invest much initially; the Rs 2 lakh RsI invested first came from what I made from my classes. It was after Ranjan Pai saw how students at the Manipal Institute of Technology attended our video classes in large numbers.

We used the money to scale up the team and accelerate product development. I do not know how we came on to their radar. I assume it must be through some reference. Two things got them excited in our company: The first was how we use technology to personalise learning and the second was the impact our app has had on students not just in cities, but also in small towns.

Naturally, I was very excited to be noticed by one of the world's most dynamic young entrepreneurs. Social impact With a father who is a Communist, and having grown up in a village in Kannur, money is not really important to me.

I am more concerned and interested in seeing our app make a strong social impact. I didn't have any drive or passion to start a business, but when I started teaching, I realised that it was my passion and it gave me a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment.

kerala school meet 2015 point table of la

When my classes started creating an impact, it became a business proposition. I always say I am a teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance. Making money has never been a priority for me, but giving something back to society is. That's why I take care of the education and healthcare of the underprivileged in my village.

I grew up there and I feel it is my duty to help others come up in life. I am of the opinion that a business cannot be driven by the passion to make money. In when the school Kalolsavam began, it hadn't reached anywhere near the variety, pomp and the vast canvas which the festival has now reached. Venkiteswaran was the DPI in He had the opportunity to participate in the Inter-University festival at Delhi during that time. This inspired the great visionary to organize a similar festival at school level and thus he sowed the seed of School Kalolsavam at Ernakulam SRV High School in Programme was scheduled for one day and there were participants.

Mid-day meal and tea was served. Participation was directly from school level. Year by year more and more items were included, and number of days of the Kalolsavam was increased. Number of participants have increased to ten thousand.

From to School Kalolsavam has crossed many mile stones.

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While in there were only participants, in there are nearly 10, participants. While init was a business of one day, today it is a festival of 7 days. The decorative main stage accommodates thousands of people. The yearwhen the festival was hosted at Calicutwas a turning point in the history of School Kalolsavam. Many art forms of Kerala tradition like Kathakali music, MohiniyattomAksharaslokam etc.