Hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

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hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

But when he meets Hancock, he sees another opportunity to help. But there's a suggestion that a greater force beyond Hancock and his kind lurks behind the scenes. Mary also gets shot a few times, and we see her in a hospital bed. Hancock is a American superhero comedy film directed by Peter Berg and starring Will Hancock meets Ray's family, his son Aaron, who is a fan, and his wife Mary, who to Ray and Mary that he is amnesiac and an immortal, waking up in a hospital Mike Epps makes an uncredited cameo in the post-credits scene. John Hancock (Smith) is not your ordinary superhero. relations professional who is married to Mary (Charlize Theron) and has . you enough shots to be carted off to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. There are a total of eight scenes, such as "SUV Chase," "Hancock Meets Ray," and "Hancock in Jail.

Ray is happy with his complacent lifestyle. He has a beautiful wife, an adorable son, and a challenging career. What more could he want? I say a heck of a whole lot. Ray is in need of some unconditional love. He meets a man, Hancock Will Smithwith a super-human strength that saved his life.

Unfortunately, Hancock caused a lot of destruction in the process and this made Los Angeles turn against him. To thank Hancock for saving his life, Ray invites him to his home for dinner with his family. Currently, Hancock is an alcoholic, foul-mouth, superhuman. In fact, Hancock is suspicious of the generosity.

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But he eventually comes around. Hancock finds himself making atonements to Los Angeles for his bad behavior. Hancock is trying to be patient and resist the urge to use his powers.

Ray and his family manage to convince him that Hancock is more than the sum of his parts. Suddenly, Hancock becomes the superhero that he was meant to be and starts saving lives without the destruction. Hancock is like a walk on the wild side. It has a lot of meat that you sink your teeth into.

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Anyway, while Ray is sleeping, Hancock and Mary confront each other. Things get intimate and then physical, forcing Mary to reveal her superpowers. Mary threatens to kill Hancock if he mentions it to Ray. My main question is who is going to explain the severe damage to the house?

This scene made no sense to me. They should have cut it out of the movies. Again, films are subjective. He wants to understand who he is and if Mary has anything to do with his amnesia. He leaves with the question still nagging his conscious.

Hancock clearly tells them to move because he wants to stay quiet and do his time in the jail but they didn't move. Then, Hancock sticks up one guy's head inside the other guy's anus. This scene was funny for me but knowing that this movie is rated PG, it seemed inappropriate for its rating. Not only this scene but also the use of words such as "asshole" or the f-word seemed inappropriate. I get that this movie is a "superhero" movie and to make a good amount of profit the production company needs to set it as PG as it is the sweet-money spot general viewers of heroic movies are usually kids at younger age but in my personal opinion, I would think that the movie would have been better if the movie depicted more of Hancock being just a "cock.

A group of bank robbers were holding hostages wrapped around with bombs but the police could not go near them since the robbers threatened to blow them if they get closer and that is why Hancock was needed.

So then, Hancock makes his intro to the crime scene by flying around the buildings in stealth-speed and in that scene, the BGM with loud trumpet sounds make his intro very dramatic and heroic unlike his past appearances in the movie.

In addition, Hancock is wearing his new hero outfit for the first time that was given by Ray while Hancock was in jail. Hancock's new leather jacket outfit and fancy sunglasses show that he has become a "professional" hero unlike his past as a homeless looking clumsy superpower monster. Overall, the movie showed another dimension of the heroic-movie world that all heroes aren't perfect and they do not have to wear a cape or have a funny outfit to look special. Aside from that, the BGM and the appearance of characters did a splendid job to help the viewers understand the plot and to get into the movie.

hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

I rate 8 stars out of 10 for this movie. He is constantly drunk and has an extremely sour attitude. He carelessly went about, smashing into things and causing millions of dollars in damages. On the inside, Hancock was lonely, He had been by himself for 80 years. He didn't age and he couldn't remember what he did prior to that 80 years.

He spends a majority of the movie without an identity and does not learn who he is until his former lover, Mary Charlize Theronexplains that they are angels of god that have protected the Human race for over three thousand years. Hancock spends the final portion of the movie completing the process of regaining his identity. By accepting who he is, Hancock is ultimately able to live a life with a purpose. Hancock's journey to rediscovering himself starts when he saves the life of Ray Jason Batemanyour average man.

Ray is the direct opposite of Hancock, he knows who he is and what he wants to do but does not have the tools to do it. Ray takes Hancock to his home to meet his Ray's wife, Mary. Not much is known about Mary but she tells Ray to stay away from Hancock and states that she knows guys like him, that they only lead to trouble. At this time during the movie, Hancock does not even know who he is himself but it hints that Mary already knows him.

