Meet the big brother cast 2012

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meet the big brother cast 2012

Big Brother Photos: Vanessa Rousso on That guilty summer pleasure Big Brother returns Thursday for its 14th season and CBS promises it will be By Michael Logan | Jul 11, AM EDT. Jun 6, Big Brother 13 sees another host of housemates wander about for our The contestants for the series, BB's 13th outing, include a porn.

meet the big brother cast 2012

He will do whatever is necessary: She also confesses that she is terrible with boys: He says that the best experience of his life so far has been getting clean and sober and back on the straight and narrow. Since the age of 19 he has worked hard to turn his life around and has worked as a mentor for young people in the US. He also wants to work with young adults with drug and alcohol problems in the UK. Most people in his life are unaware he was born female: Luke has been married for two years: He is confident that he can win: It is a game and I plan to play it.

Benedict has taught politics, RE, sociology, German, history, French and geography but was suspended from his last teaching job in when it was revealed that he was a stripper and had worked in porn.

He defended himself against the accusations of improper conduct at a General Teaching Council hearing; he can return to teaching in two years and remains a proud spokesperson for the porn industry. Benedict lives with his year-old foster son whom he says has given his life worth. He is a former student of his. On Day 7, Shane won the Power of Veto competition, "Loose Change", which involved HouseGuests running around and trying to find coin props one dollar coin, quarter and five cent coins.

Once they find them they had to throw the coin props from a distance to a machine. Shane decided to leave Willie's nominations the same.

On Day 13, Kara was evicted in a 5 to 3 vote, leaving Danielle as Dan's only team member left. It was also revealed the winner of the next Coaches Competition would have the option of either saving one of his or her players or trading them with another player.

Meet the Cast of Big Brother 14!

The HouseGuests had to determine whether a burglar that entered the house was guilty or not guilty of a certain crime. HouseGuests were eliminated by answering incorrectly. Janelle won the second coaches competition, "Phat Stacks", and chose to give Ashley immunity from the nominations.

She also single-handedly chose the four Have-Nots for the week: Willie, Shane, JoJo, and Ian. On Day 14, Willie was expelled from the house, after going on a rampage in which he threw pork rinds at Janelle, swore at the female HouseGuests, and headbutted Joe. Minutes later, JoJo and Shane were nominated for eviction. On Day 15, Shane won the Memory Chip Power of Veto competition, in which HouseGuests had to run around dressed as salsa chips and dive into different pools of salsa and find different menu items names and then they had to bring the names and put them in correct order in their menu as it is on a menu at which they could look at.

The HouseGuest that got most of the names in the correct order in the fastest time won the Power of Veto. Shane removed himself from the block, and Frank then nominated Danielle for eviction.

Big Brother 15 Cast - Big Brother Photos -

On Day 20, JoJo was evicted by a vote of 5 to 1, only receiving the vote of Shane. The HouseGuests shot balls into a slotted end of an ice rink that had scores for each slot. Host Julie Chen then revealed to the viewers they could vote on whether or not the mentors should be allowed to enter the game.

meet the big brother cast 2012

Their goal was to do as many exercises of a certain type. The coach who would do the least would be eliminated. When they were eliminated they had the chance to open a locker and possibly win something. Janelle won the Coaches Competition and saved Wil. Later that day, Shane nominated Ashley and Joe for eviction. On Day 22, all had competed in The Juggler Veto Competition, where each HouseGuest had to roll back and forth two balls at the same time on two different ramps.

If even one of the balls would fall, that person would be out. Shane won the Power of Veto for the third week in a row. Before the live eviction took place on Day 27, Julie Chen announced that America has chosen to give the coaches the opportunity to play the game and stop coaching. If the coaches voted to become players, the eviction would be canceled and everyone would play in the HoH, including Shane.

However, if the coaches chose to keep the game the same, the eviction would continue, but one evicted HouseGuest would return the following week. Julie Chen also announced that only one vote was required to reset the entire game. One by one, the coaches were called into the Diary Room whether to hit the "Reset Button" or not. Britney, Dan and Janelle chose to hit the button, while Mike Boogie did not.

meet the big brother cast 2012

With the vote of 3—1, the coaches were reverted to HouseGuest status and Joe and Frank were spared eviction. All hounded HouseGuests then began to participate in the " Walk the Plank " HoH endurance competition, in which the HouseGuests had to hold on to a bar.

If they fell from the plank, they would be eliminated. On Day 28, Danielle nominated Frank and Wil for eviction. Later, Boogie made a huge pitch to Danielle by using the veto and backdoor his long-time rival Janelle. So Dan made an offer to her, if Frank gets vetoed, then Joe goes up. But when Janelle refused to answer, Dan knew that the possibility of all 4 coaches working together has blown up and he has no choice but to accept Boogie's offer on backdooring Janelle.

He couldn't survive more than a week in the Big Brother house because you gotta know your boundaries. My big concern is that I can't stand judgmental people who think they're better than everyone else — and you know the house will have a few of those. Louisville, Kentucky Now a freelance video producer, Heuser once had dreams of being a singer but things didn't go so well.

He auditioned unsuccessfully for American Idol and, during his teen years, was signed by three different labels and dropped by all of them. I became very guarded and feared I wouldn't have a music career if I revealed myself. Now, looking back, I wish I'd come out sooner. Fighting the babes in the house for use of the hair iron.

Pittsburgh She's a dizzy, Goldie Hawn-esque spray-tan technician who makes house calls, but don't dismiss Iocco as a featherweight. She's been a hardcore student of Big Brother since Season 1 and she has her game plan all worked out.

Big Brother 13: Meet the 2012 housemates

I will be Snow White and seven of the other contestants will be my dwarves only they won't know it. They're going to subconsciously protect me and keep me safe in the game. Bennington, Vermont This beer and wine salesman and occasional house flipper knew nothing about Big Brother until a month ago. She's very religious and, back when I was growing up, she told me vaginas had teeth. I stayed a virgin way too long because of that.

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Monaco's taste in past houseguests is certainly eclectic. He was one of the all-time great a--holes.