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hiro hamada meet and greet

At Disney's Hollywood Studios be on the lookout for Hiro Hamada and his friend Baymax, the two stars of the new film. The buddies can be seen meeting and. the upcoming film Big Hero 6, Baymax and Hiro Hamada, will meet or beginning date has been given for the meet and greet opportunities. Guests will tour the lab from the lab from the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, and then meet Hiro Hamada and his huggable buddy.

How to Draw Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 - Cute and Simple

From his chest-drive plate, to the darker-colored points of his elbow and ankle areas, and even the way his forearms are a little thicker in size. While I would have loved him to have elbow-joints, I can understand the toymakers wanting to make sure his arms kept their basic shape in his standard pose.

Mochi himself is depicted as a normal cat, with some small rocket-powered boots on his paws. This may seem weird to those who saw the film, but in the original opening, this is explained and which can be seen on the home video release of Big Hero 6, in the deleted scenes section.

hiro hamada meet and greet

On the deleted scenes included with the recent home video release, one segment showed how a younger Tadashi and Hiro had conceived of these rocket boots…sending poor Mochi rocketing out of the house and down the street! It is a cute and fun little addition to Baymax, and a fun easter egg for those of us who recognize it.

It is nice to see this iteration of Baymax. However, it does straddle that fine line between being a poseable figure, but also staying true to the original design. As well, it does make it a little difficult to pose Baymax. Mochi is a nice little accessory, though I do wish he could have maybe had the rocket boots as removable rubber pieces though that means they probably would have gotten lost pretty easily.

The sculpt definitely captures several great details on the figure. Strangely enough, the main line of Big Hero 6 figures did have pegholes in their feet.

As to why this and even the non-suited Baymax do not, remains a mystery. Much like my comments on the other Baymax figure, this one I feel could have also benefitted from a ball-jointed neck as well.

Also a low point, is that I was hoping for wrist-rotation…but, I can settle for an angled fist-bump. His eyelashes and eyebrows are somewhat thick, and his eyes are a rounded almond shape. When he smiles or opens his mouth, a gap in his teeth can be noticed along with a slight overbite.

We Met Baymax at Disneyland, and His Hugs Are as Good as You'd Imagine

Hiro's super-suit is made of primarily purple with red accents and black armor, with black clothing underneath that covers most of his body up to his knees, and steel-toe black sneakers. On his suit are red magnetic pads, used to carry onto Baymax's armor for transportation and battle purposes.

hiro hamada meet and greet

Hiro's super-suit received a few alterations in the TV series. His sneakers have been replaced with black steel-toe combat boots, the pockets on his belt are obsolete, his black pants fully cover his legs and his visor is transparent orange. Powers and Abilities Unlike the rest of the team, Hiro's armor lacks any real ability, as his true power lies within his genius.

As mentioned above, however, his suit enables him to hold onto Baymax with magnetic pads whenever the robot takes flight, with him aboard, as well as partial protection from destruction. The magnetic pads can also be used to deflect or attract metallic objects. His helmet is also equipped with a communication device, enabling him contact with the rest of the team members despite their distance, if any.

With his vast intelligence, Hiro has the power to create various new concepts and inventions, often varying in scale, from a small, yet powerful, battle bot, to a state-of-the-art super suit. Not only was he able to "upgrade" both himself into a crime-fighting vigilante, but also Baymax, as well as his four closest friends, creating a series of powerful battle suits with various powers and abilities; making them a force in their own rights. Other inventions notably created by Hiro include the Microbots which were primarily used throughout the film as Yokai's source of powerBaymax's original battle suit which was equipped with karate actionprogramming chips capable of enhancing for better or worse the knowledge and personality of a robot, and Baymax himself, whom the boy genius was able to recreate in every little detail at the end of the film.

In pictures of Hiro and Tadashi, it is implied that Hiro knows martial arts, though he is never shown using martial arts in battle. Appearances Big Hero 6 A subtly cocky Hiro calmly engaging in an illegal bot fight. On one particular night, Hiro takes part in an illegal bot fight against champion Yama and leaves the battle victorious.

Out of spite, Yama and his goons try to attack Hiro, but the latter is rescued by Tadashi. Though they escape Yama and his thugs, the two brothers, along with everyone else involved in the illegal bot fights, are caught by the police and arrested. Hiro and Tadashi are released that same night on account of Cass, who takes them home, scolding them along the way.

The two are able to bypass punishment, but a frustrated Tadashi scolds Hiro on his bot-fighting obsession, wanting him to put his intelligence to better use. Hiro scoffs at the idea and makes an attempt to go to another bot fight.

Tadashi offers a ride, but instead takes his brother to his school, the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. There, Hiro meets Tadashi's closest friends: After meeting the team, Tadashi takes Hiro to his lab, where he introduces him to Baymax —a squishy white robot programmed to be a personal healthcare companion and created as a means to heal the sick and injured.

Tadashi explains that Baymax is programmed by a special healthcare chip which, according to him, makes Baymax who he is. Hiro presents the Microbots. After the introduction, the two run into Professor Callaghana world-renowned robotics expert, mentor of Tadashi, and Hiro's personal idol. With the help of Tadashi, Callaghan cunningly convinces Hiro to enroll in the institute.

According to Tadashi, the school holds an annual convention, where up-and-coming geniuses are meant to showcase new creations. Those who impress Callaghan are accepted into the school. After a long period of work and planning, with the help of Tadashi, Go Go, Wasabi, Honey, and Fred, Hiro creates the Microbots —miniature robots capable of forming anything that comes to mind through the use of a telepathic transmitter.

Hiro's presentation thoroughly impresses both Callaghan and famous tech-guru Alistair Krei. Krei offers Hiro vast wealth in exchange for ownership over the Microbots, but Callaghan interferes by accusing Krei of using technology for selfish reasons, advising Hiro to deny the offer.

After some consideration, Hiro takes Callaghan's advice and refuses to sell the Microbots. A frustrated Krei leaves the scene while Callaghan congratulates Hiro on his success by granting him admission into the school.

Hiro looks upon the horrific damage. Afterwards, the Hamada brothers walk off for alone time; in during which, Tadashi congratulates Hiro on his success, proud to see him use his genius for bigger things in life. Suddenly, the school's fire alarm goes off, prompting Tadashi and Hiro to rush to the chaos. There, they see civilians escaping the showcase hall, which was mysteriously set ablaze.

pdl-inc.info - Concept art for previously announced BIG HERO 6 meet and greet at Disneyland

One woman informs Tadashi that Callaghan is still inside the burning building, prompting him to go in after the professor. Hiro tries to stop Tadashi, but the latter rushes inside in a desperate attempt to save his mentor. Hiro tries to follow, but the building violently explodes before he could, killing Tadashi and presumably Callaghan. As a result of Tadashi's death, Hiro falls into deep depression.

Cass tries to comfort her nephew, but to no real avail. As such, Hiro remains alone in mourning within his room, ignoring both his aunt and friends. He also disregards his acceptance into San Fransokyo Tech and instead looks to rejoin the bot-fighting scene.

One day, Hiro stubs his toe and accidentally summons Baymax, who offers healthcare assistance. Hiro tries to deactivate the bot, only to stumble upon one of his Microbots, which is still active and trying to reunite with the other bots.