How to meet a perfect neighbor review

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor: Episode 1 Recap – Raine's Dichotomy

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor Poster. Baek Soo Chan has nothing in his hands but he .. User Reviews. Review this title». Getting Started | Contributor Zone. by: Raine I have decided to undertake another blog responsibility and recap How to Be a Perfect Neighbor. I'm going to try to post two a. This show started off really strong. What the blurbs don't tell you is this is actually a murder mystery. The very first scene shows a woman being.

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Raine — There was a lot of cute and a whole lot of heaviness in this episode. Soo-chan was the star and my heart pulled for him. Although Soo-chan obviously knows Yeon Soo-yeon, he denies knowing her. Duk-gil is surprised by this and the detectives are skeptical. Soo-chan spent twenty years with her in his hometown. How can he not know her? However, Soo-chan continues to deny that he knows her and leaves.

Soo-chan is driving like a madman, remembering Soo-yeon smiling at him flirtatiously. His thoughts distract him from the road and he almost collides with an oncoming car.

The kids come out of school. Then comes the sweetest moment in the whole episode. Duk-gil scoops the boy into his arms and gives him a big kiss. A father is who raised a child with love, structure and values. This man is a father. Anywho, he takes Go-ni out to eat. Go-ni wanted to bring Ye-seul, who he thinks is cute, but a pensive Duk-gil wanted time with his son. My heart is breaking for him. After a long day, Yoon-hee heads on home and gets a call to deliver chicken to Ye-seul.

Is Yoon-hee a delivery service? The bar she usually drinks at sells chicken and she runs into Soo-chan who is drowning his sorrows in soju. Be quiet, please, he begs. The family calls, demanding their chicken and she heads off, but not before glancing back at a severely depressed Soo-chan. She thinks the female professor should treat him better after he gave her his mind and body.

When Yoon-hee gets home, her family rags on her for being late and drinking…again. But they instantly forget about that when she says that Soo-chan lost his job. Sun Woo and Mi-hee are shocked. How could he deny knowing Soo-yeon? Is he even human? Mi-hee, who was coming to check on Soo-chan, rushes over and stops the fight. She is furious with Duk-gil who should be comforting Soo-chan about the loss of his job.

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

Soo-chan has had enough and pushes them off. He heads inside with Mi-hee shouting syrupy words of support. Duk-gil comes in and asks again how he can deny knowing her. The people of the town said that they grew up together. Soo-yeon also worked with Myung-hee over ten years ago. That is news to Soo-chan who demands to know what it has to do with him. You are our prime suspect. Give us an alibi.

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Of course, all of this was witnessed by Na Ha-ni who rushes home to tell her husband, Young-jae. He says to keep quiet and not to tell the neighborhood busybodies.

But this is the best part: He wants to know if he really killed Soo-yeon. Predictably, Ha-ni runs off to tell the ahjummas. Widower Kim Dae-shik comes out for the paper as Ha-ni explains that Myung-hee had pictures of Soo-chan on her computer. Dae-shik finds Soo-chan and decks him, demanding to know what kind of relationship he had with his wife.

A blindsided Soo-chan fervently denies any relationship and Sun Woo comes to the rescue.

Jinsight Reviews: How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor

He sinks to the ground, sobbing. Sun Woo immediately goes to Dae-shik to explain that her granddaughter saw Myung-hee taking photos of Soo-chan when she went to fetch her ball from his yard. As if it is possible, he becomes even more heartbroken, wondering why his wife had pictures of another man. The next morning, everyone is off to work and starting their days. Soo-chan greets everyone, but they all shun him, including Yoon-hee. He meets the female professor at a restaurant to ask for an alibi, but she refuses.

There is no such thing as a secret, she says. Joon-suk invites Yoon-hee to dine with him and shares his food and utensils.

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

But she is hesitant to take his utensils so instead, she makes a lettuce wrap. He enjoys her enjoyment with a smile.

