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meet the press episode guide

Latest Meet the Press review: They use bring on opposing views and discuss our own country's issues; airing both sides to guide you on the matters at hand. Follow Chuck Todd as he uncovers breaking news events with the experts on Find coverage on the latest in politics, news, business, and more . The third chapter of Batman: The Telltale Series – Meet the Press begins with Hear about the latest Batman: The Telltale Series guides, exclusive content, and .

Chocolate Season 13 - October 29, Ina Garten shares professional tips for chocolate, starting with an off-the-scale delicious Chocolate Ganache Cake, complete with a chevron frosting tutorial.

Beyond-decadent Frozen Hot Chocolate completes the line-up. Make-Ahead Desserts Season 13 - October 22, Ina Garten's cutting straight to sweet with delicious make-ahead and very professional fruit desserts.

Easy and elegant Stewed Rhubarb and Red Berries make a perfect summer dessert, with ideas for amping things up with fruit liqueurs. Finally, there's a Sparkling Grapefruit Granita that's guaranteed to impress. Eggs Season 13 - October 15, It's eggs all the way in an incredible master class, featuring them both soft boiled and in the dressing of a fantastic Caesar Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon.

She makes Eggs Benedict with an Easy Hollandaise Sauce just like a pro, and super chef Jose Andres reveals the secret of his perfectly fried eggs. Fearless Food Season 13 - October 1, Ina Garten is tackling daunting dishes with easy techniques, from a perfectly risen Souffle a L'Orange to overcoming pastry fears with her totally professional-looking Anna's Tomato Tart. Super chef Jose Andres has an amazing trick for separating eggs, then there's foolproof caramel for irresistible Caramel Salted Nuts.

Weeknight Dinners Season 13 - September 17, Ina Garten's got weeknight dinners covered, pro-style! There are Roasted Salmon Tacos with avocado salsa and a super quick slaw, then Cider Roasted Pork Tenderloin with an incredible make-ahead marinade and served with Fig Chutney.

Garlic and Herb Roasted Shrimp are a one-pan wonder, then chef April Bloomfield reveals her go-to, off-duty weeknight dinner: Finally, Ina makes five-minute Lemon Capellini.

Chicken Season 13 - September 10, It's all about chicken as Ina Garten shares her kitchen tips and professional strategies for Roasted Chicken with Radishes, from trussing the bird to carving it. Then, there's a delicious twist on a classic with Chicken and Spinach Waldorf Salad, featuring juicy roasted chicken breasts. Finally, the volume is turned right up on Truffled Chicken Liver Mousse. Season 12 Cooking for Jeffrey: Weekend Guest Season 12 - April 30, It's a weekend of photos, fun and style as Ina Garten's old friend and photographer Miguel joins them for the weekend.

meet the press episode guide

Back to School Surprise Season 12 - April 2, Jeffrey is going back to school after a long vacation, so Ina Garten prepares an alfresco dinner. Jeffrey's coming home and chicken for dinner!

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For dessert, it's Raspberry Rhubarb Crostata with ice cream. Pizza Pronto Season 12 - March 19, It's a Barefoot backyard cooking adventure, as Ina Garten's husband, Jeffrey, takes a pizza making class in a fabulous food truck! Jeffrey's Birthday Dinner Season 12 - March 5, It's a taste of the dolce vita as Ina Garten throws an Italian-themed birthday dinner with a big surprise for Jeffrey. Season 11 Potluck Party Season 11 - May 11, Ina's sharing potluck party secrets with local farmers Katie and Amanda, who are throwing a start of season bash.

Then in exchange for the grilling lesson Antonia's showing Ina how to make an incredible bouquet. Bread and Butter Season 11 - May 4, Ina's on a nonstop bread adventure with her friend Eli Zabar, the bread guru.

Then she's assembling a beautiful bread basket and in a meeting of their two passions, they're having a bread and butter tasting. Easy as Pie Season 11 - May 4, Baking and blooms are on the menu as Ina shares the secrets of pie making with her friend Michael in exchange for some floristry magic.

