Totoro and his friends want to meet

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totoro and his friends want to meet

See more ideas about My neighbor totoro, Japanese film and Manga anime. I want this because it would just make me happy seeing it hanging on my wall! . Toshio Suzuki! hurry and get Totoro and friends into your chats right now!. Because he wanted to reflect the wonder he saw through his own Satsuki seems to believe her sister about the Totoro, but is anxious to actually see it, As they are about to fall asleep one evening, Totoro and his friends. One is Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro, and the other is Isao Takahata's devastating A few years after that film, Miyazaki and his friend and collaborator, Isao Meanwhile, Takahata wanted to adapt a bleak short story: Akiyuki Nosaka's . The meet Nanny, the elderly next-door neighbor, and chase.

Mei is found safe and sound, and the credits reveal that the mother comes home from the hospital. Kanta believes this of the house the family moves into, not without reason. Incurable Cough of Death: Though the disease that Mei and Satsuki's mother suffers from is treated as this trope, she's never seen coughing and doesn't actually die.

Considering it was based on Miyazaki's own life, and his mother had tuberculosis, coughing would certainly have been justified. Only children seem to be able to see the soot sprites and Totoros, though it's possible that this is simply because they don't want to be seen by adults. At film's end, it's hinted the girls are getting too old to see them.

In an unusual twist to this trope, the adults show no overt signs of disbelieving the children when they talk about the spirits. The girls' father tells them of the soot spirits, and the village grandmother confirms she saw them when she was younger. This sets up the epilogue. Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: This is a major theme of the movie. The huge tree that grows when the girls and Totoro are together is gone the next morning, but the much smaller plants that grew around it remain.

The Catbus is what you might expect if you merged a bus with a twelve-legged cat spirit. Its eyes glow like headlights, its hollow body has furry benches and "windows", and it even has a sign that changes to match its destination, which includes Mei. At various times the soundtrack playfully punctuates the characters' movements, most notably in the scene where Mei chases Chibi-Totoro and Chu-Totoro through her backyard.

Mohs Scale of Violence Hardness: A firm 0 on the scale. The most violent thing that happens in the movie is Kanta getting gently bonked on the head by his mother for losing an umbrella. At one point we see Mei from within Totoro's mouth. Totoro and his friends. Although only mentioned once as being "The Keeper of the Forest", he certainly shows it. As the DVD release points out, the movie was designed to be devoid of conflict.

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YMMV if fear that one's mother is dying counts. Kanta, lending his umbrella to Mei and Satsuki when it's pouring outside. Throughout the movie, in a completely innocent way.

totoro and his friends want to meet

Mei except at night. Totoro is only ever heard growling, roaring, and saying his own name. With the exception of Totoro himself and the girls' worrying that their mother might be dying, nothing really happens in this moive. It's just two girls hanging out in their new home.

C'mon, just look at the picture, and try to tell me you don't wanna give the big fuzzy critter a hug, too. During the bath scene, Mei is conveniently protecting the audience from her father. The titular character refers to the creature the main characters, Satsuki and Mei, meet after moving to their new home. Sliding Scale of Idealism vs.

totoro and his friends want to meet

An extremely idealistic film. It uplifted everyone's spirits up after this was in a double feature with Grave of the Fireflies.

totoro and his friends want to meet

We are not told what the mother is sick of. In the ending, the Mom says that she would spoil her kids rotten when she meets them again. This can be seen in the credits since they are wearing better clothes than in the film. Mei's running off with no sense of the dangers involved triggers the climax. Averted with Satsuki's cute drawing of Mei as the crab who waited over a persimmon seed to grow.

Theme Naming "Satsuki" is the old Japanese term for the month of May, and "Mei" sounds like the English name for the month. Originally Mei was only going to be the only girl until Miyazaki realized that a four-year old wouldn't have the independence necessary to drive the story. The three Totoros themselves, named for their sizes. The big guy's name is sometimes rendered as "Ou Totoro", resulting in the alternate English translation "King Totoro".

Totoro's wide starey eyes are one of its hallmarks. Mei uses Totoro as a cushion when she finds him sleeping belly up, waking him up in the process, before falling asleep together. Satsuki also bounces briefly when she lands on Totoro. Satsuki and Kanta are this to each other. The credits show scenes from the girls' lives during the year following the story.

The Totoros are nature spirits centered around the great tree near the Kusakabes' home, which bears Shinto ropes.

totoro and his friends want to meet

The film also features Susuwatari wandering soota fictitious Youkai created by Miyazaki. Even the bus stop has a special Ghibli decoration which makes it a great photo spot and also easy to find. Get on the bus and about 5 minutes later you will arrive at the wonderful Ghibli Museum! The bus stops right in front of the museum!

totoro and his friends want to meet

Pretty much everything is based on Ghibli classics! Hayao Miyazaki's son - Miyazaki Goro - was in charge of the construction of this place. They show original films that only can be seen here! I recommend you check the mini theater schedule before visiting. If you don't understand something, you can ask the information staff at the entrance.

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There is a special Mini Theater inside the Ghibli Museum. If you have any questions about airing times or selections, feel free to ask the information staff standing in front of the entrance of the building.

That film was really interesting! What fan wouldn't enjoy seeing an original, minute-long Ghibli feature film. The room also had documents about the production process at Ghibli.

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All that running around has stirred my appetite. Let's take a hot dog to the roof! I was kinda looking forward to eating one of the Ghibli inspired meals at the restaurant, but munching on a snack while viewing some amazing scenery sounds nice too. Check out the amazing Ghibli restaurant! It's usually crowded at lunch time, so you will need to wait for a while to get a seat.

Taking a late lunch break may up your odds at getting a table quicker. Let's go check out the Mamma Aiuto shop. The Mamma Aiuto is full of countless Ghibli goods, some that can only be found here! There are tons of adorable yet affordable presents, such as keyholders, badges and much much more! I think this would make a wonderful present! Some are a bit expensive, but they are all really cool. The robot soldier on the roof is one of the main attractions of the museum.

This area can get really crowded at times so prepare yourself for a pretty big line to see it. When you do, why not ask the sweet person next to you to take a picture.