2014 meet the spartans pit


2014 meet the spartans pit

Meet the Spartans is a American parody film directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron After growing angry with both the messenger's disrespect and finding him making out with his wife, Leonidas kicks him into a pit. . (); Vampires Suck (); The Starving Games (); Best Night Ever (); Superfast!. Watching Meet the Spartans is like being locked in the bathroom after clogging the toilet. Sure, you go into the bathroom with the right intentions. pdl-inc.info: Meet The Spartans - Pit Of Death Edition [Blu-ray]: Sean Maguire, Kevin Sorbo, Carmen Electra, Ken Davitian, Diedrich Bader, July 26,

After the penguin jumps on Leonidas he slaps him and says, "I'm gonna make you my bitch, Leonidas", and then turns around, whereas in the Unrated, he says the same line but then continues with the extra dialogue, "Lick my snow balls", further continuing with another Unrated line of dialogue, "Eat my penguin asshole", and then the shots of the penguin pooping on Leonidas's face is much more closer and graphic.

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The rated is farther out more of a wide angle shot when the penguin poops on him, and it omits the "Eat my In the Unrated you watch him pat the spoon of Pedigree onto his sack. Then he lets a dog named Captain Adorable lick it off of him and them bite his balls. In the Unrated you watch him put it on Leonidas's balls and you watch the dog lick the balls and bite them. In the rated you barely see the balls except for a quick shot of the dog biting them.

Basically the Unrated you get a more direct and clear view of the balls. In the Britney Spears part when she has the baby and is shaving her head after she is kicked down the Pit of Death you see a shot of her while falling saying, "K-Fed cone back to me please!

2014 meet the spartans pit

I'll let ya—I'll let ya under my skirt! Then a while later, after he pushes the judges down the Pit of Death Leonidas motions to Ryan to jump in and he does. In the Unrated, we see a quick shot of Ryan peeing his pants before he jumps into the Pit of Death.


In the scene with the Ancient Advisors and the Oracle, when Leonidas is making the plans about the war, in the rated, we see him draw in the dirt but we don't see what he drew. Basically the plan the plan is heard, but in the Unrated, we see that Leonidas drew a butt and a penis looking like it. In the scene where Leonidas first sees the warriors, the son of Leonidas's buddy Kevin Sorbo has a package.

In the rated, Leonidas says, "He has a huge package". Then directly cuts to Sunny-O putting the package down. When she asks to be made a Spartan soldier, Leonidas rejects her as unqualified due to her inability to use a spear correctly.

Leonidas and his platoon soon face off with Xerxes' messenger and his Immortals, beating them in a dance contest before driving them off a cliff. Xerxes Ken Davitianimpressed, personally approaches Leonidas and attempts to bribe him with a trip to the Palms Hotel and Casino. Leonidas declines, and the Spartans face the Persian army in a " Yo Momma " fight, which the Spartans win, but Dilio has his eyes scratched out and wanders away.

2014 meet the spartans pit

Hilton decides to betray the Spartans and reveals the location of the goat path to Xerxes in return for various gifts and for having her deformed hump removed. Xerxes meets the twelve remaining Spartans and the war begins.

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Meanwhile, back in Sparta, Queen Margo has several confrontations with Traitoro, as he is the vital vote in sending more troops to assist her husband. Following her address to the Council, Traitoro publicly betrays the Queen. The Queen then battles Traitoro in a parody of Spider-Man 3 and defeats him using a dust buster.

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With Traitoro's deceit exposed, the council is united with the queen. At the Battle of Thermopylaethe Persians introduce their secret weapons, Ghost Rider and Rocky Balboawho kills Sonio with a decapitating uppercut.

Captain avenges him with Botox poisoning before being struck down by Xerxes.

2014 meet the spartans pit

Leonidas pursues Xerxes and plays Grand Theft Auto: Managing to find the " Transformer Cube ", Xerxes uses it in a car to become Xerxestron and shows off his powers to access the " Leave Britney Alone! However, Xerxestron accidentally trips on his extension cord and falls on Leonidas and the surviving Spartans, apparently killing them. The blind Dilio eventually returns to Sparta to tell of Leonidas' final moments.