How to become a relationship life coach

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how to become a relationship life coach

Most athletes wouldn't reach their true potential without a coach. He pushes them , motivates them, inspires them and helps them develop the skills and. Now, how do you go about becoming a relationship coach and what do you we can all relate to; we have all been in bad relationships at one point in our life. Become a Relationship Coach in weeks. As a Certified Singles Relationship Coach you can help singles change the way they approach life and dating.

How to Be a Life & Relationship Coach |

If you are not aware of this, I had a dating company. SaiFai Dating, which helped men and women from around the world to meet, converse and date the partners of their dreams. I can speak from experience here; it is one of the most empowering feelings in the world when you see your clients make lasting and fulfilling relationships. The pinnacle of this feeling was when I attended the wedding of one of my students who met his wife through my dating program.

how to become a relationship life coach

That was truly surreal to watch. Now, how do you go about becoming a relationship coach and what do you need to do in order to become one?

how to become a relationship life coach

This guide will help you answer all those questions. So, put on your seat belt, and let the ride begin! What is a relationship coach?

Want to Study Life Coaching? Here's What Relationship Coaches Do

So how do you define a relationship coach? It could be intimate, family, and friends, professional. It can come in any form and it can affect us in lots of ways. Fortunately, this is something that we can all relate to; we have all been in bad relationships at one point in our life. It could be a relationship with your parents, your friends; God knows we have all been in some sort of a bad intimate relationship with our partners and our ex-partners. A relationship coach helps guide us through this storm and help us embark on a land where we can find more meaningful and powerful relationships.

What does a relationship coach do? There are a lot of things that a relationship coach can do. You need to talk to your clients and find out what is their goal regarding their relationships and what are the challenges that they are facing.

You will notice that most of these challenges are self-inflicted. As a relationship coach, you can give them a trusty confidant with whom they can communicate and address their fears regarding relationships.

Many people have these assumptions that they have inside their head. When it comes to men who are not getting any dates, they assume that that is because they are updateable and not attractive. This even worse with women who are single and think that they are going to die alone because they have many flaws. Most often than not, they are just a self-inflicted obstacle. As a relationship coach, you can help them identify the fact that they are their biggest enemies, and once they realize that, they can find healthy relationships.

Some of your clients might be seeking your help because they are being exploited in a relationship. It is very common to see relationships where someone is being exploited sexually, monetarily, etc.

how to become a relationship life coach

The sad part about this is that even though they know that they are being exploited they go ahead with it anyway because they feel that that is the only way they will ever get intimacy. Decide if you want to specialize in a certain area of life and relationship coaching.

Taking courses outside of those accredited by this nonprofit association could limit your eventual certification. To become a certified coach, you need hours of coach-specific training, knowledge of ICF core competencies and a passing grade on the ICF exam. Enlist the help of friends to practice your coaching skills. Besides the hours and passing grade on the ICF exam, you must complete six sessions of observed coaching to earn certification.

Launch a website for your business, making it easier for potential clients to find you. They help their clients acquire new skills; help change their outlook; accept responsibility for their "part" in their relationships; reframe negative thinking; and modify behavior patterns that sabotage their relationships.

What Training is required to be a Relationship Coach?

Become A Relationship Coach

Relationship Coaching is an advanced level of coach training and requires the coach to acquire specific skills, processes and techniques that are unique to working with their clients Singles, Couples, Parents, etc. It is recommended that you begin your training in the area of relationships that you are drawn to, so you can focus on the skills you need for that client group. Then, once you have established your relationship coaching business, you may want to add additional coach training to enhance your client offerings.

how to become a relationship life coach

As an example, a coach who wishes to focus on working with clients going through Divorce, would initially take ICA's Divorce Recovery Coach training, followed by our Singles Relationship Coach training.