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meet the flagpole

In , over 3 million students in all 50 U.S. states and in over 20 other countries met at their school flagpole for prayer. Groups range in size. Students meet at their school's outdoor flagpole to pray before classes begin on the fourth Wednesday of September. Far from being a yearly spontaneous. See You at the Pole™ is simply a prayer rally where students meet at the school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and.

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meet the flagpole

Also contains a color copy of our resources to show your students. Strong student leadership is crucial to the success of your event. Make sure someone is covering every area of planning and leadership. What time will you begin on your campus—the publicized time of 7 a. Where will you gather on your campus? Flagpole or another place? Do you have an alternative meeting place in case of weather issues?

meet the flagpole

Do you have more than one flagpole to choose from? The strongest way to promote is a personal invitation. Make a list of friends to personally invite. Put up posters at church and at school. Get free publicity and clip-art for creating materials.

Posters and other resources are also available to purchase on this site.

The Flag Pole Song (Mario Musical Parody FEAT. RANDOM ENCOUNTER)

Be sure you pick up any promotional material that might have been trashed or vandalized. Use these images on your Facebook, IM, Twitter, or web site. It is great to use at rallies, Bible studies, worship services, or other Christian gatherings.

The video is professionally produced, motivating, and has lots of options to show in different settings.


Many groups sing worship songs, read Scripture, and give testimonies while forming a large circle, then break into small groups of three to five students to pray. No matter what you plan, commit the most time to prayer. Student groups, individual churches, or a group of local churches can host a rally. Some suggestions for a rally: A pre-pole rally is a great time for you to meet with other students from your campus to pray for the event and to go over the pre-pole checklist.

Hold the rally sometime close to the event. Things you may include: If your rally represents two or more schools, then break up into groups per school.

How will you handle distractions such as traffic noise, onlookers, etc.? How will you begin the event? The theme is "We Bow Down. Sometimes, they meet for individual silent prayer; at other schools they sing and are led in audible prayer by one of their fellow students.

Meet at the Flagpole

Constitutional protections of student's rights to gather and pray: Some people believe that SYATP events at a public school are prohibited by the principle of separation of church and state. There is a widespread belief that public schools are religion-free zones, and that prayer is prohibited. This is definitely not true.

meet the flagpole

State imposed prayers are unconstitutional. But most student-led prayers are not only constitutional, but are considered a form of speech protected by the U.

See You at the Pole

The 1st Amendment to the U. Constitution guarantees freedom of religious expression. It also guarantees freedom from the imposition of religion by the government The first phrase of the Amendment is the establishment clause.

That is, the government and by extension public school administrations may not promote one religion over another. Nor may it promote a religiously based life over a secularly based life. The following phrase "Congress shall make no law Students do not give up their rights when they enter their school's campus. Students have the right to sponsor, organize and conduct a SYATP event if it is outside normal classroom hours and is not disruptive.

If there are any non-curriculum special interest groups at school, like science clubs, environment clubs, etc.

meet the flagpole

InAmericans of widely varying religious backgrounds signed the Williamsburg Charter reaffirming their belief in the importance of the First Amendment. InPresident Clinton delivered a speech on religious freedom which described the benefits derived from that amendment. More details on the 1st Amendment are available.