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Find out what Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and the other stars of Boy Meets World have been up to since the show ended Watch Boy Meets World episodes online. Visit SideReel to access links to episodes, show schedules, reviews, recaps and more. Sign up for free!. The cast of "Boy Meets World" posed for an adorable reunion pic, recreating a set photo from the '90s sitcom 25 years after the show premiered.

Quite often delivered by Feeny.

boy meet world online

Probably too much, because in later seasons Eric becomes convinced that Mr. Eric would also provide a few Aesop moments to Cory throughout the series. And as if to really drive the point home Cory would then turn around and deliver the same one to Eric before the episodes end. In the episode where Topanga moves to Pittsburgh, Cory is reading Romeo and Juliet at the time, and he keeps proclaiming that he and Topanga will be fine just like them Feeny tells him to skip ahead to the end.

William Russ Alan Matthews received an "And" credit throughout the entire run of the show. Matthew Lawrence Jack Hunter received a "With" credit from Season 5 onwards, coming before the placement of William Russ in the credits. All other new additions were tacked onto the last position of the credits immediately prior to Russ and later Lawrence. Averted with William Daniels, despite being the most seasoned actor. However, he received second billing after Ben Savage. Topanga's name was one.

Her character was given that name to emphasize her Granola Girl personality and overall weirdness the name comes from Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles, where a lot of hippies residebut after her character was retooled in season two and those aspects of her character were dropped, she just became a normal girl with a weird name. In light of this, there were several jokes about her name throughout the series. All of the Matthews family besides Cory and Eric arguably becomes this starting in Season 6.

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As neither Cory nor Eric lives at home at this point, and as they are now adults and more or less on their own, there isn't necessarily a need for their parents or pre-teen sister to appear as members of the main cast, but as they were established characters who'd been around since the beginning they were kept in the opening credits and started appearing in roughly half the episodes rather than most or all.

Cory had married Topanga by the end of the series. He could hardly be called a boy at that point. Well, unless you look at the series as the story of this boy growing into a man.

So, him getting married in the final season sort of fits. Topanga went from being a recurring character to one of the most important characters on the show. Angela is a more literal example.

She first appears in season 5 episode 2 as a student in Feeny's class who has one line of dialogue, and then in season 5 episode 7 she is introduced as Shawn's girfriend and from there she becomes a recurring character and then a main character.

A particularly funny example involved Shawn waking up thinking he's still at home and while half-awake stumbling out of the classroom to "go to school". A few minutes later he walks back in utterly confused, saying "I don't know where I am". An example of them both being asleep occurs in Mr. Turner's class, and Mr. Turner states that Shakespeare's plays have continued to keep people "glued to their seats" today, Shawn promptly falls out of his chair, still asleep.

Turner "these chairs really aren't the best for sleeping". Cory has been having nightmares about killing Shawn, so he naturally tries not to sleep.

boy meet world online

Cue a classroom scene At the Opera Tonight: In one episode Mr. Feeny takes Eric to the opera in an attempt to instill an appreciation for culture in him. Eric is bored out of his mind, but just as he's about to give up and leave, " Ride of the Valkyries " begins to play, which he recognizes as " Kill Da Wabbit.

Back for the Dead: In "How to Succeed in Business", Amy enrolls in a creative writing class at the local university realizing she's bored with being a House Wifeand happens to enroll in the class Eric is in. However, it's unclear if she stays in the class or not because it isn't brought up again after that episode. Averted in "Hogs and Kisses"; Cory isn't exactly flat or monotone in his performance for the Pennbrook video tour, but he does constantly flub his lines and appears very ill-at-ease.

Topanga and Shawn are both better at it while still managing to pull off the general stilted-ness of these kinds of videos. Bad Guys Play Pool: Frankie "The Enforcer" is a noted pool champion at Chubbies. A rather mean one was used in "Resurrection": Alan is standing outside looking though a window Then Amy calls him over to her In the episode appropriately title "The Beard", Shawn can't choose between two girls, so while he goes out with one of them, he recruits Cory to "sit on" the other, lest he should change his mind.

