Meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers "Jinxy" Trailer Official (HD)

meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

Meet the Parents cat Mr. Jinx. Mr. Jinx is pivotal to many of the crazy happenings in this movie, but especially when Greg accidentally lets the. Mr. Jinx, a Himalayan cat from “Meet the Parents” I Love Cats. Read it Robert De Niro with beloved Himalayan house cat, Mr Jinx. I Love CatsCool CatsCrazy. Both MEET THE PARENTS and MEET THE FOCKERS star Ben Silly Cat Tricks profiles the training that went into helping Jinx pull off his I believe this is the counterpart to the Silly Hat Tricks feature on the Parents Blu-ray.

I attribute the reason for this to director Jay Roach. He nicely kept the final product grounded within its context. He did the same thing with the Austin Powers franchise.

meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

No matter what happens in Meet The Parents that would sound ridiculous in any other context or if you said it yourself, the audience never becomes aware of it. Meet the Fockers did two things infour years after its predecessor: Fockers wanted to expand the family of the franchise and raise the wackiness across the board.

Meet the Parents: Little Fockers "Jinxy" Trailer Official (HD)

Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman are delightful additions to the cast of this film. It was a successful move to bring in bigger names to match the other side of the spectrum we already knew, Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. I think the biggest problem with this movie, if you have any real problem with it, is in its vertical growth.

In Meet the Fockers, you now have a retired C.

meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

Many other directors, perhaps young ones, would not have allowed that to pass. They may consider this movie a lost opportunity in that respect.

Meet the Fockers () - Cinema Cats

Coincidentally enough, these Blu-rays were released not too long before the theatrical release of Little Fockers. They were obviously released to coincide with it. That said, Parents comes loaded with additional features. Spotlight On Location hands you a standard behind-the-scenes look at production.

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes are self-explanatory. The Truth About Lying educates you about how a polygraph really works.

Silly Cat Tricks profiles the training that went into helping Jinx pull off his acting.

meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

It really reveals a wealth of information about the production from director Jay Roach and producer Jane Rosenthal, along with what is essentially a delightful conversation between Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller that really lets you know this was a pair made in heaven from a casting point-of-view.

This Blu-ray features a respectable amount of bonus material to browse through.

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Jinx has several scenes with Robert DeNiro as Pam's difficult father Jack, and the actors became fast friends during filming. Their key moments together include Jack holding and petting Jinx, achieved by the animal trainer carefully handing the cat to Mr.


DeNiro immediately before the scene begins. Also, when the animal actor places the cat on the ground after he is done petting it, the cat would run to the treat-wielding trainer standing off-camera.

Later, when the family sits down to dinner, Jinx is shown rubbing Greg's leg underneath the table. Suddenly, the urn holding Grandma's ashes is knocked off the mantle and spills onto the floor. Jinx seizes the opportunity by running onto the ashes and transforming the remains into a litterbox. To achieve the animal action in this scene, the trainer first released the cat and verbally cued it to rub Greg's leg.


Then, when the ashes are spread over the floor, the cat watched the trainer bury a plastic baggy of food in the ashes. After the cat is released, another verbal cue from the trainer prompts Jinx to dig earnestly into the ashes.

meet the parents cat jinxy beanie

A hidden hose then wet the ashes from beneath to create the illusion of jinx spoiling the remains. After Greg lets Jinx out of the house, the cat climbs up a trellis and onto the roof. Greg follows the cat and finally catches it, holds it off the edge of the roof, and drops it onto the ground. For this sequence, the trainer attached a safety harness to the cat for the entirety of the scene. After extensive pre-production training, the cat was able to deftly climb onto the trellis and roof, aided by verbal cues.