Clara meet boxing games

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clara meet boxing games

Get a summary of the Santa Clara Broncos vs. Portland Pilots basketball game. 5 days ago Get box score updates on the Idaho State Bengals vs. Santa Clara Broncos basketball game. Anthony Ervin, the Olympic champion making a comeback after 12 years, won the meter freestyle at the Santa Clara Grand Prix swim meet Saturday.

I also witnessed another first in my sportswriter career. I watched a young man dislocated his fibula when he threw a wild punch that missed. His name was Mike Harvey; I believed he might have won the bout. I recently watched Carlos Zepdea, a professional boxer break his arm in Stockton, now this. I want to congratulate the rest of the Santa Clara boxing team for a fine display of sportsmanship. I was impressed with the entire event.

Everyone was very helpful, polite and a pleasure to be around.

clara meet boxing games

I want to thank everyone who helped host the after fight party. I was impressed with the respect demonstrated towards Dave by his boxers. Dave has been coaching boxing at Santa Clara University since He is highly regarded and very well respected. His quite, unassuming manner makes it easy to compliment his efforts.

'Dad always kept us out of the public eye' - Meet Ewan McGregor's actress daughter Clara

I asked Dave to share some of his experiences. He grew up rough, having to work along side migrant farm workers. Having grown up the same way, I can personally testify, fighting was a required skill, something everyone took seriously. He said they fought hard, then after the brawl, look at each other, and laugh. He also boxed at San Jose State University.

He had has two hundred and five fights, loosing only five. I remember every guy who ever beat me in the ring. I first met Dave while he was refereeing in the amateurs, then one day I saw him at a pro show.

According to Dave, someone suggested he could be an excellent professional referee. This was uncommon for a new referee, however his mentor believed he could handle it. He also received a valuable piece of advice, which he still carries with him today.

His mentor told him. Dave added he has seen referees stomp there feet, wave their arms, and do all sorts of antics. Dave has a great sharp sense of humor.

What is the most important thing a referee should keep in mind while refereeing a fight? This is a dangerous game and someone could get hurt. What would you do different? I try to do as well as I can. You should keep in mind boxers have spent hours, days and weeks preparing. If he makes mistakes, he can correct them there.

Every referee should be required to do this. A training program should be instituted and every man should be judged on his ability to do the job. What advice would you give a young professional fighter? They should talk to them before the bout, and explain things so that everyone gets the same message. This is especially important in the pro ranks. Everyone should be made to attend a meeting before the bout, with all the trainers, corner men, and fighters. If someone is late or misses, they should be fined.

Was the written test difficult? There used to be a rule that you had to referee amateur bouts before you became a profession. Hey, what are you gonna do if you made a mistake? I was on the team with Muhammad Ali, things were different then.

My daughter met him on a flight, and after speaking with him, he said he remembered me. What would you change about professional referees? I would develop an evaluation system where referees were judged on their performance.

They should be assigned work on a rotating basis, it should be fair. As a disabled veteran and college graduate, I believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly. Although this is not always the case.

clara meet boxing games

Boxing teaches a person more about himself than any other sport. It teaches you about the ups and down of life, when life knocks you down, a fighter always gets up. Loosing, surrendering, giving up or quitting is never an alternative.

Boxing teaches you to keep fighting. Currently, we have an alleged non-profit organization that is imposing a monopoly over amateur boxing. In doing research, I discovered USA Boxing Incorporated out of Colorado Springs, a nation wide organization, is now attempting to impose control over thousands of amateur boxers, coachers and officials.

Why would it do so, if there was no money involved?

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Lets hope graduates of Santa Clara Law School will pose these questions to people in authority. We cannot permit amateur boxing to be dominated by one organization.

Monopolies have always been bad for everyone, except those who pull the strings.

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Boxing fans across the country should write their political representative and ask them to initiate a full and complete investigation of current polices and procedures imposed by USA Boxing Incorporated. We cannot surrender to apathy. Nor can we allow some fat cat, whose only goal is making money, to monopolize amateur boxing in the United States. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are currently fighting a war to help grant and protect freedom to the Iraqis.

Fans of boxing, participants, and parents deserve the same protection. One brave soul admitted that doing so would be suicide. It seems the commissioner runs the commission, a public agency, as his own personal kingdom. Those that dance his tune get the better fights, those who challenge his authority or don't genuflect, are punished.

I have written many articles in which I expressed concern on how the commission conducts its business, but as I stated before, it is a closed public system. Having spent much of her formative years in Los Angeles, to where the family decamped from north London eight years ago, Clara has an accent that is unmistakably American, but still bears the traces of her parentage - there's a soupcon of a Scottish lilt, and a suggestion of a French flavour underneath.

And as I get older, I realise what an enormous advantage that is. I am starting to appreciate my European roots more and more. For years she had aspired to be a photographer, "but then I got to college and I became really fascinated by film," she explains. Rather than exploiting her father's name, Clara is starting small.

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Does she feel the pressure of taking on the McGregor mantle? He made clear that they were separate things - the fame, and the working and making of films. It is probably nerve-racking for him too. But my parents have never tried to deter me at all. Danny Boyle's film about heroin addiction sent McGregor's career into the stratosphere, and Clara enjoyed an unusually itinerant childhood, as the family followed her in-demand father on location around the world.

It definitely built me into the person I am today. That's the most important thing of all. Clara is at pains to make clear, however, that "it was not some glam, celebrity-filled upbringing".

The most showbiz element of her youth was her education: Her parents encouraged her to achieve academically, too, and to have weekend jobs. Which was a pain in the ass when I was in high school, but it did create a drive in me," she laughs.