Global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

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global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

The United States presidential election of was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. Obama won a decisive victory over McCain, winning the Electoral College and the .. presence like the United States maintained in Germany and Japan after World War II, Archived from the original on September 4, The Mitt Romney presidential campaign of officially began on June 2, , when former Romney received 60,, votes, or % of the total votes cast, winning 24 states and electoral votes. After the election, Romney built a strategy for the presidential campaign and saved PAC money to. Notice of Meeting - AGM ( kb) · Results of voting at the Annual General Meeting ( kb) · Read Richard Burrows's speech

2008 United States presidential election

Scott Gottlieb, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Avik Roysenior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. Campaign for the party nomination[ edit ] Mitt Romney was one of many competing for the role of Republican nominee for president.

The poll is traditionally considered an important barometer of the sentiments of conservative activists. Orange indicates counties won by Romney. Initially, Romney was declared the winner of the Iowa Republican caucusessurpassing rival candidate Rick Santorum by eight votes.

global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

Several polls showed Romney having a slight lead over Gingrich in South Carolina. His effective tax rate for was It was also disclosed that Romney had investments in the Cayman Islands and previously had a Swiss bank account until it was closed in Less than 33, Republicans took part in the Nevada caucuses, which proportionally awards 28 Republican delegates.

Romney won 14 delegates, whereas Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum were awarded 6, 5, and 3 delegates respectively. The team is comprised of over 30 specialists who engage across all geographies with team members in New York, San Francisco, London, Tokyo and Hong Kongtaking a local approach with companies while benefiting from global insights.

As a significant number of our clients invest through index-based strategies, engagement is an important mechanism to provide feedback or signal concerns about factors affecting long-term performance, absent the option to sell.

global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

Many of our engagements are triggered because companies have not provided sufficient information in their disclosures to fully inform our assessment of the quality of governance, including the exposure to and management of environmental and social factors. In our view, companies that report only to meet the regulatory disclosure requirements are missing a prime opportunity to more comprehensively engage new and existing investors about how effectively a business is led and managed.

Where reporting requirements are silent on an emerging issue, we believe it is important for companies and investors to develop disclosure guidelines. We seek to engage in a constructive manner. Our aim is to build mutual understanding and ask probing questions, not to tell companies what to do. As a long-term investor, we are willing to be patient with companies when our engagement affirms they are working to address our concerns. However, our patience is not infinite - when we do not see progress despite ongoing engagement, or companies are insufficiently responsive to our efforts to protect the long-term economic interests of our clients, we will not hesitate to exercise our right to vote against management recommendations.

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Each year there are some engagement themes that we prioritize. Our priority themes for are a continuation of those identified last year and are set out below. We hope that highlighting our priorities will help company boards and management prepare for engagement with us. Some governance issues are perennial, such as board quality and performance, although the areas of focus may change over time. Other priorities are evolving and are informed by regulatory and other market developments.

global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

We strongly encourage companies to provide a detailed agenda when sending us a request for engagement. Governance Board composition, effectiveness, and accountability remain a top priority. In our experience, most governance issues, including how environmental and social factors are managed, stem from board leadership and oversight. We will seek to better understand how boards assess their performance and the skills and expertise needed to take the company through its future rather than prior multi-year strategy.

More specifically, over the coming year, we will continue to engage companies to better understand their progress on improving gender balance in the boardroom. Diverse boards make better decisions. Further, we will encourage governance structures that enhance accountability e. We have the same expectation of boards wherever a company faces a material, business-specific risk.

We would assess this both through corporate disclosures and direct engagement with independent board members, if necessary. Where we have concerns that the board is not dealing with a material risk appropriately, as with any other governance issue, we may signal that concern through our vote, most likely by voting against the re-election of certain directors we deem most responsible for board process and risk oversight.

global investors meet 2012 electoral votes

Corporate strategy for the long-term For several years we have asked companies to articulate their strategic frameworks for long-term value creation, to affirm that their boards have reviewed those plans. Investors expect the board to be fully engaged with management on the implementation of the strategy, particularly when it needs to pivot in light of unanticipated developments.

This demonstrates to investors that boards are engaged with the strategic direction of the company. Companies that better articulate their purpose are more likely to have engaged employees, loyal customers, and other supportive stakeholdersi.

global investors meet 2012 electoral votes