Needless to say, the girls find out and are none too happy about this stunt, and their schoolmates loudly proclaim them to be "scum. Used to Lampshade Minkus and Mr. However, unlike most Beta Couple s who tend to be low-key and stable to contrast with the histrionics and angst of the Official CoupleShawn and Angela were perhaps even more dysfunctional than Cory and Topanga, and got about as much screentime and storyline - making them in effect a second "Alpha" The traditional functions of the Beta Couple were instead handled by the Happily Married Alan and Amy, along with Mr.

Feeny and Dean Bolander. Not really a grade, but at one point Minkus gets a question wrong in Mr. Feeny's class and has a minor breakdown. He's still able to walk around, but is frazzled. Mr Feeny gives Topanga a B for her first college mid-term. Eric shows this toward Cory intermittently.

Cory shows this in the series finale, when it comes to Joshua. Mr Turner serves as one to Shawn. In "Cult Fiction," incidentally the last appearance of Mr Turner, Topanga outright states that they're like brothers. Eric and Mister Turner pull this off every now and then. Shawn does this in "Ressurection" where his return signals the resoloution of the storyline's conflict.

Big, Thin, Short Trio: The trio of bullies: Frankie is big, Harley is thin, and Joey is short. In the episode where Cory and Topanga babysit a kid, the writers deliver a really big Take That!

ABC took notice and changed the timeslot back not long after this. At least let me watch my favorite show. It's on right now! It used to be on at 8: Wait a minute, they moved that show to 9: Well was it doing badly at 8: Well why didn't they leave it alone? They're trying to kill it! Those are bad bad people. In the episode "Chick Like Me", Shawn dresses up as girl to learn about dating from the female perspective. The very first lines of the very first episode are Cory and Mr. Feeny greeting each other at the beginning of another school day.

The very last lines of the very last episode are Cory and Mr. Feeny saying their final goodbyes and leaving the school for the last time. Parodied in one episode when Eric decides he wants to be a detective on TV and comes up with his own theme song: When a crime breaks out, all the cute girls shout, Get the When there's a crime out there, he's gonna Comb his hair, cause he's the For one example, see Title Drop. At the end of the episode "They're Killing Us", Cory and Topanga directly invite the viewers to their wedding.

Season 4 Episode Season 1 focused more on the Matthew's Family. As the series moved on, it focused primarily on Cory's social circle, primary Shawn and Topanga. Topanga's success in particular was a surprise to everyone.

She originally was created as a fairly generic granola girl character with a funny name, not intended to last beyond the typical "the main character dates a funny weird girl" storyline she had been created for. But her chemistry with Cory was so natural that she stayed on and ended up being Cory's one true love. In those eight episode the show dealt with themes such as death, grief, finding oneself, parental abandonment, parental responsibility, and premature birth.

Feeny win over Dean Bolander. Cory acts like a groomzilla just before his wedding to Topanga. Though mostly towards beleaguered best man Shawn, who's having problems of his own with the whole thing. It turns out he's only doing it because he doesn't want to talk with Shawn about how their friendship is going to have to change once Cory's married.

Eric; who has Rain Man-like counting skills, is able to manipulate many scenarios to his own advantage, gives Cory and his other friends sage, reasonable advice, and has Mr. Feeny constantly going on about his "true potential. Although the major story holds together week to week, many things tend to be forgotten from episode to episode. There are at least two explanations of Eric and Cory's hair styles one episode says Cory's hair is curly because of a Blonde Babysitter curling it on new years eve, stating the norm is like Eric's, and a few episodes later, Eric's straight hair is attributed to taking a ride in the dryer in the 5th grade, stating that the norm is like Cory's.

Other variations include the embarrassing first name of Vader being Leslie or Francis. Don't even get started on the various relations that pop in and out of existence. In the case of Eric's hair vs. Cory's hair, considering Alan, Amy and Eric all have wavy, sandy hair and only Cory has the black curls, one would have to assume Eric's is the norm.

They only get to enjoy their success for a few minutes before Shawn accidentally gives away their location on air and Feeny busts them. From Eric's one-man play: Harley and his two goons, Frankie and Joey. All of whom are strangely eloquent. Strangely, Joey is the only one that's not eloquent. Strange because he's sort of the weasel-y trickster-y one that is usually the smartest in any given gang whereas guys like Harley are usually lunkheads and guys like Frankie are usually monosyllabic.

