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meet the amazing pyro mlg columbus

A page for describing WMG: Left 4 Dead. The survivors and special infected never actually about it, the survivors suddenly and mysteriously . 5: Team MLG (AlphaZealot & jv3x3) 5: Simply Lotion Pyro Bucket onewingedangel AllLuck Youko Amy Prime. AMAS AMATEUR AMATEURS AMAZING AMZ AN ANA ANAHEIM ANAL ANALOG MEERUT MEET MEETING MEETINGS MEETS MLAB MLAs MLB MLC MLD MLG

meet the amazing pyro mlg columbus

Although with surviving through hell, it's unknown if the survivors from both games could actually survive. The Left 4 Dead 3 Survivors will meet the Survivors from both of the earlier games, each lacking a member. They'll run into the Left 4 Dead 2 crew minus Rochelle on their trek to safety, and there'll be DLC where they have to, with Francis, hold off an infinite horde while Zoey takes the still-crippled Louis up an elevator, and then escape while Francis stays behind to ensure their safety.

This trend continues over the series until the first four groups only have one member, and they team up to cleanse the plague once and for all. That would require a lot of games, though. Francis and Jayne Cobb are the same person. No, I can't explain this, but they are exactly the same character, right down to the beard. Also, the government kept samples of the zombification virus even after the crisis ended, and it was used hundreds of years later in the experiment that accidentally made the Reavers.

Pax was developed to sedate the population. There's no the way the government'd figure the Infection to be useful to that effect. As long as she's undisturbed, she's sedated as hell. It still could be possible, considering the thousands of years of research went into it, you'd think they could have developed a "reversed" version.

The Carriers are another breed of Special Infected. As mentioned above, they're tougher and stronger than any normal human. Despite the fact that Rochelle and Nick aren't really familiar with guns, they have excellent aim, which points at improved motor control and vision.

Plus they have extremely, inhumanly well-developed pack and homing instincts. I'd posit that not only are carriers like the player-characters special infected, the military is interested in them because their version of the virus is one that they want to duplicate for use in a super-soldier program.

Actually, Nick is very familiar with guns, and in-game dialogue from Ellis when Nick kills a Special Infected hints at this.

Don't ask me how I know that. It's also more likely that, even if they're not killing the immune carriers anymore, they'll treat them like "illegal combatants in a war for the survival of the human race" which means the survivors have NO rights, except the right to be experimented on. Louis is a Carrier. Possibly huge spoilers coming up, especially if you haven't read the comic yet.

As seen in the comic, Louis is bitten by a zombie in the early days of the infection, though he hasn't turned, suggesting he's either immune or has become a carrier. This could also mean the Mercy Hospital pilot became infected via Louis somehow, and may have also caused the other escape vehicles to Francis mentions how the plane from Dead Air crashed, suggesting Louis infeced him too, and that the boat pilot from Death toll left the survivors to die.

It could've been possible the boat pilot's wife, Amanda, was infected by Louis accidently, and the pilot, suffering from grief of the loss of his love and not wanting to be infected himself, kicks the survivors off the boat. The other three survivors are properly immune to not get infected, and the new survivors are too distant from Louis in The Passing to get infected anyways.

The soldier in the comic driving the APC also takes the survivors of Millhaven instead of Echo, which may be because said soldier noticed Louis's bandaged arm, and didn't want to take any chances. In fact, this may actually become a plot point looking at things as they are. It seems that ALL of the original survivors are carriers. It's unlikely that there are any uninfected immune left, meaning trouble for the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors who were last seen with the military.

But hey, at least Zoey, Louis and Francis are safe. If you have been exposed but show no signs of infection, you are a carrier. If you got evacuated and were never exposed, there's no way of knowing whether you are a potential carrier or not without exposing you We don't see him die in the comic, merely prepare to take on 3 tanks. We don't see whomever sacrifices themselves die in the actual game, they merely get incapped, then fade to black.

As such, I think he didn't die. It's notable that none of the 4 new survivors bothers to check if he's dead, and the survivors can recover from having that much blood pounded out of them. It's a Bolivian Army Ending: P Actually, in the game you can find his corpse.

Last time I checked, he looked pretty dead to me. Zoey backwards is Eezo! Zoey and Rochelle have an XY karyotype. The comic "The Sacrifice" establishes that the Carrier gene is passed down on the father's side but the only genetic information solely provided by fathers is the Y chromosome.

For a trait to be passed down solely from the father's side, it would thus have to be on this chromosome. Given that the zombie apocalypse would likely cut them off from the hormones needed for transsexuals or Swyer Syndrome sufferers, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome is the most likely cause of their being physically-female XY-types. There goes repopulating the species. It is from Father's side because it is probably a recessive gene on the X chromosome.

