Mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

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mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

Jacob Anthony Perez (born April 21, ) professionally known as Princeton Perez, is an . In , Mindless Behavior headlined the Scream Tour with Diggy Simmons, which In , the group performed for Wade's World Foundation, an organization by .. Jump up to: "Mindless Behavior: London Live HD". List of all Mindless Behavior tour dates and concerts. Not on tour right now through into foreign markets, with a debut UK tour in marred by minor crushing injuries at their Indigo2 concert in London. Mindless Behavior on IMDb: Movies, Tv, Celebrities, and more. 18, - was the year of the Music Documentary for those 17 and younger - it But which behind the scenes of a concert tour wowed most people the Most? .. star struggled with his breathing and fainted backstage at a London show, was taken to a.

The video ends in various children, including Princeton, dancing in a school talent show and on the school's playground.

***BuckieNaked Exclusive*** Meet The New Mindless Behavior Member – EJ!

All Around the World. Upon finishing the audition, he was told that he would hear back from them in two weeks, however, he got an approval the same night. However, once their manager felt as though they were ready, they set up a showcase to perform for various labels.

The last performance was for Management Group International, owned by successful entrepreneur and music manager, Kenneth Crear. Soon after, they remained in development, but also began working on original music.

Mindless behavior wet seal meet and greet Houston Texas August 10, 2013

Inthey were performers at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day. The tour held the same name as their debut album. Later within the year, many news sources announced that there would be a new member after the group's lead singer, Craig Crippen Jr. After lead singer Prodigy left the group, Mindless Behavior did not release any material.

mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

As seen in many interviews, there had only been Princeton, Roc Royal, and Ray Ray, which meant that there hadn't been a lead singer introduced. For almost two years, Mindless Behavior participated in interviews, and even held shows for their fans, without a lead singer. However, many of these shows included nothing but the band performing dance routines, while Prodigy's voice played in the background. Group changes and OfficialMBMusic[ edit ] Princeton expressed a strong interest in fashion while in the group.

When entertaining the idea of not being a member of Mindless Behavior, he spoke about either being a backup dancer for another artist, or a fashion designer, stating "Anything creative and entertaining, I'll be there. His musical influences of Prince, Michael Jackson, and a compilation of many rock bands, heavily influenced his style and mannerisms.

***BuckieNaked Exclusive*** Meet The New Mindless Behavior Member – EJ!

He would post on his blog, Outsiders Ink, photos or videos of himself in ways that his fans had not seen before. Not long after, in another interview that featured the group in Januaryboth Princeton and Lopez stated they had been working on projects outside of the group that included music and fashion.

The song has since reached overlistens as of January Chresanto August, known as Roc Royal, was removed from the group and later pursued a solo musical career. It was stated to be released inbut it never was. The debate rages over what these new entities "MCNs" really are and what they bring to the content table.

mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

Some are essentially aggregators of similar YouTube channels that make it easier for audiences and advertisers to find similar content to enjoy or a particular demographic to target, and others have morphed into neo-traditional entertainment content production studios.

What I found most interesting about this panel was that while it was supposed to provide insight as to specifically how MCNs make money for their content partners, it morphed into a discussion of how these studios are working hard to actually move their content Off YouTube, or at least develop content that lives in more traditional spaces than YouTube exclusively. This was literally on the heels of a fascinating blog post by YouTube personality and entrepreneur Jason Calacanis decrying what he called the unfair business relationship between Google and it's content partners.

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Read his post here and feel free to give your two cents' worth below! Lucas Shaw has his own thoughtful take on the McN's discussion here.

mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

I think a diversified strategy usually tends to be best anyhow, but in the end good content will always win. If one platform or distributor doesn't want it, keep shopping it until you find the right home for it. We use YouTube to study the market, create interest, and even make some money on the side. Our Ouija movie I Am ZoZo was essentially incubated on YouTube and we made changes to the film's script based on the demographic and viewer interaction we were seeing on our viral video.

mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

Even while admitting that they are always trying to diversify, Barry Blumberg Evp of Alloy Digital and Smosh made a pretty simple argument in favor of staying with YouTube on some level, "Say what you want, but YouTube doesn't want to own your content like the TV networks do.

With YouTube rolling out subscription channels and continuing to work on it's VOD service I wouldn't count them out as a viable long-form distribution platform.

mindless behavior meet and greet london 2013

When you factor in the cost of hosting and streaming your own video content and creating a massive user-friendly social network, YouTube's terms hold their own against any broadcast deal last time I checked NBC wasn't handing out advertising rev-shares to indie producers. Random quote for thought: It's true, DVDs are still hanging around so don't give up on them yet! Interesting startup of the day: There are a million new services popping up promising to help filmmakers get distribution or providing some automated service that is supposed to streamline the insanity of film production.

As a habit I make it a point to try out most of them if for no other purpose than to see what these services think I need. As a "music licensing and technology company that provides creative music licensing solutions for all media" music licensing service Audiosocket seems to have great potential for indie filmmakers and established producers alike.

I sat down with toppers Jenn Miller and Edward Averdiek and posed a couple of questions about their new service. How can your services help producers and content creators deal with the conundrum of music licensing?

All music is pre-cleared for any media, so you can quickly and easily find and then license music to meet your needs at the click of a button using our technology. What kind of music do you have available? There are stock libraries out there already. What makes Audiosocket different? Our curation strategy is what differentiates us, we have a team that scouts emerging artists using blogs, venues and festivals to find great acts.