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meet and fu road trip

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Continue on to Marvao. Spend 1 night in Marvao 29th. Spend the day in Marvao before moving on to Monsanto. Spend 1 night in Monsanto. Is Monsanto worth spending the night? Perhaps I just pass through Marvao and just stay in Monsanto…? What would you do? Drive through Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela. Pass through towns like Sortehla, Belmonte and Guarda. Spend 1 night in Manteigas or Guarda 1 night…?

meet and fu road trip

Make my way north to the Duoro Valley. Spend 3 nights in the Duoro Valley. From here I would like to: Sample wine, relax, hike, enjoy great food. I will start to make my way towards Guimareas, but first would like to make a few stops in Chaves not sure if this is worth it and Parque Natural Peneda-Geres where I would like to see Castelo do Lindoso as well as Vilarinho das Furnas. Make my way down to Porto for 4 nights. Am I missing something in this area?

Should I stay longer? I will make my way back down south towards Sintra and Lisbon stopping to visit Aveiro for a few hours. I would like to spend 2 nights in Coimbra 7th, 8th and surrounding area.

Visiting the Conimbriga Ruins is a priority.

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Is Tomar worth seeing? The Church looks incredible. Who's Singing Over There? Wild is a road movie on foot, as Cheryl Strayed goes on an mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, on a voyage of self-discovery. Wild Boys of the Road: Wild Strawberries is a relatively rare European example. He meets many people and sees places along the way that make him think about his life and what to do with the time he has left.

The Wizard has elements of this, as Corey Fred Savage of The Wonder Years fame takes his supposedly autistic brother Jimmy from the home he was put in, and they both run away to "California", where Jimmy competes in a video game tournament at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The Yellow Handkerchief has three lonely strangers hitch-hiking together through post Hurricane Katrina Louisiana, and slowly becoming friends over the course of the trip. Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni has two plots Their paths intersect midway, but the story is mostly the girl's trip from Los Angeles to a corporate retreat in Phoenix. Zombieland is pretty much a Road Movie set after the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Initially, Columbus is looking to get to Columbus, Ohio to find his estranged parents mostly for want of anything else to do and the girls are going to Pacific Playland.

Tallahasee is mostly just in it for the zombie killin' and the Twinkies. Halfway through, Columbus finds out his parents are very probably dead already, and once the climax at Pacific Playland is over, the end of the movie seems to signal the four of them starting their Walking the Earth.

The sci-fi movie Slipstream is a Road Movie with airplanes. A Loveable Rogue steals the prisoner from two Bounty Hunters and flies off with them in pursuit across a world changed by environmental disaster. Earthquakes have torn up all the roads so everyone uses a permanent world-encircling wind called the slipstream for long distance travel.

Literature Mark Twain 's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn may qualify, in that while Huck and Jim didn't go "across" the country, they did journey down the Mississippi River from the North to the South on a crude raft, with plenty of perils particularly for Jim in the Antebellum South. Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon is a nonfiction chronicle of the author travelling around the US in his camper-outfitted van on back roads highways that were often colored as narrow blue lines on old gas-station mapsvisiting many obscure or ideosyncratic small towns, in the s.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegasboth the book and the film. The Gaunt's Ghosts novel Honour Guard features the main characters as part of a convoy to retrieve a sacred relic from a distant location. Generation Kill is effectively described as a combination of this genre with a war movie, as it deals with the members of Marine Recon driving through Iraq during the invasion.

The second book of The Girl from the Miracles District is basically a road trip novel about Nikita's and Robin's journey from Wars to Iben's household and what happens on the way. Two of John Green 's books include a road trip: In An Abundance of KatherinesColin and Hassan take a road trip south from their home in Chicago after graduating high school and in Colin's case getting broken up with.

They end up in a small town in Tennessee where most of the story takes place. It was one of the last books published. A talking Narnian horse persuades a Calormen slave to help him ride north to free Narnia. Along the way they meet another Narnian horse and her mistress trying to do the same. I Am David has a young boy being helped escape from a concentration camp and essentially being directed in a hike all the way from Germany to Denmark on his own.

