How do i meet bill gates

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how do i meet bill gates

Inside the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates, who met at work, live in a $ million home, and will leave their children only a small fraction of. Want to email Bill Gates an important message? Find out his email address, whether your message will be read and if you can expect a reply. You can meet him through multiple ways. He does a lot of charity work so best bet is through it 1. Invent something that will help people of Africa or any other.

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how do i meet bill gates

His parents didn't believe in placid games, without a winner, where everyone gets a medal, just for taking part. They preferred healthy competition and were happy encourage their children's competitive nature, in the hope of instilling a strong desire to succeed.


In one of his executives recalled that after beating Bill at a game, the next time they met, a month later, Bill had done his homework, studying the game until he had solved it, going on to win or tie every game they played after that. Now that's a competitive spirit. The second advert saw Bill buying discount shoes with the sitcom star and using a store card, featuring a real life Bill Gates mugshot, taken infor driving without a license and driving through a red light.


They selfishly steal Grandma's place at the table, fend off requests for financial advice and generally act as a disruptive force, while flogging Microsoft's brand. Watch the results below. Acting may not be his thing, but dredging up that mugshot shows Mr Gates is a man who isn't afraid to at least laugh at himself.


Mr Gates, once a Harvard law student, deflected, dodged and generally riled up prosecutors to such a point, that even the judge stifled a giggle or two. In the end, this led to outright laughter in the courtroom. Upon reflection, Bill Gates said: Whatever that penalty is should be levied against me: But why stop there?

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  • A. There are three ways you can create a Gates Notes account:

Inspired by noted philanthropist, David Rockefeller, Bill decided to give back to the world in a serious way. Through his and his wife's foundation, one of the world's wealthiest charities, Bill and Melinda Gates have the clout, resources, and connections to tackle major global issues that face the world today.

Their philosophy is a simple one that appeals to all of mankind: The foundation works to reduce inequality by ensuring that more young people survive and thrive, empowering the poorest people to transform their lives, combat deadly infectious diseases and to inspire other people to take action to change the world also.

Bill's donations are so sizable, at times they have toppled his position as the world's richest man. A title he reportedly dislikes, due to the intense media attention it brings him.

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Over the years, I've refined my original system and adapted it to use new technology. It's fair to say that I've built my career around being the "guy who get just about anybody on the phone," as one editor put it. Over the past two years, I've been sharing this system with a few people and they've gotten the same excellent results that I've gotten over the years. If you're committed to using email to build new contacts and opportunities, you may want to sign up for my free news http: Meanwhile, here are some pointers: Do massive research first.

The more you know about a person, the easier it will be to connect with them. Don't just check out the VIP's bio; use the Internet to dig deep and get a true sense of the person and his or her interests.

how do i meet bill gates

You may discover something useful, like you know somebody who knows that person well. But even if you just get a vivid sense of their personality, you're far more likely to to find a way to intrigue them to want to meet with you. Get somebody who knows them to email them. Then you'll get the VIP attention that you deserve. Keep it really simple When writing these types of emails, many people seem to think "I'll only have one chance if the VIP opens the email, I've need to cram everything into one email.