How to act nonchalant in a relationship


how to act nonchalant in a relationship

This is a deadly trait that can ruin a relationship or marriage, no matter your partner and you give nothing in return, you are a nonchalant partner. it would make you act like you don't really love your partner, even when you. People will not want to be in a relationship with someone who makes Adopt a nonchalant attitude in your dealings with people, and they will. I don't really feel that comfortable around him, and I'm often not sure how to act around him. My feelings for him are complicated, confusing, and.

A person who wants to appear like a bad boy might get a tattoobuy dark clothes or get a motorbike. All of these actions were done to help him project his new identity to himself and to the world being a bad boy. Some of the identities people try to project requires them to become nonchalant. Some people for example believe that strong people don't care about anything and as a result they start to act like they don't care about anything in order to project that identity.

There is no way out In my previous article What causes indifference i explained how people lose motivation to reach their important goals when they believe that they can't reach them.

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I put on this facade of being nonchalant and detached when I'm around this person I'm dating. Why do I do this, and how do I stop? September 17, 2: I've been dating this guy for about two months now, and, for a variety of reasons, I still don't really feel comfortable around him.

More specifically, I don't really feel comfortable around him when we're not either making out or having sex. The physical stuff comes naturally for us, but it seems like nothing else does or so it seems to me--it doesn't seem to bother him as much.

Recently, he told me that I give off a vibe that's cold and brusque and that it's off-putting. I wasn't really surprised because I knew that I was acting this way around him, but now that he's pointed it out, I've realized just how stupid it is, and I want to stop doing it.

Let me clarify a few things first. I don't withhold physical affection--that's not what I mean by being detached and nonchalant. I can't really think of any other specific examples off the top of my head, but you get the idea. So why do I do this?

how to act nonchalant in a relationship

This is what I think. I don't really feel that comfortable around him, and I'm often not sure how to act around him. My feelings for him are complicated, confusing, and somewhat threatening. I'm not sure what is going on between us--are we dating? Is it just casual sex? Is this going somewhere?

And I feel like I don't really know him which is kind of the same thing as not really feeling comfortable around him, I guess. Because of all of the above, I default to a self-protective mode, which, for some reason, the irrational part of my brain thinks is pretending to be nonchalant and cold and, evidently, brusque.

I know that my behavior is irrational, counterproductive, and pointless. It's not as if by pretending not to care, I could actually make myself not care. And it's clearly not helping our relationship.

But I don't know how to stop.

how to act nonchalant in a relationship

It's really easy for me to analyze everything right now, but I know that the next time I see him, I'm going to feel compelled to hide again.

What am I hiding from? Am I just crazy? Oh, I do this a lot when around people I desperately want to like me. I think it comes from not wanting to get hurt.

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If you're detached and nonchalant, then you don't hold a strong opinion that can be rejected. I'd make a conscious effort to be enthusiastic about things you care about around this guy.

It may take some time and feel a little forced at first, but practice builds habit. I think at the root of it is the fact that from the very first meeting, they feel like they have to put on a show for the guy -- projecting some perfect version of themselves that they hope will snag his interest. Waller developed the theory after observing many dating couples at Penn State, where he noticed that romantic partners usually had unequal degrees of emotional involvement.

How to master the art of being nonchalant in a relationship.

He claimed that if the inequity became too large, one partner would be in a position to exploit the other emotionally.

In fact, although the concept was articulated specifically to relate to relationships, it has over time become an economic principle as well, applied frequently to negotiation and marketing strategy. In her recent book Hooking Up: She states that in the college hookup scene, men are the least interested in participating in exclusive relationships.

In contrast, women in her study were focused on trying to turn hookups into boyfriends. While there are exceptions, this means that most women enter new romantic encounters in a one-down position. I am consistently amazed at how even guys who are not sweet believe that they hold all the cards.

They act like sex gods, assuming that women are trying to trap them into relationships. To add insult to injury, many women tolerate boyfriends who treat them badly and are crap in the sack. What are the options available to women who want to be in control of their personal relationships?

Hard to Get, i. The Rules The most common approach is for women to play hard to get, casting themselves in the role of Least Interested Party to gain the upper hand.

The theory goes that by seeming difficult to attain, men will put forth more effort. This approach has several advantages. You are not constantly getting crushed by jerks. On the other hand, this approach can lead straight to the dating desert.