Chance to meet salman khan

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chance to meet salman khan

Grab your chance to meet Salman Khan. Last updated on - Nov 7, , ISTShare fbsharetwsharepinshareComments (0). close. A unique contest that will reward a lucky winner the chance to fly to Mumbai and soak up the spotlight in the popular reality show. Haven't had your fill of Bollywood stars in Dubai yet? No worries, the 'Dabangg' Khan himself will be in Dubai this Thursday. We hear Salman.

Here we are talking about the star who has the mass attraction in Bollywood — that too on his Dabang Tour of the world, which I believe is gaining momentum from this side of the world.

chance to meet salman khan

This show is going to be the show of the decade. How did you come up with this idea? During our initial discussion with the event organisers, I was told that there are people who are prepared to pay huge sum of money to meet with Salman Khan during his tour here. But he would be happy to do that for the sponsors which is very nice of him. However, for me I wanted to give this excitement of meeting with Salman to a consumer as without them we would not be in business today.

So I came up with a scratch and win lucky draw which allows any consumer to win either a weekly double pass, or 2 x double passes to meet and greet Salman Khan either in Melbourne or Sydney at Da-Bang, The Show. Can you elaborate as to how the consumers can avail it? Buy any of the specially marked packs of Pattu Da-Bang! Labelled Lentils Flip the pack over and peel the sticker back to reveal the unique code.

chance to meet salman khan

Enter your details and unique code on this page below to get into the draw to win. Repeat this process whilst the competition is on! Every unique code that your enter found on the specially marked Pattu Lentils pack is another step closer to meeting Salman Khan! We have created a special website for this occasion to make it easy for anyone can to log on to www. How will the winners of the contest be selected? All draws are registered with respective state governments.

All draws are conducted via Random Draws so it has been professionally managed by a third party. Every Friday at 3pm, our weekly prize draw is held. So, anyone who uses dhal, beans, peas etc.

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The more they buy, the more the chances to enter and win! Any specific reason for selecting lentils from among the vast range of products? Since this campaign has to start and finish within 60 days, I picked a fast-moving category of our range so that the reach is quicker into the retail outlet and sales out of the shelves are quick too.

There is a five-year-gap between meeting Sohail Khan in the gym and LoveYatri. What were you doing in this time? I am from Himachal Pradesh. After finishing my graduation from Jai Hind College in Mumbai, I wasted a year, a year-and-a-half just wondering what to do next. During that time, I met Sohail bhai. Two years after meeting him, I met Salman bhai through Arpita Khan.

Get a chance to meet Salman Khan - D2h

During those two years, I was planning to open a restaurant. I don't really consider myself as an actor. I would rather call myself a student of acting. I have a long way to go, where Inshallah after 20 years in this successful career, I will be able to talk about my different films and characters. Right now, my job is to entertain people and make them smile, laugh and cry with me. Just as my first film Bajrangi Bhaijaan as an assistant director became a cult hit, hopefully one day, I will be delivering the same as an actor.

What kind of reactions have you got from your family? My father was initially apprehensive about me choosing the acting profession because in school and college, I was never into extracurricular activities. He told me we come from a political background, so his audition happens every five years, but my audition will happen every Friday.

Also, I am quite introverted, so his fear was what will I do in front of the camera. But then I said let me give it a try. Now that they have seen me on camera, they are quite happy. They still cannot believe it! Aayush with his wife Arpita and son Ahil. There was no pressure, but, of course, they wanted me to join politics. But I feel politics is something that will come to me with time and age. Right now, I am too young and inexperienced.

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Just because my family comes from a political background doesn't necessarily make me a good leader or a potential candidate. When people ask do you want to bring about a change in society, the answer would be yes. But I don't know the answer of 'how'. The day I get that answer, I will surely join politics. Family lineage is not supposed to be carried on if you don't have a technique. Some people still point out to nepotism. There are two sides to it.

First of all, I feel there are many hard-working actors out there, who truly deserve an opportunity to showcase their talent. Unfortunately, they are not getting it. I am lucky and thankful enough to get that required opportunity; there is a sense of support from someone as great as Salman Khan. Having said that, I feel that Salman bhai can only give me a platform and put me in front of the camera.

After that, the audience will accept me purely on the basis of my talent. So the moment the audience rejects me, irrespective of whose relative I am, no one will take that risk of putting me back on screen. A scene from LoveYatri. Are you ready to take that rejection? I am somebody who doesn't take 'no' for an answer. I was always a non-dancer in my whole life, but I learned dancing for LoveYatri.

So I don't take rejection in a negative way because there is always a positive side to it. Though a lot of expectations are running on my shoulders, I don't feel the pressure. I am lucky enough to have a big name attached to my film, otherwise it is difficult for a debutant actor, actress and even director to make it through. Did you have any offer in hand before LoveYatri?

Yes, there were a couple. But I was unsure of the scripts. I was very particular that I should choose a script I was confident about. LoveYatri has a beautiful plot, and so I wanted to be a part of it. I couldn't have asked for a better launch. I have eight songs, Manish Malhotra's costumes, Vaibhavi Merchant's choreography, Abhiraj Minawala's direction, a great plot, good music Aayush with Salman Khan. I have always been under his wings. But the one thing he wants from me is that I should learn from him and fly away the day I get launched.