A male needs only one copy of the gene to become immune, while a female needs two. Then she was lucky and got her the right copy from the mother, otherwise she would be dead. You can say that it is from the father's side because if your father is immune, you can the same, otherwise you are fucked. The two teams will meet again in the Florida Keys. Instead of taking the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors to an army base to study them, they are dropped on a cruise ship in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, to live out the rest of their lives until they die of starvation or kill each other.

Nick convinces his new family to grab a lifeboat and try and escape. They end up on on of the Keys, and after some exploration, they find their friends from the first game, and Ellis finally gets the chance to propose to Zoey.

Whether or not she accepts is up to the writers. Although this is probably unlikely due to the creation of Dead Island and the whole "zombies in tropical paradise" idea may look like it's been done already, as someone who lives in Florida, I can tell you I'd love that.

Or, better idea, their "paradise island" is overrun and they have to fight their way back up through Florida. And a special Florida Man Tank. The playable characters are all Dead to Begin With and are in purgatory. Many of them have lived less than noble lives, why not all? They all died somehow, and their experience of Purgatory blends seamlessly with their perception of their daily lives. When Bill was Killed Off for Realsince he sacrificed himself to save the others, he goes straight to heaven, but the body the other survivors see was left there in purgatory.

The other survivors have to either work together and reach the gate to heaven, or somehow atone for their misdeeds in life. And that explains why they respawn! And just for fun, i going to say what they did, and how they died! He didn't kill people because he was following orders, he did it because he enjoyed it.

He died on the operating table during that knee surgery. Theft, murder, typical gang activities. Was shot by a police officer, this is why he hates cops. What could happy, Friendly Louis do? He dies of a pill overdose antidepressants this time, not painkillers. Alternatively, he finally snapped while at work and good 'ol friendly Louis decided to show all those who laughed at him exactly what those lunch hours at the rifle range were good for.

She neglected her education, and most likely caused the rift between her parents. Died of a meningitis infection in college. Inappropriate contact with an underage student of his. He suffers a heart attack.

Again, we all know what he did. He got shivved in prison, if you look at his chest, you can see a bit of the scar. Ooh, close, but no Medkit. Here's your consolation pills.

The injury on Nick's chest is canonically described as nail marks from a woman. So, I'll agree that our conman got shiv'd in prison, but with an added bonus. He killed his ex-wife to get there, and the marks are from her attacking him in self-defense.

It's also why Witches are particularly cruel to him. He could also have escaped prison, holed himself up in a dingy motel and hired a woman of ill repute to entertain him for the night. This explains the Hickey and that nailmark.

In this scenario, He drank a lot of booze and popped a few miscellaneous pills. He then died suffocating on his own vomit. She didn't care who she had to stomp on to get what she wanted, and she died of carbon monoxide poisoning while she slept. Wanna know why Keith suffered so much? Ellis forced him to do it. He drowned after driving home drunk one night. Keith is still alive, but barely.

Alternatively, just one of the billions of crazy news stories from the south that involve either "Hold My Beer" or "Crazy Naked Rampage" killed him. Building on the above: Apart from an angelic guide who appears as Bill to the original survivors and Virgil to the second group, each survivor represents a specific cardinal sin. Louis envies the other survivors for their experience, knowledge, and combat ability. Zoey was slothful in college. Coach is an obvious glutton.

Nick, the con artist, represents greed. Rochelle pridefully holds herself above the other survivors and plans to use the apocalypse to enhance her career. Ellis might not be the conventional sexual kind of lustful, but he's enthusiastic in a way that's kind of unseemly. The survivors smell awful. The Common Infected and Witches only attack Survivors when provoked. So why do the Hunters, Smokers and Boomers constantly hunt them?

Because they have a strengthened sense of smell and the Survivors smell to them like Boomer Bile does to Common Infected. This explains why the Specials are always finding you and why Boomers vomit on you; they're trying to cover up your stench it doesn't work.

Francis's Last name is "Khapps". So he's technically not lying when he says he is "the cops", it's just no one's ever asked him to spell it out. If someone were to steal his hat, he would mow down armies of Infected with a super robot of his own design. Valve stole his hat for Team Fortress 2. The survivors accidentally infected the helicopter pilots at the end of No Mercy and Dark Carnival. It's confirmed that they are asymptomatic carriers, and going off another theory of how the infection spreads see the Airborne vs Bites segment under "Infected Guesses"it's all too likely that being close to the pilots doomed them to infection.

A black, Jewish news reporter in the American south?

Midwest Circuit East (Standings before championships are complete)

Screw the zombie apocalypse, that's the unrealistic thing. Originally, it was supposed to somehow mix animal genes with human genesas a way of saying animals are people too. But there were just some unintentional side effects. Since they refused to test it on animals, the human test subject was able to overpower the people testing it and spread the infection.

And the Special Infected are just what happens when the victim is able to embrace certain animal genes: Any quick predator like a wolf or a tiger Charger: Acid-spitting species of insect Tank: Angler Fish The crying is just a lure, similar to the light on an angler fish's head Alternatively, the witch is a rattle snake[the crying is a way for it saying "GTFO" In place of a rattle There's a reason there's no children in Left 4 Dead I've already added this to Fridge Brilliance and the main page, but I'll put it here as well, so there's no dispute: Zombified adults in this game can run like mad.

Children cannot run as fast as an adult in full sprint. Zombies eat human flesh. There's a good reason you never see any children in these games. Children are not often left alone or could fend for themselves in this situation, completely valid. This doesn't explain why you don't see any children zombies, in fact considering this there should be more child zombies than adult zombies. I would also have to argue that if you were a parent and saw people killing each other and were worried that might happen to your child, you might be driven to killing them yourself to save them from the horror.

I thought the reason there was no children was because they weren't strong enough to survive the infection, thus never turned. Same goes with the animals, which would explain all the dead cows that or the Infected just eat them.

The infected will eventually mutate to the point of death. The infections from Left 4 Dead have advanced to a gruesome point in Left 4 Dead 2. It appears that each infected types will just die after a certain point in time.

Their cancerous parts will eventually overtake them and kill them. They will eventually expand until they die. Their skin will eventually degrade until they can no longer survive. Their muscles will eventually crush their entire head. With any other infected type is hard to tell how they change over time because they have remained the same or just been introduced.

Acid will eventually dissolve their body. Arm will eventually grow so large that it can no longer stand upright, and will just fall over and starve to death. Maybe the infected in the games don't need to eat, but I've never been told that, so I'll assume they do. Alternatively, considering the large wounds on their big arm due to smashing into things all the time, it will eventually open a wound big enough to cause it to bleed out. Grows so manic that it can no longer differentiate living targets from inanimate objects.

This means it will thrash against everything until it caves in it's own skull. Alternatively, infected in general simply have short lives due to being infected with a virus.

We've seen common infected walk around vomiting and in some cases, falling over and dying. It's very likely that the infected just die off regardless because of all the damage the virus does to their body. The Spitter's acid is a fusion of stomach acid and phlegm. Boomer bile is sweat-activated. Boomer bile attracts the Horde. So the bile must be sweat-activated, like skunk musk. It's only when the Boomer vomits onto a sweaty individual and the Survivors have to be pretty groady after a couple of weeks that it attracts the Horde.

By extension, those bottles of puke you pick up in Left 4 Dead 2 don't just contain bile, they contain activated bile. So how come the horde doesn't attack the jar? Does said jar hold the scent in as if airtight or what?

It would have to be air-tight, yes. Also, probably glass rather than plastic. Perhaps the Boomer bile requires both sweat and oxygen to "activate. The boomer bile you find is manufactured by CEDA. They may have found a way to change its properties, or it may work differently since it's artificial.

It's entirely possible that CEDA was doing in-field experimentation to try to figure out how the Boomer's bile works. They succeeded before they retreated, and ended up leaving behind bottles they didn't get time to use. Also, yes, those "jars" are in fact plastic, airtight specimen bottles. CEDA uses them to collect biohazardous specimens - they have to be airtight to be approved.

Though that raises the question of how they explode on impact. Perhaps the survivors remove the cap just before they throw.

The jars are thick glass plastic wouldn't be that clear and shatter on impact listen when you throw one. While I pointed out it is manufactured, it may still fit the "pre-activated" idea, since you can throw it at an empty area and the zombies will attack that spot, but if a boomer vomits or explodes and doesn't hit anything nothing will happen.

Immune blood is a deadly toxin for Infected. The Infected never try to bite you. The closest one to do anything related to mouths is the Smoker, and that's just barely. Instead, they try to beat you to death instead of infecting. Perhaps what makes the survivors immune also causes the infection to die out in the body, but killing the host in the process. That explains all the non-infected corpses. As far as this one could tell, none of them had any visible bite marks and probably died from internal bleeding.

Maybe a sort of blood spewer would be a better weapon than guns. Sometimes, the Survivors remark that they are covered with bitemarks. They do bite you, you just don't see and probably would be incredibly difficult to make it plausible to program this. The Left 4 Dead 2 Hunter will, once every five seconds or so, bite a pounced target on the neck.

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meet the amazing pyro mlg columbus

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Midwest Circuit East (Standings before championships are complete) | Smashboards

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