How did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

La La Anthony, Carmelo’s Wife: 5 Facts You Need to Know |

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

Alani Nicole "La La" Anthony (née Vázquez; born June 25, ) is a Puerto Rican/American . LaLa Vasquez on IMDb · Meet the Vjs · Read MTV's profile of La La on · LaLa Vazquez interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Sirius. Jul 9, As Carmelo considers leaving the Knicks for a new team, meet the woman New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is married to La La Anthony. say in her husband's decision, La La, whose maiden name is Vazquez, said, “Of course. Kim tweeting, “Celebrating @Ciara's baby shower today with @lala. Feb 25, MBM: How did you and your husband Carmelo Anthony meet? LALA: We met through a mutual friend DJ Clue. I was hosting a show on MTV.

I want to make the right choices. I want him to be proud of his mom and dad and the decisions we make. You totally just have a different perspective on things.

What made you decide to get married after 7 years of being in a relationship? It was something we never really talked about.

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

Then Kiyan was old enough to figure out what was going on. We lived together, we have a great relationship…so once we started having the conversation, it happened. Are you planning on changing your last name? Legally I already changed my last name. Eventually, anything is a natural progression.

Things You Didn't Know About Carmelo Anthony And LaLa's Marriage And Separation

The dynamics of the relationship are the same, because we have been together for so long. Especially after all the speculation and people saying it would never happen.

Overall, the relationship is the same. How has Kiyan responded to the wedding? Anything you would have done differently with regards to your wedding?

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

Looking back, it was the best time I could have ever imagined. It was the best time ever.

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

I had so much fun, so not at all. What was your biggest challenge in planning your wedding? The hardest thing was the guest list. When it was all said and done we went way over our projected number.

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

We love to be couch potatoes and watch movies and tv and hang out. And continuing to audition and take my acting classes to break into the acting side as best I can. Has acting been a passion of yours? This movie with Val Kilmer and 50 Cent is a good re-introduction into the film world. Congrats on your success with your VH1 Reality show. We were going to bed," La La recalled to Page Six. And then he just surprised me and pulled out a ring asking me to marry him. But, six years and one child later, the couple tied the knot in a lavish wedding in July Melo's Pregnant Mistress via thegrio.

The woman in the middle of the couple's split was identified as Mia Angel Burks. Burks is a graduate of Northwestern University with a master's degree in health communication. Moreover, Burks' main job is a Chicago-based educator, not a stripper.

Carmelo and La La Anthony’s Relationship Timeline |

Melo and Mia first met in a Chicago nightclub. Although Melo isn't percent Puerto Rican, he continues to wear his Latin pride on the his sleeve Melo has dished about his Puerto Rican heritage in previous interviews.

People are definitely starting to recognize that. I'm still trying to get that message out there, to let them know that I'm one of them and part of that community too. Melo continues to treasure the book of poetry that his dad left behind and even tries to read the handwritten poems. The Couple Have A Prenup via lifeandstylemag. The couple reportedly has a prenuptial agreement from before they tied the knot in She has also been working as an actress and producer.

Chris Rock Isn't Welcome via tvone. Rock proceeded to express his feelings towards the reality star.

how did lala vazquez and carmelo anthony meet

The Couple's Age Difference via latimes. LaLa is the older person in the relationship.

LaLa Vazquez & Carmelo Anthony @ Pantages Theatre in Hollywood!

She's 38 years old. There's a five-year gap, which isn't enough for her to be qualified as a cougar, but she's still older than her man. Obviously, we're not going to bring up stereotypes, but maybe this has something to do with the fact that Melo allegedly cheated on her.

Who else would cheat on a seemingly intelligent and independent woman for a cheap fling? The couple were married for seven years before deciding to part ways.