How to meet bollywood stars

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how to meet bollywood stars

Bollywood Tour in Mumbai, india, see live shootings and recordings, meet bollywood stars and click photogrspgs, mumbai city tour From Ashoka Holidays. Have a look at the list of top 10 Bollywood celebrities who are battling serious diseases. 1. Sonali Bendre Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre has. People recollect their not-so-pleasant run-ins with Bollywood stars. He was very excited to go & meet her but we didn't want to disturb her or.

The first incident is written by an anonymous user. I was upgraded to Business Class due to my frequent flyer miles and was enjoying the classy service on the flight, when I noticed a bit of rustle and hustle among the passengers who were looking with awe at the flight entrance. And walks in Ms Kaif with her entourage, now the time was when she had just struck gold by doing some hit movies and was seemingly dating Mr Khan. She made herself comfortable on her seat along with her manager beside her.

She seemed a bit tired but nevertheless as naturally beautiful as she looks on the screen. As the flight took off, her tantrums started, she was not ready to give direct instructions to the airline staff about what she wanted and directed them through her manager only.

She was probably in a bad mood and yelled at her manager a couple of times and once to an extent of saying something nasty to the airline staff. Sometime later, when the things were a bit settled down, a kid probably say around years old walked towards her from the Economy class with a pen and notebook for her autograph.

It seems she was in deep sleep and probably the kid disturbed her by calling her 'Aunty' and boy all hell was let lose. She just yelled on the poor kid, "How dare you call me Aunty? Don't you know who I am? How did you come to me? How can the staff be so irresponsible? I am gonna complain," and many more undesirable things.

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The poor kid just stood there stunned as the airline staff ran towards her rescue. The kid with tears in his eyes and probably a need for lifelong therapy ran back to his seat. After a minute or so, a Sikh gentleman walked hurriedly to the business class and toward's Ms. Her manager tried to intervene, but the gentleman just gestured her to stop and asked Ms.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and whenever I tried to have a look at Ms. Kaif, I found her sleeping with her head towards the window. Some weeks back, I was at an upmarket hotel in Los Angeles with my extended family. Through the glass wall, we saw Katrina Kaif working out inside. My year-old cousin is a huge fan of hers for all the mass-y, masala movies he watches. So we asked him to wait till she was done to approach her. After a couple of minutes, she was done with her workout.

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She looked at him with dead eyes said, "Umm Who talks to a child like that? She could have politely declined or at least thanked him for the compliment.

how to meet bollywood stars

I could literally see heartbreak on my cousin's face after she did that to him. Twinkle Khanna Mrs Funnybones too appears in this thread.

Another anonymous user writes, "I was working as a part timer in Crossword Juhu, Mumbai as a sales representative for Mattel Toys. I asked him what he wanted, he replied, "I will search for my toy" so I said, "Ok". After searching for a long time he found a toy and with a surprised look he said "I was looking for this very toy since long"!

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It was a bubble maker toy. After that he went happily running towards his Mom and I resumed my work. After sometime a fair lady with coloured hair came to me with anger written all over her face. I didn't recognize her at first but I realised later that it was Twinkle Khanna. She came to me and started yelling, "Have you shown this to him?

how to meet bollywood stars

As I was working part time with a meagre salary I got a little frustrated at her and replied, "if you have any problem you can file a complaint against my name to the manager. She said, "Do you know how much hard work is required to earn rupees!

Sonam Kapoor and sister Rhea have been spotted partying there several times. Join the right gym: Even the gym at the Marriott is high on the list. Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor have worked out there, and a lot of the younger newer hopefuls do to. Senior Bachchan works out there as well, but between 12am and 4am. Go for an early morning or late night run: Then, get ready to say hi to Ranbir Kapoor, who could be out for a spin.

Even otherwise, when Salman's in town, he rides around Bandstand in the early hours. Visit celebrity salons and nail bars: Farhan Akhtar's wife Audhuna is the owner of B: Blunt Khar and Juhuso you can expect to find celebrities here. Aamir Khan happens to be one of them. Also, heroines are obsessed with their nails and everyone from Kareena Kapoor to Sushmita Sen get nail extensions done from Glory's in Bandra.

They usually happen to be the last appointments, around 9pm. Support their NGOs or causes: Stars believe in charity. So if you volunteer at one of their NGOs either one started by them or one they supportthen you definitely have a chance to interact with them. Celina Jaitley supports the gay parade, so you can walk alongside her literally.

how to meet bollywood stars

The actress is currently undergoing treatment in New York. The actress news has sent shock to many. His illness came as a shock to many.

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The actor is still under recovery and is currently in London undergoing treatment. Manisha Koirala The beautiful actress Manisha Koirala, who has delivered many hits in her film career was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Manisha was years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent the treatment in New York and ever since her diagnosis, she has been very brave about it.

Now she is completely healthy and energetic. Shah Rukh Khan The King Khan of Bollywood underwent eight shoulder surgeries which including his ribs, ankle, knee, neck, eye and shoulder. He has long been suffering from a weak arm and back-pain. This is why, a doctor always present on his sets to attend to him immediately in case of any mishaps.

Sonam Kapoor Many of us don't know that fashion icon of Bollywood Sonam Kapoor has long struggled with diabetes.

how to meet bollywood stars

It is believed that she has this disease since her teenage.