Obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

"These are the issues that we will take to the Democratic national convention in While not discussing his meeting with Obama, Sanders thanked the for Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States and. Follow all the day's politics news after a frosty meeting between Trump and the Trump and Hillary Clinton, who he slammed during his presidential campaign and . Democrat Deval Patrick won't run in , sources say . “They will say that george H W Bush was a great president of the United States. Only a few heads turn as he stops to talk with his friend Tom Miller, Iowa's . Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama all suffered sizable . even a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who meet certain requirements. Internally, Democrats are united on most cultural and social issues.

And she faced the perfect foil in Cuomo — the heir to the rich Democratic legacy of his father Mario who many saw as the epitome of that party's decline: Ineffective New York City's failing subwayscorrupt with a top aide convicted on a felony rap and weak cutting a deal with Republicans to save him from signing progressive laws that might hurt his presidential ambitions.

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But in the end, nearly two out of every three New York primary voters went with the old-school Democratwarts and all. Hundreds of thousands of voters in New York City's outer boroughs — heavily black or Latino, working class folks who are making ends meet and not spending 12 hours a day on Twitter — delivered Cuomo his point margin. Nixon's landslide defeat came as no surprise to a lifelong Democrat we'll call Mignon her middle name — a year-old black woman who now lives in northern California but grew up in Buffalo and wrote a Twitter essay the morning after the primary about how her parents were two enthusiastic voters who supported the Democratic establishment and what a New York Daily News headline writer would call "Status Cuo-mo.

My mother loved loved Mario Cuomo. She feels that Cuomo was smeared by elites and she loves Tish James because, ya know black woman. She talked about her mom, who fled strife-torn Alabama in for a better life up North, and dad, a year-old union steelworker — their loyalty to the Democratic Party, their political pragmatism, and their lack of use for "pie-in-the-sky ideas" of progressives like White House hopeful Sen.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

Bernie Sanders, who refuses to become a Democrat. Mignon said her parents saw Andrew Cuomo as an heir to his popular late father Mario, New York's governor from to There is a huge disconnect within the Democratic Party right now — a rift that was critical to 's shock election of President Trump. The re-emergence of the one modern Democrat who could glue many of these broken pieces together — Barack Obama, who brings his energetic push for the party's candidates to Philadelphia on Friday — and a looming midterm election in which anger over an autocratic president can be channeled into state and local races are likely to paper over this Democratic family feud … for now.

But when voters wake up on November 7, they'll hear the gong to start the sure-to-be-insane national election ofwith as many as 20 or more candidates from delusional billionaires to congressmen you've never heard of prepared to yank hard on every gaping fault line within the party of Andrew Jackson, FDR and JFK.

Deval Patrick to announce he won't run for president in 2020 – as it happened

Those cleavages could give Trump a second term in much the same unlikely way that he won his first one. Here's a quick field guide to the three Democrats you meet on Twitter, or in the voting booth … or sitting on their couch when they should be voting: Although you find them everywhere, this species of left-of-center voter predominates among the under electorate, in cities and especially in gentrifying neighborhoods; it tends to be somewhat more male than female.

The Hillary Clinton Democrat, a cohort that is overwhelmingly female, tending to be white, suburban, and middle or even upper-middle-class, often with a college degree.

Some of them even voted Republican back in the s or '90s for the low taxes — but started drifting away after Anita Hill in or as they saw the GOP get more Southern and then more crazy. These voters felt existential shock and despair when they saw America technically, the Electoral College reject a qualified woman — whose life struggles mirrored their own — in favor of a man whose non-stop lying and admission of sexual assault was now their worst nightmare in the Oval Office.

It's a mandate on parents to provide health insurance for their children. That's about million people who would be required to do that. The difference between Senator Obama and myself is that I know from the work I've done on health care for many years that if everyone's not in the system, we will continue to let the insurance companies do what's called cherry picking, pick those who get insurance and leave others out.

We will continue to have a hidden tax so that when someone goes to the emergency room without insurance, 15 million or however many, that amount of money that will be used to take care of that person will be then spread among all the rest of us. And most importantly, you know, the kind of attack on my health care plan which the University of Pennsylvania and others have said is misleading, that attack goes right to the heart of whether or not we will be able to achieve universal health care.

That's a core Democratic Party value. It's something that ever since Harry Truman we have stood for.

obama and clinton meet discuss uniting democrats

And what I find regrettable is that in Senator Obama's mailing that he has sent out across Ohio, it is almost as though the health insurance companies and the Republicans wrote it, because in my plan there is enough money, according to the independent experts who have evaluated it, to provide the kind of subsidies so that everyone would be able to afford it. It is not the same as a single state trying to do this, because the federal government has many more resources at its disposal.

So I think it's imperative that we stand as Democrats for universal health care. I've staked out a claim for that. But Senator Obama has not.