By telling him to leave, Mary, the one person who knows Hancock's identity, becomes the greatest obstacle foo Hancock. Ray can tell that Hancock is lonely. He tells Hancock that he can help him reshape his image. A warrant for Hancock's arrest emerges and Ray tells him to go to jail for a few weeks. He says that the people of Los Angeles will want him back when crimes rates rise.

Ray accurately predicts what happens next and Hancock starts to gain the favor of the Los Angeles people. During a scene in which Mary and Hancock are alone, Hancock realizes that Mary is "different.

At this point of the movie Hancock has embraced the hero lifestyle but still does not know his past.

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After realizing that Mary is exactly the same as him he longs for closure. He then persuades her to talk to him about it. She tells him about what they are, angels sent by the gods to save people from danger, superheroes. Hancock is well on his way to rediscovering himself. He finally learns what he is but subsequently finds that he is missing another key part of himself. That key part was his relationship with Mary. Hancock's identity crisis is ultimately solved when he learns that he and Mary can't be together because they eventually turn mortal and die.

She tells him "You're built to save people, more than the rest of us. That's who you are.

hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

In this scene, the viewers can tell that Hancock is changed by her words that he was doing what he was supposed to all along, saving people. The movie resolves with him accepting that they must stay apart and he proceeds to resume his role as the world's superhero. The superheroes, while apparently being sent to earth by gods, act as gods on earth, much like how Greek and Roman gods had a human form.

The situation involving the relationship between the people of Los Angeles and Hancock is similar to that of the Greek Gods and their favor. When the people are in favor of the gods, then the gods reward them and the people are happy. When the community respects Hancock for his deeds and actions, they are rewarded with a productive endeavor by their superhero.

When Hancock was disrespected, he cared little of what for the people and often destroyed property or caused injuries. While the movie may not be suitable for kids to watch, the underlying moral that it presents can easily be applied to life.

By accepting who he is and his God-given identity, he is able to live a fulfilling life. The world today is full of identity dilemmas and social stigmas that prevent people from being who they really are. These people might not have to endure an escapade quite as life endangering as Hancock but if they want to find their true self they will experience substantial obstacles along the way. The movie implies that being true to yourself will save you from an aimless life of agony.

November 3, Hancock, the World's Most Hated Super-Hero Super heroes are loved and respected people who use their special abilities to save the world.

That statement applies to every super hero, except Hancock. Unlike your average super hero, Hancock, a consistently drunk man that isn't sure how he came into existence, spends his time wandering the city of Los Angeles "helping those in need. From the very first scene one can conclude what kind of a person Hancock is. The movie starts with him waking up on a public bench hung-over, angrily yelling at anyone who approached him.

Hancock was wearing ragged clothing to show he doesn't care about his appearance to others. He clearly had something that disturbed him emotionally, but chose to act disrespectfully to others to conceal his sadness with anger. This scene alone shows Hancock's nonchalant and disrespectful behavior towards other people. Hancock always stands up straight with his broad shoulders, showing his dominance over others. Hancock passively doesn't care about anything going on around him, but if something stands up against him, Hancock will make sure to destroy whatever it is that's in his way.

Hancock basically does whatever he wishes. Hancock has the power to never be harmed, be stronger than anyone could ever imagine, and even fly. However, he isn't sure how he scientifically received the super powers he holds. From what Hancock remembers, he just woke up in a hospital one day and was super-human. The doctors told Hancock he was rushed to the hospital after a traumatic head injury, destined to die but was miraculously healed.

hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

Hancock, estimated to never live another day, had his skull crushed by some people that jumped him. His head healed over night without any doctor's help and Hancock received super powers.

hancock and mary hospital scene from meet

This supernatural occurrence is significant in the movie because it separates Hancock with the rest of humanity, simply because no human could ever survive such an extreme incident. This miraculous recovery had one fatal flaw; Hancock had no recollection of his past. Hancock had severe amnesia to the extent that he remembered nothing previous to waking up.

This leads the viewer to temporarily interpret Hancock's past, and hold suspense for it to be later revealed. When Hancock was rushed to the hospital, no one was there to see if he was okay.

Hancock was left lying on his deathbed in an all white hospital room with nobody but himself, and was unable to even remember anything in his past. This is what brings upon the two main conflicts in the movie, Hancock's search for his past, and the search for his purpose. This conflict is what makes "Hancock" different from every other super hero movie.