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nice to meet you walden schmidt full episode free

Two and a Half Men s09e01 - Nice To Meet You, Walden Schmidt Episode Script. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps, His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat. Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt Buy Episode 1 HD $ Guest star JUDY GREER is introduced as Bridget, Walden's ex-wife in the second part of the . Watch Two and a Half Men: Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt from Season 9 at Available to Stream Back To:Episode Guide Ashton Kutcher joins the cast as brokenhearted billionaire Walden Schmidt.

They heckle Alan while he attempts to speak and Courtney Jenny McCarthy expresses dismay about it not being an open-casket ceremony. Alan yields the pulpit to Rose, who reveals that Charlie proposed to her in Paris.

nice to meet you walden schmidt full episode free

A few days later, however, Rose caught him in the shower with another woman, something everyone murmurs Charlie would do while Berta Conchata Ferrell announces the thought with a laugh.

Rose then goes on to explain she forgave him and was greatly saddened when Charlie "accidentally" fell in front of a moving train the following day.

Alan suspects that Rose might have had something to do with Charlie's death, but keeps silent while Berta quietly states "Never cross a crazy woman" and Jake Angus T. Jones claiming he is hungry after hearing Rose's gruesome yet oddly appetizing description of how Charlie's body was demolished describing it as a "balloon full of meat".

Discovering that Charlie's house has three mortgages and that Alan is unable to afford the payments, Evelyn Holland Taylor puts the house up for sale. Several people consider buying the house, but eventually decide against it for one reason or another.

First, John Stamos appearing as himselfdecides against it because he said that the place has bad memories. One bad memory includes John and Charlie having sex with a prostitute in the house one night; when the prostitute passed out, they kept going because Charlie said to.

Some time later, Alan receives Charlie's cremated remains, and shares a heartfelt goodbye with his late brother, telling him how much he loves him and will truly miss him.

Given the impossibility of fulfilling Charlie's wish to have his ashes be swallowed by Pamela Anderson he also turns down taking him to live at Evelyn's, claiming "That's how horror movies start"Alan decides to sprinkle the remains on the beach.

Two and a Half Men s09e01 Episode Script | SS

As he goes to do so, he is startled by a young man Ashton Kutcher standing on the deck, causing him to spill Charlie's ashes all over the living room. Berta quips her classic line, "I ain't cleaning him up. After phoning his wife and being rejected again, the stranger introduces himself to Alan as Walden Schmidta billionaire who made his money by selling out to Microsoft.

After Walden asks for a wetsuit so that he can try to drown himself again, Alan offers to take him to Pavlov's bar.

nice to meet you walden schmidt full episode free

The two pick up a pair of women who are sympathetic towards Walden. The four return to Charlie's house, which is now Alan's, where Alan offers to make drinks. While wearing my panties.

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He used my panties to make tea. M-My point is, um, that Charlie lived life on his own terms and-and never apologized for who he was.

Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt - Wikipedia

Yeah, blah, blah, blah. Why can't we see the body? Yeah, I didn't come all this way to spit on a closed coffin.

nice to meet you walden schmidt full episode free

Okay, I understand how you feel, but unfortunately due to the circumstances of his passing, the remains aren't exactly spit-able. I have a question.

Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt

Uh, I wasn't planning on doing a Q and A, uh, but go ahead. Who do I talk to about that? Uh, well, I think that's something you'll have to discuss with the lawyers.

nice to meet you walden schmidt full episode free

I'd rather not involve the law. And now, uh, I thought we'd take this moment to hear from the person who was with Charlie at the end. Charlie Harper was the love of my life and a wonderful, wonderful man. Sure, our relationship had its ups and downs and the occasional restraining order. But at the end, we ran away together to Paris, where he asked me to marry him.

And the next few days were the happiest of my life.