How to have an unconditional relationship

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how to have an unconditional relationship

Dec 5, According to the book Real Love, unconditional love is, in essence, true love and create relationships quite beyond our present capacity to imagine. Unconditional love allows you to love yourself first, so that you have the. Nov 30, Is it possible to get what you need emotionally and sexually in a relationship with your man while still accepting him entirely for who he is? Yes. If you let those feelings of hurt or disappointment take over – your marriage will suffer. You will create a rift in your relationship. So, you have to make a choice.


One partner never feels happy and content in the relationship because they are looking to the other person to perform the impossible. And the other partner feels unappreciated and overwhelmed by the inexhaustible emotional demands and needs of the other.

how to have an unconditional relationship

They are in a perpetual stand-off of neediness and frustration leading to disengagement in the relationship. Lasting relationships simply cannot be built upon a partnership in which one or both people are seeking a host organism to provide emotional and psychological nourishment. Lasting relationships require unconditional love. But this is not unconditional love. This is co-dependent love.

It's not grounded in a healthy foundation of self-respect and respect for the unique individual sharing the relationship with you. What is unconditional love? Unconditional love in a relationship begins with oneself.

To set the foundation for a lasting, healthy relationshipyou must first have a strong sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. This doesn't mean you never have emotional difficulties or don't need support and extra attention at times. But you do need to feel generally good about yourself, to like yourself, and to recognize the positive qualities you bring to a relationship.

It also means you can stand on your own two feet as an individual without requiring a romantic partner to define you or complete you. You can be together with someone and still remain fully yourself — as a person you like and respect. If you need to improve your self-esteem or don't feel confident in yourself as a capable, valuable person, then your relationship will suffer. Your insecurities will have an impact on your partner and on your mutual happiness.

how to have an unconditional relationship

The best thing you can do for your relationship is to learn to love yourself. Offering unconditional love to yourself means you are able to view yourself as lovable and worthy — in spite of any perceived flaws or past mistakes. You can read more about self-love in this post. Within the relationship itself, unconditional love is the ability to love the other person as they are in their essence.

If you have fallen in love with this person and want to build a lasting relationship with them, then you must view them as a unique individual — not as an extension of yourself.

Unconditional Love: The Key To Lasting Relationships

Unconditional love is necessary for a strong marriage. Are you practicing unconditional love in your marriage? Here are some questions to consider: Do you support your spouse, or do you see his or her weaknesses as projects to fix? Are you afraid to be honest because your spouse might not accept you? There is a huge difference between unconditional love and conditional love.

Unconditional Love: The Key To Lasting Relationships

Conditional love blames a person, expects things in return and asks for more. Unconditional love accepts the person, expects nothing in return and sacrifices. I will always love you, even in the tough times. What do you do with what you know about your spouse?

how to have an unconditional relationship

Do you tease your spouse with hurtful words? Worse, do you tease your spouse with hurtful words in front of others?

how to have an unconditional relationship

Do you put your spouse down? Do you withhold your love until your spouse corrects certain faults? If you answered yes to a majority of these questions, you are loving conditionally and creating a huge fault line that can, at any moment, open up and become a large chasm between you.

Conditional love creates a marriage in which each spouse is more concerned with getting his or her own way, instead of showing their spouse grace and love.

how to have an unconditional relationship

Your response and connection to your spouse are crucial to the health of your marriage and family. Your expression of unconditional love and acceptance is the force that will hold you together in the midst of the testing times in your marriage. Your standing with each other in the painful times as well as the good times is one of the primary elements of a great marriage. Giving your spouse the security of your unwavering love requires grace, patience, affirmation of the good things, encouragement, respect and time.

You need it, your spouse needs it and your marriage needs it. How to love unconditionally Here are some tips on how to keep your dream marriage alive. Talk through the issues.