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

Then, she offers him a lettuce wrap and leans over to shove it in his mouth, but he balks. Go Hye-mi, aka Evil, has witnessed it all and when they notice, the mood noticeably dampens. Yoon-hee quickly takes her leave and Joon-suk invites Evil to sit. Feeling humiliated, she comments that he seems close with his secretary and then, citing a sudden lack of hunger, leaves him alone.

Outside the office, Yoon-hee bumps into Evil while bringing them tea and receives a warning. Secretaries have been fired for less. Beware company gossip and conduct yourself accordingly. In attempt to better her chances with Joon-suk, Evil visits his mother to gather information.

She only began to relate to him after the scandal he had with the actress. She was forced to marry him, a servant, because her fiance had died and her family wanted her to be secure. The servant was poor but wise. However, he had his share of mistresses and that made for a strained marital relationship. The president had married for money. Mi-hee continues to drink, how accompanied by a sorrowful Jewish melody played on a clarinet.

She fantasizes that she is his new Isadora, the woman who shook his soul the most. Alcohol plus delusions equals legal insanity. Fetching more alcohol for her depressed sister, Yoon-hee happens upon Duk-gil as he is trying to explain that he is not feeling well to a Cambodian shop lady.

The two Koreans decide that he should do the trusty finger prick and Duk-gil ropes a squeamish Yoon-hee into doing it for him. Thus, a tentative friendship is born. Enter the real drama: Yoon-hee is walking back to her room and hears the female professor talking to her husband, assuring him that she is alone.

Just moments later, she passes jebi Professor Baek talking to a friend about how he fools women in order to get what he wants, becoming whoever they need him to be. Yoon-hee walks over and slaps him across the face. He is incredulous and they exchange words. But her meaning is clear: When cheating hottie professor shows up, she and the jebi mosey off together.

Back the the murder. How does this fit into the storyline?

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

It seems to be completely out of place. What she does care about is the kimchi that Yoon-hee packed opened in the suitcase and stained her clothes. Yoon-hee is stuck washing them. Then, poor, awkward Duk-gil bombs his marriage meetings because of his bumbling speech and behavior. It is witnessed by the pair of professors eating lunch nearby. Soo-chan takes it upon himself to advise Duk-gil to smile and agree to everything.

Stalker frets and Yoon-hee glares.

how to meet a perfect neighbor review

Jump to a temple where stalker and her slave dongsaeng are not so stealthily trailing the professors. Yoon-hee wanders off by herself and witnesses a couple fighting. She slaps the man and turns to leave, but not before spotting an admiring Yoon-hee.

More stalking via golf carts and boats, which sends Mi-hee into another drinking episode. She ends up stumbling over to the professor and fawning over him as the hottie professor glares. Yoon-hee saves the day by restraining her sister. The marriage hopefuls are drinking to celebrate their successful meetings — all save uri pitiful Duk-gil. They rag on him and he drinks even more, prompting him to eventually find a nice grassy spot to empty the alcoholic contents of his stomach.

Yoon-hee, on an errand to fetch more liquor for her pathetically melancholy sister, runs into Professor Baek. She just had to listen to Mi-hee pour her heart out — she really loves the douche-y professor despite all. Now, I actually pity the woman. And so does Yoon-hee, who speaks formally to the professor for the first time, imploring him to treat her sister well.

How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor Review (SPOILERS)

She has lots of money and bought three sets of lingerie for him. He laughs at her. She takes back speaking formally to him and walks away. Duk-gil has witnessed it all and marches over to slap Soo-chan upside the head. They see two kids sharing a sweet potato and reflect back to their childhood when they did the same thing. Next, we find how that not only did Soo-chan steal money, but a cow as well. He changes the topic by reminding Duk-gil to smile and nod no matter what happens in his next marriage interview.

We are beginning to see the deep camaraderie between them despite their troubles. Back at the hotel room, Yoon-hee discovers that her sister is nowhere to be found. This, of course, leads to falling in and Soo-chan coming to the rescue.

But he comes to the rescue in more ways than one.