How did they meet the mother

So how DID Ted finally meet the mother?

how did they meet the mother

Luckily, they didn't meet then, because Ted was generally being a jerk that evening after having recently recovered from his breakup with Robin; and he'd have. Their meet-up was the catalyst for Barney realizing he wants to be with Robin no matter how hard it is, so really, the Mother is responsible for. It WAS? Shouldn't it have been called How I Met your STEP mother so? (Many a fan has said that, I very much stole that line.) The final moments then saw old.

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So how DID Ted finally meet the mother? Although, we've all known her this good while, as she has featured heavily in flash forwards, and she's pretty much been meeting everybody BUT Ted in the final series. We knew it would be the train station, we knew the yellow umbrella would be involved, hell, we knew how Ted would eventually propose to his future wife, but this week we got to see the moment Ted first met the mother of his children, and that was everything we could have hoped for.

how did they meet the mother

He first claps eyes on her at Barney and Robin's wedding reception where she was playing in the band, and later at the train station, they get chatting under this famous yellow umbrella. Endearing banter is had, looks are exchanged, and as Lily herself said the next day, this one seems different.

We then get to see how all their lives plan out together, Lily and Marshall go on to have three kids, Barney and Robin fail to go the distance and divorce after three years, with Robin then going awol from the gang for some time.

Barney gets some young one knocked up and ends up finally finding the love of his life when he meets his baby daughter. We know that Ted and Tracy the mother's name was finally revealed have two kids, Penny and Luke, who Ted is of course telling the story to in later years. And then the final minutes came, and we heard the news we had been coming to expect - his wife Tracy, the mother of his children, had in fact died - and some time ago too.

The camera finally turns around in the room we have seen him talking to his children in all these years, and there is older Ted sitting there, and NOT Bob Saget Bays and Thomas also did not want a large casting call.

how did they meet the mother

Milioti filmed her first scene for the last episode of season 8 having never watched How I Met Your Mother before. She only learned of the character's importance after binge watching the show during the summer. After the funeral service, she returns to the apartment to open Max's last gift to her — a ukulele. The Mother spends the next few years grieving the passing of the man she believes was her one true love. In " No Tomorrow ", Ted finds the umbrella at a club and takes it home after attending a St.

Patrick's Day party which she also attended, as it had been two and a half years since Max's death.

how did they meet the mother

She is still grieving, but Kelly encourages her to go out and date again, bringing her to the same bar where Barney Stinson Neil Patrick Harris and Ted are celebrating. The two women run into Mitch Adam Paulher old orchestra instructor; The Mother offers to give Mitch her cello for his work at a school and they head to her apartment.

Mitch tries to seduce her with a move called " The Naked Man ", but she turns him down. Whilst Mitch is still naked, prompting the Mother to crack some jokes at him, they sit on her couch and start talking.

how did they meet the mother

That is when Mitch encourages her to pursue her dreams. The Mother expresses her desire to end poverty by taking up economics in college.

But in the first episode of season 5, " Definitions ", it is revealed that he was actually in the wrong classroom — Economics instead of Architecture. At the same time in " How Your Mother Met Me ", the Mother sits her first session in Economics and meets another graduate student named Cindy Rachel Bilsonwhom she offers to move in with her as her roommate.

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They see Ted enter the room, but when he announces the subject, The Mother thinks she is in the wrong room and runs off. She heads back to the room after seeing Ted scramble to his actual classroom. Throughout the episode, Ted notes that Cindy had spent most of their first date talking jealously about her roommate. When in Cindy and the mother's apartment he picks up many of The Mother's belongings, attempting to show how compatible he and Cindy are thinking the items are Cindy's and glimpses the mother's foot as she disappears into her room after taking a shower.

Ted finds out at this time that she plays bass guitar in a band. Ted forgets to take the yellow umbrella with him when he goes out and Future Ted mentions, "this is how your mother got her yellow umbrella back. As she tried to console her, Cindy said that she was a much better match for Ted, and began to lovingly list all of the reasons that Ted would find the mother attractive, before spontaneously kissing her, revealing that her jealousy towards her roommate was actually a crush.

While this incident made Cindy realise that she is a lesbianit also made the Mother decide to go back into dating, as the kiss was her first in a long time. Some time after this, a man named Darren Andrew Rannells approaches The Mother and is welcomed into her band named Superfreakonomics. Darren gradually takes over the band. In the episode " False Positive " Robin asks Ted to be her future best man, should she ever get married. In the episode " Challenge Accepted ", it is revealed that Ted meets the mother of his children the day of Barney's wedding.

In the last episode of season 7, " The Magician's Code " it is shown that Barney will marry Robin, and Ted will meet the mother "the day of" their wedding.

"How I Met Your Mother" series finale recap: How did it all end?

On the premiere of season 8, Ted's wife appears after Barney and Robin's wedding, outside at the " Farhampton " station while holding a yellow umbrella and her bass guitar. In the season 8 episode " Band or DJ? The end result of the encounter is that Cindy's now ex- roommate's band plays at Barney and Robin's wedding.

Later at MacLaren's Pub, she tells him she's not yet ready to date.