Six guys you meet in engineering

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six guys you meet in engineering

I've met guys in bars, at parties, while snowboarding, through friends, . This was pre-election, and if you'd asked me before meeting Peter if I'd .. native and total character named “Freaqy J,” a design engineer and “music. The six myths about Engineering you should know are many IITs coming up, ostensibly to help the nation meet the requirement of engineers. Thus, I present to you, the Tinder District Guide to the 6 guys you'll find Armed with a business/engineering/other fancy shmancy degree from.

Nevertheless, I would say scientists play a greater role as they have to establish the basic facts for engineers to build upon. Unfortunately, since the result of engineering is the one that fetches money, people have a craze for engineering. It is disheartening to see a Ph.

It should have been the other way round. Any nation that ignores the role of science cannot survive in the long run.

six guys you meet in engineering

Management studies goes with engineering A degree in engineering followed by a degree in Management is the much sought-after combination. Engineering with science as the basis has nothing to do with management which does not involve science. A lucrative salary is what attracts people to management studies.

Furthermore, most institutes do not introduce engineering in a proper way, leaving students without confidence to pursue higher education.

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Truly speaking, we have enough of engineers. Design, the work of engineers, requires just a few people.

six guys you meet in engineering

The dearth is not in the number but in the quality of engineers we produce. It is enough if we are able to improve and maintain the quality of our institutes and retain the people graduating from them by creating ample opportunities for them to work in India with a good salary.

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It is better to improve and maintain the standards of the NITs, the IITs and other government institutes than creating newer ones and diluting the existing standards.

Here again, the salary is what attracts people thanks to the dollar-rupee conversion. This is a case of brain drain, in which the brains are hired not to work. Though many might not accept, the basic aim of the foreign MNCs is to utilise the cheap labour in the developing countries to run their manufacturing units; product development is not their primary goal.

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People generally end up doing tasks that are not as challenging as is the work in smaller Indian industries trying to develop products of their own. I would say that post-graduation is a must.

six guys you meet in engineering

Or at least, one needs to work for a few years to understand and build engineering products. A lot of people believe that a B. If it were so, there would be rockets flying everywhere! Nuclear engineers may work in the medical field, designing imaging devices or radiation treatments for cancer, or in industrial fields, handling the development of nuclear power plant technology, safety measures and protocol, or waste control or disposal systems. Most of these professionals work in an office environment, whether at a power plant, a government building, or a consulting firm.

They utilize chemistry, biology, physics, and math to examine problems and devise solutions for the production of everything from medicine, to food, to clothing, to fuel. Chemical engineers spend a significant amount of time conducting research in order to develop and improve manufacturing processes in a safe and efficient manner. In addition to design and development, chemical engineers test their methods and may even directly oversee facility operations.

These professionals work in offices, laboratories, and on-site at industrial locations like plants and refineries.

six guys you meet in engineering

These professionals may specialize in automobile and aircraft controls, mobile devices, medical instruments, radio and satellite communication, or GPS devices. This work involves analyzing customer needs, designing individual components, evaluating whole systems, developing maintenance procedures, and performing tests and inspections to ensure top technical performance. Work typically takes place in an office, with occasional travel to on-site locations depending on specific industry requirements.

Each of these occupations pay well but require different specialized training and education. Hardware engineers primarily focus on the design and development of physical components and equipment that make up a computer system, while software engineers work on the applications that control the functions and output of these components. Both forms of engineering involve evaluating user needs, performing tests and analyzing results, creating modifications and updates as necessary.

Hardware and software engineers commonly collaborate with one another and with other computer programmers. Due to the highly-specialized nature of each industry, aerospace engineers often focus their career on either aeronautical spacecraft or astronautical aircraft and propulsion systems endeavors. Common job duties include coordinating the design, manufacture, and testing of products; evaluation of projects and designs for adherence to safety, project goals, customer requirements, and regulations; and inspection of malfunctioning products to identify problems and create solutions.

Aerospace engineers may specialize in technology areas including robotics, instrumentation and communication, fluid flow, or structural design.

six guys you meet in engineering

The main goal of electrical engineers lies in how to produce sufficient energy for human needs and how to effectively distribute it. Areas of specialization can include motors, power generation equipment, and radar or navigational technology.