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James Franco talks dating, says he's 'shy' around women -

Jul 21, End of term: James Franco reveals split with girlfriend Ahna O'Reilly - saying his studies got in the way of the relationship. Spider-Man star James Franco has confirmed that he and girlfriend Ahna O'Reilly have gone their separate ways after five years together. Scroll down to see. Jun 8, James Franco is an American actor who is famously known for his Ahna O'reilly and James Franco were in a relationship from April of to July of But he owed up to the mistake, he said he was just trying to meet. The Raven is a American Universal horror film directed by Lew Landers and starring Boris .. dave williams - Le Macabre Coffee House, Soho, London.

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Minimum Must present coupon upon purchase. Offer expires charges apply to outlying areas. In addi tion, she was also walking with her back to oncoming trafc. The inv estigation into the accident is still underway, so theres no answer as to whether changing either one of those things would hav e made a difference Monday night. Bueno said many drivers who are involved in such collisions are distracted in some way H e also advised following the r ules w e learned as children, and looking left, right and then left again before crossing the street to make sure its clear.

Bueno also advised limiting cell phone and music player use, limiting alcohol con sumption when you know y oure going to be walking near trafc, always stopping before crossing the street and checking for dr ivers tur ning right on a r ed light. F or motorists, Bueno advised not using a cell phone and, if one had to use one asking a passenger to do so instead or pulling over to the side of the r oad and stopping.

In addition, he said motorists should look carefully before backing up, yield to pedestrians, avoid parking or stopping in cr osswalks obey speed limits and come to complete stops at lights or stop signs and put a good amount of distance between the vehicle and any bikers or pedestrians.

For bikers, Bueno advised wearing a helmet, not r iding against tr afc, obeying pedestrian laws wher e necessar y, having the right lights on the bike at night and not wearing music player headphones. For the last 18 years, the festival has tried to bring a bit of fall atmosphere to residents at The Palms as well as all Highlands County residents.

The nearly 4-foot wide hole has been roped o and is just a few feet from the recreational trail that runs parallel to Hammock Road, so drivers and those using the trail should e xercise caution in the area until the hole, which likely was caused by the recent heavy rainfall, is lled. I I,A3occurred outside of daylight hours.

For further inlormation on combating pedestrian deaths m it1 1 1 1 D I ,LWe know changing banks mayseem overwhelming. If you're ready to make the switchto Wauchula State Bank,We're here to help you! By the s, for example, the stores around Sebrings historic Circle were mostly empty, and people stopped coming.

The city council took various steps over the years to bring it back to life. The long-term goal is to create a heart for the city, creating a mixed use center including both business and residenc es a place where entertainment, food and shopping would be available in the evening as well as during the day. Creating the Community Redevelop ment Agency helped, as did the mer chants banding together into what was rst called the Do wnto wn Merchants and is now known as the Business Alli ance.

The CRA dev eloped nancial incentives to draw businesses downtown. C asey Wohl, whose business is Gray Dog Communications, was contracted to promote downtown. Wohl joined with Lora Todd, a busi ness owner on the Circle, to form Push E v ent Productions to create and or ganize special events bringing people do wnto wn.

Anyone who has visited Sebrings Cir cle lately will have noticed a signicant difference for the better. New busi nesses have opened. Pedestrian trafc, while not as heavy as w e d like, has im proved. Buildings are being painted and cleaned, the par k has been landscaped, plants and trees added along side streets. Former Sebring street lights, now antique, were found, restored and installed. It seems a shame to lose momentum right when things are coming together.

There is a real chance of losing ground if the City Council and the Business Al liance give up now. M oney as in who contributes how much, is the main issue. The city coun cil voted last month against appropriat ing more tax dollars to help Push Event P r oductions with the expenses of the special events.

The News-Sun believes that decision was short sighted. Fighting blight is a complicated proposition that has to be supported by the entire communi ty over the long haul. All taxpayers benet from revitalizing the historic Cir cle, even those who live behind Harder H all, or hav e a business in the Lake shore Mall. Developing Sebring into a destination is good for ev er yone. We also believe the Business Alliance has to continue to contribute, whether in cash, sweat equity or in-kind dona tions.

J ust as we believe its unfair to take all the personal time and money Push Event Productions puts into special events for granted. The city council should be leading the way, thinking big, not small; keeping its collective eye on creating tomorrows rewards by investing today. Glen Nickerson President glen. We reserve the right to edit letters for length, content, clarity and libel.

Submission of a letter does not guarantee publication. All letters should include name, address and phone number. Anonymous let ters will be rejected. T wo letters per month per writer are allowed. Guest columns may be submitted once a month. All letters and guest columns are the opin ion of the writer, not necessarily those of the News-Sun staf f. Submissions can be made via two methods: The upshot is I am a big fan of tech nology.

