How to stop being miserable in a relationship

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

Are you in an unhappy relationship and feeling stuck? Check if you're If they don't make you feel that way anymore, it's not the end of the world. If your partner . Relationships should be a source of happiness, not stress and misery. Here are 8 signs you're in an unhappy (and destructive) relationship. Aug 26, 8 Ways to Stop Feeling Miserable and Start Being Happy. When we're down we What follows are a few steps that will help to prevent you from falling into a rut of misery. By Brian Roberts . Drinks, Ranked · Relationships.

You're still with them! Accountability can be a bitch sometimes, you know? It's hard to look at things and admit that WE are responsible for our own misery.

And please, don't give me that line about how "you can't choose who you fall in love with. It's a victim's statement, pretending that life is just happening around you and that you are a mere puppet being wrongly manipulated by the Powers That Be.

That's why you ignored all the warning signs you are clearly in love with an asshole.

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

When they wouldn't return your calls or texts for hours or days. When they only called when it was convenient for them or they needed something. When you caught them sending flirty texts to someone else and then played it off like that someone else is "just a friend".

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

When they complained and complained and complained about your friends, your job, your interests, your clothes, your haircut, your attitude, your parents, and your weight. Why didn't you walk away after all that to keep your self-esteem intact? I'll tell you why. Either you assigned your self-worth to them to change for you which will NEVER happenor they offered something that addressed one of your core needs and provided it to you just often enough to keep you on the hook.

Statistically, many of you reading this are miserable in your relationship, but you stay anyway. You stay and you justify it with bullshit reasons about kids or finances, when the TRUTH is that you are just scared to leave.

You are comfortable in what's familiar and you are frozen by the fear of the unknown. And you, yes you, the person reading this shaking your head saying "No, that's not me We can all see who you are, fake smiling through family functions and pretending that things are "okay" or "good enough.

If you are with someone you are miserable with, why the hell are you with them?

8 Ways to Stop Feeling Miserable and Start Being Happy

If you're truly miserable do yourself a favor: Go home, grab that bag at the top of your closet—you know, the one with all the dust on it—and pack your shit and leave!

Life is too damn short. There are just over 7. So, whether you are looking for a man or a woman, you have about 3. Those are great odds of finding happiness. To the men who complain with statements like, "My old lady changed when we got married. You didn't see the warning signs? You didn't notice her change her behavior when you stopped taking her out? When you quit putting real effort into seducing her?

When you stopped all the little things she loved so much? And by the way, when you call her your "old lady," she might start being an asshole—with good reason. To the women who say, "I just don't get it. Stop Being A People Pleaser There's a good chance you're spending a lot of time trying to make sure everyone is happy around you. In fact, pissing some people off is often a good thing.

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It means your doing something right. Your self-worth shouldn't be dependent upon the acceptance of others. Stop Comparing Yourself You. Stop viewing others as your standard of reference or, more importantly, your standard of happiness. Stop worrying about it.

Start Living Everybody says this and I know it sounds cliche but there's still some truth to it. Most people spend their days dreaming of the future or reflecting back in nostalgia. Don't sulk in past mistakes and poor choices. What's the point if it can't be undone?

8 Ways to Stop Feeling Miserable and Start Being Happy | HuffPost Life

If you've learned from it, move on. If it can't be changed, drop it. Go grab a whiteboard, some markers and map out a big picture strategy for yourself. Don't exclusively "live in the moment" nor stay stuck in the past. Live for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

Start Talking To Yourself No, not that way unless you're fond of big, all white, padded rooms. Have you ever noticed how some people always seem to have a black cloud following them around?

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

Whenever you talk, it's like another bad thing is happening to them. Ever think that's a coincidence? How you talk to yourself is how you treat yourself.

Avoid An Unhappy Relationship: 8 Early Warning Signs to Never Ignore

Talk down on yourself, you'll feel down on yourself. Looking at things badly? Things will probably end up badly.

how to stop being miserable in a relationship

Here's the kicker though: Change the things you can change while removing yourself from the things you can't. Be Bold Don't sit around waiting for things to happen.

People that have nothing do nothing. Don't get me wrong if that's what you want, keep doing nothing. If not, step out and speak up. Determine what it is that you want out of life and go get it.