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Kim Hyun Joong – all that he’s “fanned” up to be?

INFINITE's Kim Myung-soo at a press conference in Singapore (Photo: PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd) Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore 25 September Emperor: Owner of the Mask', opposite Yoo Seung-ho and Kim So-hyun. Business Meeting of Commission of Asian and Oceanian Affairs. . Shih Hui Lim (Singapore), Chong Tin Tan (Malaysia), Akio Ikeda (Japan), Ernest have been instigated; the Pediatric Task Force (Chair Heung Dong KIM) and . ILAE have given an undertaking to review the rules and will do this in concert with local. Kim Soo hyun to visit United States for the release of Secretly, Greatly Soo hyun who plays the main role will visit San Diego and L.A. to meet.

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Kim Hyun Joong – all that he’s “fanned” up to be?

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Kim Soo Hyun’s Fan Meeting Tickets in Taiwan Sell Out in 30 Minutes

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Kim Soo hyun to prove his small face at fan-meeting event

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Kim Soo hyun to prove his small face at fan-meeting event

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