How did you meet your christian husband

The Season Right Before You Meet Your Husband – Manda Carpenter

how did you meet your christian husband

Mar 26, If you're still dating or engaged, I'd like to hear your story too. If it's your . If I HAD unfriended him, I wouldn't have met my husband. <3 David. Aug 31, If you and your baseball friends want to hang out with me and my sorority The Megan then did not have a personal relationship with God. was a Christian, and Christian guys were weird, so I didn't mind his denial. I had two opportunities to meet Brian before my most crucial points of spiritual growth. Jul 29, The Season Right Before You Meet Your Husband Pursues Christ; I won't have to drag him to church on Sunday's and grace will be a weird reason that you conjure up, like I did with one of my longterm relationships.

The Wait Pt. 1 - How God Prepared Me to Meet My Husband + Celibacy Before Marriage

I said yes, and we spent the rest of the year e-mailing regularly and on a couple of occasions he brought a few friends up for a visit. Things went along from there, and the summer before my senior year we were engaged.

I'm happy to report that our mutual friend became a Christian during my senior year and is constantly amazing us with his growth in the faith. He was a groomsman at our wedding, and our oldest child shares his name. We still keep in pretty close touch with him and consider him part of the family.

And to this day when he comes over, he and my husband play games together while I hang out and read. We're both excited to see where God will lead him. I'm very blessed in that I knew and loved my mother-in-law and vice versa well before there was any thought of her being my mother-in-law!

how did you meet your christian husband

She's terrific, and so is the rest of the family. It's nice knowing that we were friends well before we were family. Also, my mom and my MIL were friends for years before my husband and I got married, which pretty much eliminates family drama. Give me one pure and holy passion Give me one magnificent obsession Give me one glorious ambition for my life: Ten minutes later we were at the dance hall.

She saw my now husband and said, "I think I know him.

how did you meet your christian husband

There he was, drinking Starbucks coffee, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I knew there was something different about this man. He clearly wasn't there to pick up women or anything.

I later found out he was friends with the bar tenders and was just spending time talking with them.

If you are married, how did you meet your husband

He was about to leave when we arrived. If we had waited to eat at Outback, we would have missed him. We both later told each other that we knew we had found the one that night. We talked all night, as we talked he sounded more and more like the man that I wanted in my life. He called me the next morning and we went to the zoo on our first official date that afternoon. Two weeks later we were engaged.

Two months after we met, we were married. I needed to get back to work. Some time that year, a friend of mine was praying for me said she'd seen a vision of my future wife. So I prayed, if that was the case, the things that are revealed belong to us and our children forever, so I asked the Lord to show me.

I had a vision, not a three D like you are there, vision, but one of those picture in your head type visions. It focused in on a portion of a face, a woman's face, kind of oily or sweaty, with kind of big eyebrows, an Asian woman. I didn't get a lot of detail. Fast forward to a year after I'd seen that young woman at school. I was visiting a Bible college campus in Indonesia.

A missionary lived in a little apartment on campus. He'd had be over for dinner during the Christmas break. He suggested I make us of the library which contained a number of Christian books in English. I decided to do that and go make some friends and maybe find some ministry opportunities with the students there. On my second or third visit there, a couple of young ladies walked by. One was really happy and said in English, "Hi, sir," when she saw me. I watched her walk toward the stairs to go to the library.

She looked back at me. I was talking to a student downstairs in a common area that doubled as a cafeteria. I'd become acquainted with Philemon, who was playing the guitar. The young woman I'd seen earlier sat down next to Philemon and asked if he knew a certain song. I struck up a conversation with her.

She had a word, a prophetic word or word of knowledge about my ministry calling which fit well with what I knew the Lord was doing in my life.

How did you meet your spouse?

I had a bottle of water in a backpack I had with me, and spilled it. She put it out in the sunshine for me and we talked a little. I ended up giving her my phone number, but I did not get hers.

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Then I went home thinking about her, and started praying about whether this was the woman I was supposed to marry. She went home and wrote down in her prayer journal that she liked me and "If it be Your will, give me to him and him to me.