Meet you there simple plan meaning

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meet you there simple plan meaning

Length: Meaning of the song. “Meet You There” is about dealing with a death of a loved one. Rumour has it that it was written about Jeff's father's passing. Montreal, Canada's finest Simple Plan embark on “No Pads, No Helmets From the emotive Meet You There to “let's go back to , all the This world has gone far crazy and this song has got a different meaning now.”. Songfic to Simple Plan's Meet You There. loud to a group of people who could not possibly fathom their meaning made Cho feel physically ill.

Writing a song for his memorial service seemed damned near impossible.

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She had always been a pretty decent poet and singer. Diggory had asked her to put the two talents together, she was supposed to write a song in Cedric's memory and then perform at the Memorial Service.

Busted Meet You There I Want To Meet You There Song

She put her head down. The more she thought about it, the more memories that came flooding back. Cedric grinning at her as they snuck into an empty classroom to steal a few kisses, Cedric laughing as she looked indignant when he had joked with her, Cedric, Cedric, Cedric.

Cho's quill began to fly across the piece of parchment lying on her desk. Her hands shook as she wrote, but she tried to ignore it and all the emotions resurfacing as she wrote. The thought of singing these words out loud to a group of people who could not possibly fathom their meaning made Cho feel physically ill, but a promise was a promise and she was never the sort of person to break one.

Three days later, Cho was caught up in a swirl of emotion. She hardly felt what she was doing as she rose from bed, ate her breakfast, and clothed herself in her finest dress robes.

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The Memorial Service for Cedric was to begin at 9: She didn't speak, just ran her hand up and down his lifeless cheek as he lay in the casket that had been prepared for him. His dress robes accented his features so well, Cho was hoping that he would wake up, wake up and tell her that she had been dreaming it all. That he was not dead and they had their entire lives to spend together.

Cho was startled from her reverie by people beginning to enter the room. It was approaching nine.

meet you there simple plan meaning

She took her seat with everyone else and waited for the Memorial Service to begin. He was a courageous, fair, honest, intelligent young man who She felt that if maybe she blocked the priest out, this wouldn't be real, it wouldn't be happening, not to her, not to Cedric. A few more people spoke about Cedric and she was finally summoned to the podium.

Cho found that her nervousness had disappeared altogether. She could be brave, she could do this, she would do it. She surveyed the crowd and saw that many Hogwarts students had come to pay their respects to Cedric.

meet you there simple plan meaning

It also featured many of the band's songs within episodes of the show, including "I'd Do Anything". The band also played short stints on the Warped Tour in and Still Not Getting Any The group decided on the name Still Not Getting Any The most popular and most likely reason is that the members of Simple Plan thought that they were not getting any good reviews, Bouvier once noting that the band only had one recent good review in Alternative Press.

The band still kept its style of downbeat lyrics matched to upbeat music, but managed to transcend from the standard pop punk genre. Just Balls, the general slant of this album tends toward slightly deeper and more mature lyrical themes, as well as a more mainstream sound that edges away from the pure pop punk style of the group's last album. Some critics have pointed towards the inclusion of "classic" or "mainstream" rock elements, claiming the album "de-emphasizes punk-pop hyperactivity in favor of straightforward, well-crafted modern rock".

From left to right: Bouvier headed to Miami as on about 21 March to work with Dave Fortman.

Simple Plan - Meet You There Lyrics

The band entered the studio for pre-production in Los Angeles on 29 June. The band finished recording and headed back to Miami and LA to mix the album. The final part of making the record was done in New York and it was officially completed on 21 October. The album was produced by Dave Fortman and Max Martin.

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On 17 Februarythe band achieved its highest charting single in the UK. After the first two albums just missed the UK top 40, "When I'm Gone" gave the band its best chart position in the UK, coming in at number Simple Plan held an extensive tour schedule in support of the album.

After completing an around-the-world promotional tour, Simple Plan played several December holiday shows. After continued promotional tours in January, Simple Plan played a triple bill in Camden TownLondon on 27 Januarywith the first show featuring songs from the band's first CD, the second from the second, and the third from the new release. The band played four U. The band played four Japan dates, followed by several European festivals and headlining dates.

After dates in Germany, Mexico, and Australia, the band played its second full European tour of the year from 28 October to 29 November, playing Estonia and Poland for the first time.

meet you there simple plan meaning

The band also played Tel Aviv and Dubai in early December—shows at which the band played as a four-piece, with Desrosiers absent due to a family emergency and Lefebvre on bass. Get Your Heart On!

meet you there simple plan meaning

Taking One for the Team[ edit ] In Marchwhen the band members started recording the first demos for the album, it was announced through ex- My Chemical Romance rhythm guitarist Frank Iero 's Instagram that Iero is working with Simple Plan on the next album.

On 30 Julythe band formally stated that music writing for the next album had begun. On 28 Augustthe band released "Boom", a song from the upcoming fifth album.