The Bus Came Back: The bullies' leader, Harley, was sent to military school near the end of the second season and almost immediately wound up being replaced by Griff Hawkins.

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Harley returns for one third season episode which pits him against Griff after which neither are seen again. Minkus makes a return in the Season 4 finale, as the group graduates from John Adams High. We were very careful! Did you use a Was she on the Well, did you try the I'm not sure we even had sex!

Can't Get Away with Nuthin': This occurs in most episodes, but it gets played with a few times: To his relief, Mr. Feeny catches him and Shawn soon after the aforementioned revelation.

Boy Meets World (1993–2000)

Even then he lets them off scott-free, though he takes the money Shawn made. Exaggerated in the episode "Wheels": Cory gets pulled over by the police for going 1 mph over the speed limit in a country road speed trap.

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On his first day with a driver's license. Look at me I'm breaking the law! Actually averted in "The War": Rachel goes to Mr. Feeny refuses to punish them because there isn't a rule against parking a car in a dorm room and he finds the prank to be hilariouswhilst also being more interested in how they pulled it off. In a rather extreme example, all the main characters go to the fictional Pennbrook University in Philadelphia.

Eric is the first to go there in season five and Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Angela join him there in season six. Nevermind the fact that it's highly unlikely super-genius Topanga and barely-managed-to-graduate Shawn would end up at the same college. Feeny, after finding out retirement wasn't for him, takes a teaching position there and continues to be their only teacher. It is actually makes a touch more sense in context. Topanga was planning on going to Yale until she and Cory got engaged, and Cory and Shawn had a long-standing deal to attend the same college and when Shawn wasn't initially accepted to Pennbrook he manipulated events to get him to attend.

The much maligned episode where Rachel kicks Eric and Jack out of their apartment is a reference to when the duo do the same exact thing to Shawn when Rachel moved in. But he is lucky he had friends like Cory and Topanga because I did not have people that would deal with that. And Eric, I think Eric and Shawn may be the funniest on the show for me. They are definitely fun to watch.

Cory's parents I love more now that I'm an adult. Before I didn't have much thoughts on them except that I found they were good and smart parents.

Parent reviews for Boy Meets World

Now I love them! If it weren't for them, Shawn and Eric, I would not be laughing. And Cory was silly, and okay to me. But his relationship with Topanga was great! The show taught us everything, but the show did not teach us to respect what other people like.

What also surprises me is that even after a show like Boy Meets World, the world is still getting worse: Another flaw with this show is that sometimes there are things done in this show that, if this show was out today, it'd be talked about on IMDB.

boy meet world online

Like Eric planning on poisoning his sister Morgan and not caring if she lives through it. People laugh about it but if this was out today people would get angry and write about that on forums. But stuff like this is just overlooked now. Yet people will complain if another character not in Boy Meets World were to do this. Cory and Topanga's relationship is also overlooked.

I know I said it was great but it's not just not perfect because they've fought and broken up a few times. There are things with the couple, the actions they took that's either unrealistic in today's world or something not good that's overlooked because people love the show that much.

But it's people's opinions whether or not they'll acknowledge these flaws, no one is anything negative if they decide to overlook the flaws I'm about to mention. When Cory goes to Disney World to chase Topanga down and get her back, he follows her everywhere!

In today's world if you do that, that's not considered love, it's obsession. You're not let off easy from following a girl around especially if you're holding a sign like Cory that says you'll chase the girl forever. Another thing that should be mentioned is Topanga running away from her parents to be with Cory. She gives up so much for him and if it was done with anyone else today, chances are their relationship would only last a short time and they'd be officially done, like when Cory and Topanga break up again after he cheats on her.

In real life, when someone gives up so much for someone they love and that person ends up cheating on someone, their relationships never get fixed. Boy Meets World teaches everyone something but did it teach anyone that if you run away from your parents to be with someone you love when you're 16 or 17, you'll live happily ever after? If you didn't follow this show thinking it's okay to do this then you can clearly believe that fans of any other show have common sense not to do any bad thing any character can do.

And does Cory ever give up anything in return?