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Team Fortress 2 is a war-themed hat simulator filled with over-the-top violence, parodies of s national stereotypes, James Bond Meet The Team Videos. ". Meet The Medic: Behind The Scenes [Team Fortress 2 blog]. You are logged out Team Fortress 2: A modern classic - Nic Rowen · You've got. A page for describing Awesome: Team Fortress 2. Hey, just because it's an Affectionate Parody of Meet the Team Videos. The Meet the Team videos of Team.

Administrator has a really curious views on employee reviews. And second, the mysteries. Lots of them were never uncovered and probably never will, but I wanna hear your opinions on these matters.

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First, who is the obscured person on the Mann Family Portrait? Is this supposed to be Grey Mann? If yes, then how come neither Redmond or Blutarch remember him? Second, the Conaghers family's involvement in Manns' and Administrator's business. First, we know that Radigan build at least 3 life-extenders, 1 for Blutarch and Redmond each and one supposedly for Grey.

But then there's Administrator's life-extender that is far superior to the previous three ones. Was it Radigan or Dell? Does Engineer have something to do with collecting australium for Administrator, since he apprently found a map of australium caches in Loose Cannon?

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While the latter comics show that there are only 9 mercs, the Meet the Director comic and Meet the Team videos all show that there are two full teams, and the secret page of Administrator's senate liscening also proves that there are 18 mercenaries in total. Yet in later comics and The Sound of Medicine, the mercs dying is shown to be a real problem. So, the questions are: Why on several occasions WAR! Is respawn system canon? And a kitten orphanage.

Soldier's increasingly horrified face as he looks at all of these. Appropriately enough, the explosive barrels inside the storage building are arranged by color to look like a large bullseye.


RED Scout is disarming the bomb and it asks him to press one of two "yes" buttons. He picks the green one. Then he switches the light on and notices the dozen other bombs in the car. Even funnier if you remember that Scout is one of the characters who is illiterate.

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When trying to unlock the deactivation panel, he realizes he doesn't have the key. One of the orphans, a young lame boy with crutches is smoking. As Soldier comes to inspect him, he hurriedly throws away his cigarette Heavy takes so long deciding a move that Medic flips the board. Look at Soldier when Medic's shield is revealed. The others are covering their faces. Soldier covered his crotch. Sniper and Scout pretty much strolling along behind as Heavy, Soldier, and Pyro carve the way forward.

They bro-fist each other because they have nothing to do. The other team has Pyro on communications duty. Scout is visibly annoyed. Scout muttering "Please let there be pants" over and over as he sees some bare legs standing in the middle of a blood covered floor.

In no particular order: