Crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

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crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

CRAZY ALL THESE YEARS Feature Film There he meets the vineyard owner's beautiful daughter Rose (Ali Faulkner, Twilight: Breaking Dawn), whose heart he quickly wins by singing an impromptu song ridiculing her obnoxious ex-boyfriend . Caitlin Nicol Thomas (role of Jessie) for being cast in the pilot NASHVILLE. The fifth season of the American television musical drama series Nashville, created by Callie Khouri, it premiered on December 15, , on CMT, the first on the network. The show features an ensemble cast with Connie Britton and Hayden . At a meeting with the label Rayna tells them what their new single is which leads. Explore Cameran Brick's board "Cast of Jessie" on Pinterest. Actor Who Plays Deacon on ABC's “Nashville” Says He's Not Like His Character - might he be debby ryan from of the only Disney stars that haven't gone crazy. . I meet Debby Ryan in person and I watch disney channel for kids choice award.

crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

Mark Levine Let's talk about that Rayna scene. I loved that it turned out to be a memory instead of a dream or a hallucination or anything like that. What do you think that moment is for Deacon, and how did it sort of influence his decision about his father?

Well, I think it served a dual purpose. I think in some sense, Deacon sort of shut down because the mourning process was just almost not trying to remember.

crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

If he ever did remember, it was also, "I wasted time. I should've done this, I should've done that. He wasn't able to use Rayna's help in those memories to help him through missing and mourning her. That needed outside help. Finally, he starts to get there. And then this other thing happens: And the girls don't understand, they just see this nice grandpa.

He's probably just sitting there thinking, "What would Rayna say? She knew his darkest stuff from the beginning. He knew her stuff about her dad and her mom. And who can talk about forgiveness more than Rayna? How did she do that? And then, "Oh wait, I remember, and the time I remember is literally the most beautiful time of my life, that moment.

He can have those memories, those moments like that. And was it a good piece of closure for Deacon, finally forgiving his dad?

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What I love about this is what we've been exploring is the issue of forgiveness. Deacon came from an abusive, dysfunctional situation that was all caused by the father and his drinking. I love that we got to explore this because Deacon has needed all this forgiveness for so long. From the very beginning, there's a whole lot of "I'm sorry's" coming out of Deacon, and he was given that grace and that forgiveness. It's one thing to talk about forgiveness for somebody that has completely changed and is now just a sweet old grandpa that plays music.

Yes, most people would be able to find their way around to forgiving that man. But then to find out that he's still drinking. He lied about it. What I essentially find out is he's human. This is where you're really testing grace and forgiveness. That is, OK, yes, you're right.

Does that mean that he's unforgivable and irredeemable forever and always? But that's the nature of forgiveness and grace is that it's for us as much as it's for them or perhaps more than it's for them. Deacon knew that, without that forgiveness, he has this hard shell about him that his daughters are always going to see and always know. He has no peace in his own heart regarding his father.

Forgiveness, in terms of the closure that we were talking about with his father, that feels like closure to me. Mark Levine What did you think of that little tease at the end with Ilse Ilse DeLange saying maybe they'll start to write together? Is that a little seed that they planted that maybe there might still be love in Deacon's future?

crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

What I actually liked a lot about it was that everything we've been through the last two seasons, or the season and a half, where he sort of slowly opened up with Jessie, it seems to me sort of more realistic like the next one to come along wouldn't be the one. You know what I mean? That would be unlikely.

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But that person, if they had a good heart and a good caring heart, could help open them back up and help through the pain that brings up armor, [help them] let the armor down a little bit, so that there'd even be a situation where Ilsa could say "I'd love to write with you someday" in a slightly flirtatious way, with a little bit of meaning. And Deacon, instead of going, "Oh, no, I don't think that would be You have a gorgeous voice.

Yeah, I don't know where this will lead, nobody does, but I would like to write with you. So it's a better way than saying, "I'd love to go on a date with you sometime.

It's the sitting down and sharing of yourself with somebody to write this song. So I like the nebulous quality behind it. Certainly doesn't mean that they're gonna end up even dating, but it means that Deacon's heart is in a better place. It's more open and more — in some sense more healthy and open and maybe even a little bit brave, not just protecting itself so much, which doesn't get you anywhere in the long run.

What do you think you'll miss most about making this show? There's a lot of hard questions, but that's the easiest: It's the people that I got to spend time with day in and day out in good times and in bad. In hard dramatic scenes and in funny light scenes.

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In long days doing concerts on stage and days so cold outside that we'd have to stop because tears were just coming out of your eyes from the hold. Juliette lies and tells Hallie that the label doesn't want her and the choir to perform.

She has another episode, and Hallie calms her down, and while she is calming down she pictures a flashback of her and her dead dad. Daphne is with the homeless teens when they are stealing from a lumber yard, when they get caught and Liv gets hurt while trying to escape. Hallie tells the rest of the choir about the cancellation, but they are not happy and do not seem to believe Juliette's story. Daphne decides to take Liv home as she is hurt. Avery, after performing at CMA Fest, is offered a tour gig.

Juliette is rehearsing, and she has another episode, she pictures memories of her dad and Jolene fighting. Juliette takes Avery home where she tells him she has to do this.

crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie

Scarlett tells Damien she is pregnant, and he does not take it well. Daphne takes Liv home. Scarlett and Gunnar perform a new song. Deacon tells Bucky that Zach wants him gone. Juliette flashes back to her mom and dad having a fight, and her dad driving away. Juliette is talking to Hallie about her visions, but she's still upset. Hallie finds out about Juliette's deceit, so Hallie curses her out and tells her she only cares about herself.

Juliette says she couldn't go and promote something nobody liked. Deacon finds out about Liv. We see a flashback to Juliette, and Jolene running home saying that Juliette's dad is not coming back home and something bad happened after he drove off earlier.

crazy hearts nashville meet the cast of jessie