He eventually realises he's being directed to the home of his birth mother. In Graham Greene 's Monsignor Quixote the title character and his best friend decide to drive from El Toboso to Madrid to buy some purple socks his friend considers mandatory for the Monsignor's new position.

Along the way they get into a variety of misadventures and have some fairly heavy philosophical and ideological discussions. The Odysseyin a way. It's basically about a king and his men on their journey home from war. By sea, of course. Jack Kerouac 's adventures constitute a long succession of road trips.

meet and fu road trip

The Roada Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and film starring Viggo Mortensen about a boy and his father following an abandoned highway After the End. The Stand turns into an After the End version of this, as the characters make harrowing journeys to either the rallying place for the protagonists Boulder, CO or the rallying place for Satan and his antagonists Las Vegas, of course.

meet and fu road trip

Why We Took the Car is about two year old boys' journey in a 'borrowed' car from Berlin to Walachia. Robert Persig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance details a motorcycle journey by him and his son across the western US, along with a journey of philosophical and spiritual discovery. The original Battlestar Galactica sent crew members on Type 3 trips in a great many episodes. The reimagined series was a little more restrained about it.

An episode of The Drew Carey Show has the main cast piling into the Buzz Beer van and travelling to New York in an attempt to sell the beer outside a baseball game. Each season opens with a type 1a trip that delivers the miners to their gold mine in the slowly thawing far north. A few low-grade secondary type 1a trips are undertaken during the course of the mining seasons in order to obtain more mining resources.


Loans, materials, machines and equipment I Love Lucy had a several-episode arc where Ricky got cast in a Hollywood movie, so Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred drive a Type 1a cross-country to get there, stopping in in subsequent episodes Ohio, Tennessee, Albuquerque Ethel's hometownbefore finally getting to Hollywood, where they meet through several more episodes tons of Celebrity Cameos. This series has sent Harm on several road trips. Because Harmon Rabb is a trained fighter pilot, he flies to Cuba in one episode.

He almost blows the actual mission. Another episode has Harm and Mac, on their first mission together, driving into the desert to find the people who stole the US Constitution.

Both are a bit cagey, as Harm can't help but notice that Mac looks just like a former lover of his who was murderedand because Mac knows that the man who stole the Constitution is a family friend of hers. Yet another episode has Harm, Mac, and Budd driving a rental car to the site of their next case, due to there not being enough money in the budget to buy them plane tickets.

On the way, they end up at a Quantum Leap convention, complete with Bellisario addressing a group of fans. Little House on the Prairie: The Ingalls family went on at least one Type 1a road trip, while the dad Charles went on multiple trips. In an interesting twist on the trope, the job of the regular cast was to facilitate type 2 trips for the guest stars.

One episode of the British comedy One Foot in the Grave had Victor and Margaret stuck inside their car in a traffic jam for the entire episode for a Type 1b.

Several Type 3s using the Starbug. When they aren't spending mere seconds using the Portal Network to gate between planets light-years apart, they eventually use a variety of starships.

When there's only a few seconds of travel time, there's no time for plot. When travel takes days or weeks, plot has loads of time to develop. Several different crew members took shuttles to get someplace the Enterprise wasn't going. The gang traveled out of town so the boys could check out a college.

Meet'N'Fuck: Road Trip

Wings introduced the infamous Carlton Blanchard in one of these. Blanchard wins a contest where the prize is a trip anywhere. Bean takes a trip in one episode to a destination we never see him arrive at.

He first has to pack for his trip, desecrating most of his belongings in the process so he can get them to fit in his small trunk, taking the first part of his trip by train and then going by plane. The train trip is a disaster when he gets distracted by another passenger's laughter and then throws his ticket out the window. The plane is more so a disaster when he has to deal with a boy and his motion sickness.

Of note, both feature films are road trips.

meet and fu road trip

Both of the films are also road trips.