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Then from flour to flowers, it's over to Michael's where he shows Ina the secrets of a showstopping table centerpiece. Plus, she's sharing foolproof picnic strategies guaranteed to make any alfresco celebration a huge success! Wedding Anniversary Season 10 - April 20, It's Ina and Jeffrey's wedding anniversary and Ina's got a romantic game plan guaranteed to impress. Welcome to Town Party Season 10 - April 20, Ina is throwing a housewarming party for a new colleague. She's got the lowdown on travel-friendly dishes made from local ingredients, like Corn and Avocado Salad, Roasted Summer Vegetables and Tequila Citrus Chicken, fantastic tips for putting together a Local Cheese Platter and a Dessert Platter, plus buffet strategies we'll all want to try.

Surprise Italian Party Season 10 - April 13, Ina is hosting a surprise dinner party with an Italian theme for a friend. She's sharing her dinner party know-how and strategies, from menu planning and shortcuts to setting the scene with the help of a florist. Cocktails for a Crowd Season 10 - April 13, Ina's hosting a fundraiser at the barn for the East Hampton Historical Society and is sharing her blueprint for a foolproof cocktail party.

meet the press episode guide

From invitations to store bought cheats, this is entertaining made easy. All Change Season 9 - Ina's in Brooklyn checking out classics with the volume turned up. She takes a trip around the Smorgasburg market where she buys Cheese Cakes and then back home she's making French Flageolet Beans.

Best Barefoot Grilling Season 9 - Ina's firing up the grill for the ultimate guide to grilling, with some of her favorite ever recipes: Cooking with Giada Delaurentiis Season 9 - Ina and Giada are cooking together for a day of fun and recipe sharing.

Cooking with Tyler Florence Season 9 - Ina's got a date with Tyler Florence and they're baking a towering chocolate Birthday Cake for Tyler's son, then checking out the local farming scene to get chicken and vegetables for Tyler's signature Fried Chicken and Ina's Winter Slaw.

meet the press episode guide

Fun in the City Season 9 - It's a perfect day of fun in the city. Back home, it's Side Car cocktails and a Garten taste-off! Heard it on the Grapevine Season 9 - Ina's checking out the hot spots everyone's talking about, starting at The Meatball Shop, where she makes their signature Smash Meatball Sandwich.

Then Ina meets a friend for fondue in Cafe Select, a speakeasy-style bar. Back at home it's Cinnamon Baked Doughnuts and Coffee inspired by her adventures. Back in East Hampton, N. Season 8 Birthday Surprise Season 8 - Ina's friend Dwyer Derrig is on her way back from the city and she's going to get a fabulous birthday surprise -- a fridge filled with Ina's home cooked Italian Seafood Salad and German Chocolate Cupcakes, a Birthday Cheeseboard Gift and amazing flowers by Michael at Bridgehampton florists.

The next day, they have dinner with Michael Chiarello, who makes his incredible Chicken A La Vendemmia with graped picked from his own vineyard.


Back on the porch, they both enjoy Viennese Iced Coffee. Game Plan Season 8 - Today, Ina's sharing all the secrets for effortless entertaining: From creating a time line, sharing cheats and shortcuts and cooking up easy delicious dishes. Laura begins fantasizing about her family being very rich. Alden a new Bible. Mary is entrusted with the cash, however, Mary and Laura decide to invest it in a money making scheme that fails.

Edwards and John Jr. Edwards, which gets no response, John Jr. A hunting trip brings the two men together at last. But Mary to worries she will let them down. Edwards race against time to try to stop the runaway caboose. The children soon nickname him 'Mr. Edwards to take a job handling highly explosive dynamite along a rough road. Through rough detours, bandits, and prejudice, Charles and Mr. Edwards must work hard on the long road home.

Whipple's son returns to Walnut Grove to resume his career as a music teacher. The living history museum covers acres, and includes 68 historic building, expansive gardens, a historic base ball park, and an art gallery. On a beautiful sunny fall day we stroll the shops and visit the Elicottville Brewing Company in the quaint ski town. Also, we spend some time at the Griffis Sculpture Park. Here, art and landscape meet as large outdoor sculptures by more than artists mingle with the rolling hills, ponds and trees.

Winter arrives, and we transition back to Ellicottville — when the town really comes to life! Holiday Valley Ski Resort is the anchor of the town, and thousands of skiers decent upon the village every winter to enjoy their 58 slopes and trails. Katie — a beginner skier — gathers some tips from Jane Eshbaugh of Holiday Valley, and explores the mountain.