Once in awhile you meet someone whos iridescent meaning

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once in awhile you meet someone whos iridescent meaning

scarsalwaysfade: “ This is one of my favorite quotes ever. “Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss.” He turned to me. “But every once in a. 17 Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss. But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do. If you are unable to see auras before practicing the tips outlined in this hub, This color is usually found in people who are seeking but have not yet . I turned off the lights (pitch black) and after a while I started to see purple waves. were together that she saw my Aura as white, she told me the definition.

Extend your two pointer fingers and very slowly move your hands towards each other so your fingertips are almost touching think Michelangelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The aura will appear as lines of blue and red light between the two barely touching fingertips. Then, try it again with all ten fingertips barely touching.

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Now slowly draw your hands apart, and you'll see slight streams of energy connecting each finger. Encourage your mind to visualize the energy increasing as you move your fingertips together and apart, back and forth.

once in awhile you meet someone whos iridescent meaning

Bringing the fingers tantailizingly close together but not quite touching seems to increase and energize the auric flow. Practice this technique whenever you can and you may discover, over time, that you are beginning to notice the same effects around people's heads.

Although auras surround the entire body, they are brightest and most visible around the head.

once in awhile you meet someone whos iridescent meaning

If you are fortunate to begin seeing full body auras, there are certain things you must know about the different colors. Aura colors are constantly changing depending on mood and location, but the band of color closest to the body is known as a Life Color, and is usually fixed. Here is a rough guideline of what the different aura colors indicate. There is a reason why the phrase, "seeing red" is use when one is experiencing an extreme state of emotion. When tempers flare, even the calmest aura color will suffer from a flash of red, and if someonehas a red overlay, or hue, around them at all times, this can mean their interactions are often colored by anger or intensity.

once in awhile you meet someone whos iridescent meaning

Red is a physical color typically found in businessmen, politicians and other highly ambitious people who have the focus and determination to accomplish any goals they set.

A concentration of red light in an individual who does not otherwise exhibit that color usually indicates an ailment, usually around the throat or ears.

Pink, on the other hand, is associated with sensitive, caring feelings, and is usually seen around women during pregnancy. Also a physical color, orange is associated with recovery from illness or trauma and can indicate both physical or mental vitality.

Orange around the head means the person is tolerant and open-minded. Orange is also frequently seen in auras when the individual is coming upon a time of change, be it a new home or a new relationship.

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Orange appears when the past breaks open to forge new paths. Balls of orange light around the head mean that the person's mind is set on changing their life but may not be quite ready to do so; small flecks of orange and the changes have just recently begun.

Pastel orange indicates new aspirations of a spiritual kind. This color is usually found in people who are seeking but have not yet found their new destiny. Because orange is the color of change, this color is often found in counsellors, social workers, and any other occupation that seeks to help people change for the better.

If the color yellow appears in pin-like streaks, however, it could mean that the person is experiencing a split in their personality, and struggling to merge their energetic, youthful demeanor with the grown-up demands of society. Their mind is torn between too many options, which tends to cause stress among people with this color in their aura.

Many doctors and healers have this color in their aura. Greens are straightforward and loyal, and truly want the best for everyone. Bright green means that person likes to help, whereas a sickly lemon color can indicate deceit or, more likely, envy. Rich emerald green indicates strength of character. Many have released books stretching associations beyond honesty. Some have painted his entire life with the brush of a brief association.

We ask ourselves the questions: What moral and ethical qualities reference his behavior? Taken in total, a picture of the character of the man is absolutely clear.

To give the world the truth through education. Your character has been revealed through a lifetime of choices that were true to who you were born to be…your character intact both in life and in death.

Michael loved challenge…to think out of the box and run head-on into the most daunting challenges. The appreciation for detail, and for things in life so often taken for granted was part of his magic.

He had magic because he truly believed it. He was a master at hiring the right people for what he needed done, perhaps because he had an uncanny ability to sense the highest potential in others and draw the best out of them. Nothing could stay the same for very long. He just had an eye for things that could work with a little magic added to them. Living with intention and meaning is what motivated Michael.

To say that Michael was a perfectionist was an understatement. He absolutely lived for performing live. Out of respect for his fans, it had to be full out every time. He was humble, but humility is not the antithesis of knowing the importance of commemorating milestones. Michael took notice of everything. To look like the real thing it had to be the real thing.

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Michael was a muse, a riddler and a prankster, but most of all, an inventor who refused to believe anything was impossible. Through him, we embraced the same limitless philosophy. Limitations, I learned through him, are either self-imposed or predicated by the limited visions of others. Performance was a life, not a job.