I can t remember the last time I spent a day totally away from tech. As a writer and a gamer, I bond with my trusty laptop for more hours than Id like to calculate. When circumstances force me away fr om the keyboar d, I still have a cell phone and iPod to play with.

Like many of you, when I am out in public I nd myself searching for that all important service kno wn as fr ee Wi-Fi. Our desire to stay connected causes us to seek out these places and sign in, lest we miss that all important cute cat picture on Facebook.

I am fortunate that a number of places I frequent provide free WiFi. Brewsters is one such place, where I currently sit typing away on this column while listening to Rush Limbaugh online and oc casionally checking Facebook for fr iends to chat with and cute dog pictures which there arent enough of, in my humble opinion. Like most of y ou, when pr esented with the novel otherwise kno wn as Terms and Conditions that many Wi-Fi services have as well as programs and Apple prod uctsI lie and click on the box indicating that Ive read the thing and agr ee to it.

I gur e its no big deal, right? Its not as if theyre asking for my rstborn, right? Well According to an article on www. Londoners w er e offered free public Wi-Fi recently and sever al clicked through the terms and conditions in or der to join the network. What they didnt real ize was there was there was a special clause inserted in the document, referred to in the article as the H erod clause.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, users were gr anted fr ee Wi-Fi only if the re cipient agreed to assign their rst bor n child to us for the dur ation of eternity. Before the stunt was terminated, six people clicked through, agr eeing to the ter ms. Not to worry though, as no rst borns changed hands in the course of the experiment. I am assuming those six didnt read the Terms and Conditions and realize that someone actually would get their rst born.

Hope fully no one wants free Wi-Fi that badly B ut it does make one think. While Im pretty sure none of the countless Terms and Conditions Ive blithely clicked through would demand any of my children and I am condent that any one who got my kids under those conditions would want to return them within 24 hours I wonder what else I might have agreed to or what rights Ive given up just to save some time.

Yes, I know that Terms and Con ditions are boring enough to put one to sleep They read like a law book. Its why most of us skip them in the rst place.

But you never know whats bur ied under all that ne print. So, though it pains me to say it, because I will have to do it too, before you click that accept button, take a few minutes and read the ne pr int. There might be something there saying you have to give me all your chocolate. Hmmno w ther es an idea.

Laura Ware is a Sebring resident. She can be contacted by e-mail at bookworm lady embarqmail. Guest columns are the opinion of the writer, not neces sarily those of the staff of the News-Sun.

Becan, age 78, passed away on Tuesday, Sept. She was born on Oct. Sharon had been a resident of Lake Placid since coming from Wauchula. She was a member of the Eastern Star. She enjoyed needlework, traveling and spending time with family.

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She is survived by her husband of 29 years, Edwin C. She was preceded in death by her son, David Herndon. There will be a memorial service on Wednesday, Oct. Arrangements entrusted to Stephenson Nelson Funeral Home, Online condolences may be left at www. Bobby has been a resident of Highlands County since having come from Moultrie, Ga. He worked as an account manager for the Coca-Cola Corporation for 14 years, and was a member of the Fellowship Baptist Church.

Burnett; inlaws, Wayne and Pam Lewis; his special niece, Kaylee Burnett; and other numerous nieces and nephews. A funeral service will Mike Roberts and held at 11 a. Memorial contributions can be made to: Stephenson-Nelson Funeral Home, E. The busy season is soon approaching for the food industry and now is the time to make sure foodhandlers are properly trained and certied. Anyone in the food service industry or those who are interested in working in the eld and want to obtain a certi cate can enroll in this class being taught by a Certied Professional Food Manager.

Florida law requires that all food service employees be trained in an approved food safety program. A public food service establishment has 60 days from the date of hire to train their employees with a Florida approved food safety training program. This includes all employees responsible for food storage, preparation, display or any service of food and beverages.

Even volunteer organizations churches, clubs and other nonpro ts serving food should have their food workers trained in a food safety program. The class will cover the six mandated key food safety principles: Ensuring proper personal hygiene; 2.

Controlling time and temperature when handling food; 4. Proper cleaning and sanitizing; 5. The causes and effects of major foodborne illnesses; and 6. Ensuring proper vermin control. A study guide will be provided and given to each student.

Ahna O'Reilly in "Crazy/ Sexy/ Awkward" /2010

A certificate and an original wallet card will also be presented to the students at the end of the class that will be valid for three years. Students only need to bring to class a No.

