Sisko and picard meet

Star Trek Emissary, Part I

sisko and picard meet

For six days during Stardate , Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise was held captive by a After his arrival, Sisko begins to meet his crew . Picard meets Sisko in person in DS9 "Emissary". Picard speaks with Janeway ( now an admiral) in "Star Trek: Nemesis". Sisko meets Kirk in. Several characters within the Star Trek franchise, primary and secondary, often made crossover Spock meets Data and they exchange opinions on the relative value of logic and The film Star Trek Generations brought Kirk and Picard, Enterprise captains from different centuries, together to defeat a common enemy.

Sisko ignores the lieutenant's desperate pleas to escape and continues trying to rescue his wife; he is ultimately dragged away screaming to an escape pod.

Together with Jake and the other survivors, he watches from the escape pod as the Saratoga is destroyed. Three Years Later "Is that it? Jake seems dismayed they will be soon living on a space station rather than Bajorthe planet the station orbits.

sisko and picard meet

Sisko assures Jake that he will have fun and meet lots of new friends, but they are interrupted by a voice from the bridge, informing Sisko that they are approaching Deep Space 9 and will be docking in seven minutes. Sisko ends the program and they leave the holodeck.

Walking past a window, Sisko and Jake get their first look at Deep Space 9, the former Cardassian mining station which will now be their new home.

sisko and picard meet

Worf stayed on The Next Generation until its conclusion, then transferred from the start of season 4 of DS9. Chief O'Brien had appeared in fifty episodes of The Next Generation, but only gained opening credits billing on DS9, in which he appeared in almost every episode of all seven seasons.

Episodes and films focused on crossovers[ edit ] An especially significant crossover is Spock's appearance on the two-part Next Generation episode " Unification ". Spock meets Data and they exchange opinions on the relative value of logic and emotion, and share mutual impressions of Next Generation's Captain Picard who for Spock is a model of logical behavior, and for Data is a model of what it means to be human.

Critics such as Ina Rae Hark have noted this encounter between two non-human characters summarizes their contrasting attitudes to humanity, Data embodying Spock's ideal of pure logic, while Data aspires to be more human. Recycled footage from the original series episode " The Trouble with Tribbles " is used extensively in Deep Space Nine's time-travel episode " Trials and Tribble-ations ".

Sisko punches Q

In addition to extensive archival footage of cast from the original series, actor Charlie Brill portraying Klingon spy Arne Darvin appears in both new and archival footage.

The episode was designed to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original series.

sisko and picard meet

Critic Matthew Kappell notes that the new episode simultaneously "parodies and valorizes" the original series, highlighting the discontinuities between two eras of Trek while trying simultaneously to weave them together. Saratoga was all but destroyed. Unfortunately, his wife did not survive.

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Three years later, a reluctant Sisko and his even more reluctant son are transferred to the space station Deep Space Nine in Bajoran territory. Now a Commander, Sisko has been ordered to oversee the repair of the giant space station, which was heavily damaged during a period of Cardassian military occupation. After his arrival, Sisko begins to meet his crew.

In DS9 did Jean Luc Picard meet Benjamin Sisco

He first encounters Chief Operations Officer Miles O'Brienwho has been transferred from the Enterprise, and Kira Nerysa Bajoran who helped lead her people's painful fight against the Cardassians. Kira agrees to act as Sisko's first officer, but has reservations about the Federation's presence on the Bajoran space station.

Soon afterward, he meets Odoa shape shifter and security officer who exhibits his chameleon-like talents while apprehending a Ferengi thief.

sisko and picard meet

Quarkthe Ferengi owner of the local watering hole and gambling establishment, arrives to bail out the thief — his young nephew, Nog.

Sisko agrees to free Nog only if Quark will remain aboard and continue to operate his recreation center for the station's residents and visitors. The Enterprise docks at Deep Space Nine, and Sisko has a tense meeting with Picard, whom he blames for the death of his wife. Picard tersely informs Sisko that his mission aboard the space station is to assure the Bajora enter the Federation.

Sisko indicates that while he will do his job as long as he is there, he may resign his post.

In DS9 did Jean Luc Picard meet Benjamin Sisco | The Trek BBS

The two part on less-than-friendly terms. Sisko looks to Kira for insight into the Bajora, and she tells that his only chance for success is for the Bajora, a somewhat diverse group, to find reason to unite. She suggests that he seek out Kai Opakathe Bajoran spiritual leader, and Sisko immediately sets out to find her.

Kai Opaka reveals that Sisko's arrival has a deep spiritual purpose, but is unable to reveal exactly what it is.