There will be no refunds for students not attending the class since books have to be ordered in advance but a substitution of another person can be made. Checks can be made payable to Ridge Area Arc and mailed to W. When submitting payment, include your name, birthdate, address and phone number. For more details or to verify there is still an opening, callext.

The class will be taught in Ridge Area Arcs training room at the workcenter, W. College Drive, Avon Park. Students must show up promptly at 5: Arc is a local nonpro t charitable organization that offers training and education to individuals with disabilities.

The Foodhandler program is open to all individuals. Foodhandler class offered to public on Oct. SFSC has partnered with ed2go to offer over online, instructor-facilitated courses. Students can brush up on old skills, learn new ones, or take the courses theyve always been interested in taking. A few of the course topics are: All courses provide well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students.

Students have the exibility to study at their own pace, while having enough structure and support to complete their courses. New sessions of each course run every month.

They last six weeks, with two new lessons released weekly for a total of 12 lessons. The courses are entirely Web-based with comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. A dedicated expert instructor facilitates every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and leading discussions.

SFSCs catalog of ed2go courses can be viewed at www. The health department was handing out information such as Florida Emergency Preparedness guides and Look Before You Lock tags that can help prevent children from being left in a car. Sears was giving away candy, free face painting, demonstrations by Martial Arts America and more.

Pineapple Express tops UK box office chart | Reuters

Not your Life Savings! Phone 24 Hours Daily www. Its really a mess over there, Ger maine said. Our IT staff took a look at it to see if they could help, and its beyond help. David Pae plow, Law Enforcement Bureau commander, confirmed that ther e w ere not enough cameras and the system was failing, so it needed an upgr ade He figured it was a combination of not having enough cameras in the historic courthouse and not adding enough when the cour thouse was expanded roughly 10 years ago.

I t didnt cover as many areas as it should have, Pae plow said. This upgrade covers the whole cour thouse building itself. Not counting the supervisor, Paeplow said he has eight bailiffs stationed at the cour thouse with help from detention deputies to guard inmates holding cells and help fr om nonswor n support staff to monitor video screens. They stay very busy over there, Pae plow said. Though his staff is r eady to adjust for the needs each day, depending on courtroom case loads, it helps to hav e mor e eyes from cameras.

Also, software in the system can track a per son moving through the building. When done the project will install 97 cameras, coupled to a 40 terabyte digital storage, he said, which should maintain recordings from the high-r esolution cameras for 30 days.

Haralson said a terabyte holds roughly 1, gigabytes GB of data, for an appr oximate total of 40, GB. Given that each camera uses two GB every 10 minutes, 12 GB per hour, and GB in a day based on 12 hours aver age operation, a single camera could use 4, GB per month. Multiply that b y 97 and 40, GB wouldnt hold all the images from every camera during the month, but Haralson said thats a worstcase scenario.

Most cameras film areas with little to no ac tivity during the day, and camer as ar e set to automatically reduce frame rate until they detect motion, he said. Whether a scene is light or dark also would affect how much storage is needed, he said. Some of the camer as will take a degree view, which the computer system can then stitch into one continuous image, Haralson said.

Thats a memory saver, he said. I t takes us six trips in the minivan to get all the kids, Johnson said. But there are bumps in the road now the schools didnt give us buses this year. In addition to los ing the bus, Johnsons staff also has to pay their o wn way with gas money to drive and get kids from Fred Wild El ementary, Woodlawn E lementar y and the Kindergarten Learning Center. Johnson is keeping a grounded state of mind about it although, and has taken it upon him self with help from the nearb y M ethodist church to x up their building and keep things mo ving.

The facility could use some work, he said. We hired a plumber, a locksmith, and the church helps. The rest I did myself. Johnson said he was eternally grateful for the help he got from the church.

The Methodist church helps us out. I told them recently, I dont say it enough, but you guys have no idea how substantial your help is to us, he said. The crux of the pro gram is the children, who likely hav e not noticed the dr op in funding unless they were told about it on a r ecent F riday afternoon which is a no homework day, Johnson saidthey w er e running and playing without a care in the world. J ohnson said the children involved in the program are real ly sharp, and cited evidence in the form of a 27 per cent incr ease in test scores as opposed to the previous year.

Johnson is not an educator by trade and found his way into the B oys and Girls Club after a life spent working as a r estaur ant manager, a UPS operations wor ker and an ar ea manager at Pizza Hut. His view on teaching children is one based on compassion rather than strictly discipline. In my opinion, I dont believe in snap judgment such as you did something wrong, youre suspended, he said. I like to sit down and ask the children why they did what they did. It takes longer and makes the job harder, but you see the difference in these kids liv es It works.

Johnson said he wanted people to come and see the club for themselves. Id love for peo ple to come down and see the kids he said. People think we just let the kids play, but 65 percent of what we do is academics. If more people came and saw what we did, they might be compelled to help us. The phone number is Browne donates her time and money to help provide healthy snacks for children at the Boys and Girls Club in Sebring.

Its really a mess over there. Bob Germaine Clerk of Courts The news is just a click away! Ii dt,m al dledicireePlease Help. The sev en-par t series provides a fascinating overview of the tumultuous period both preceding and following the stock mar ket crash.

Striking similarities exist between the nancial environment that existed just befor e the Great Depression and the conditions that ourished just before our recent Great Reces sion. F lor idas economic fortunes spiraled do wnwar d inthree years before the national nancial crisis ensued. The real estate boom that had helped fashion r obust state coffers went bust, and a huge decline in tourism ensued. Three million tourists visited Florida annually in the late s; bythat number had shr unk by two-thirds.

The Glass-Steagall Act was passed inpartly to restore condence in banks. But G lass-S teagall known as The Banking Act was also intended to eliminate the conict of interest that allowed banks to engage in both commercial lend ing and in investment banking. M any economists consider this un checked speculative banking as one of the leading causes of the market crash and the Great Depression.

Inwith markets in full throttle growth mode, and at the peak of the dot-com decade, Glass-Steagall was re pealed.

Banks began to offer subprime mort gages to home buyers. O n the inv estment side, they began packaging these loans into collater aliz ed debt obligations and selling them as securities. When the r eal estate bubble burst inhome prices spiraled downward and the economy began a dangerous tailspin. As S tev e Denning has written in Forbes, These banks ramped leverage up to, even Byonly two of the ve banks had survived, and those two did so with the help of a bailout.

Lehman B r others, then the fourth largest U.

Who is James Franco's Girlfriend? Lovelife of James Franco | MIJ Miner8

Folks have short nancial memories, but every day was full of news that liter ally took y our breath away. Eighty-ve years after the market crash, many leading economists again point to this mor e r ecent relaxation of nancial regulations as a primary cause of our o wn G reat Recession.

It was the German philosopher Friedrich Hegel who said, We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.

Check in will take place at 8: The workshop is for teachers of sixth through 12th-grade students. The purpose of the workshop is to implement strategies in the classroom with a focus on reading and writing through the integra tion of technology in order to increase student outcome in reading, writing and critical thinking, said D eb G iacolone, Professional Development coordinator of HEC.

We want to ensure that the teachers realize the importance of reading and writing in their curriculum in ev er y subject. The McKeel Innovative Best In struction Strategies workshop will include sessions on editing, positive feedback and research assistance. C athy D yer will present Quick Edits, focusing on grammar. El vira Randall will instruct a session called T ell Em Where To Go that highlights feedback on the students written work. Teachers can register online at www. The Heartland Education Consortium is at U.

Its an exciting new chapter in my life, Rousch said over the phone Friday. He said he still plans to be involved in the aerospace program as he has been serv ing as vice president of H ear tland Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter and y outh education coor dinator for the gr oups Y oung Eagles pr ogram.

Who is James Franco’s Girlfriend? Lovelife of James Franco

Hes looking for ways to expand that program. A t LP HS, he taught many different programs at several levels, fr om shop to constr uction, and from drafting to aer ospace It has been an honor and pleasure to be a member of the LP HS family, and you will be missed, he wrote on his Facebook post. I feel we have one of the best staff and facul ty teams in the school distr ict. And while he said many people in the system understand the frustrations of teaching, they do what needs to be done for the students You care and it shows, Rousch wrote.

He also said he would miss the rela tionships built with students many of whom take their only positive role models from school teachers. It is an incredible honor and responsi bility we take on every day, Rousch said. Thank y ou for letting me share that with y ou.

He told The School B oar d of Highlands County last October that there is an opportunity to take the program to all three county high schools. The couple did not used to share much about their relationship infront of the media and they were usually seen in redcarpets together. Later James had given an interview to the Playboy magazine the reason for their breakup that was that James had gotten busy with his studies so it created distance between them.

Ideal Type The actor likes to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal life. He was obsessed with Winona Ryder in his childhood.

He has no particular type of ideal woman; just the perfect timing will lead him to his perfect woman. Opinion on Marriage He believes in monogamy and the trust that it builds but yet he has contrary opinion that monogamy marriage cannot only be the final conclusion.

He still waits for the right person and the right day when things will fall in pace and he will get married. Ideal Date Situation Although he is a celebrity but he has always been shy around women.

So it has been really difficult for him to approach women. So his ideal situation of dating is when he can get comfortable around the woman he is interested in. Fans thought they were a great couple as the couple was often seen together in red carpets.