Dream girlfriend how to give advice in a relationship

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dream girlfriend how to give advice in a relationship

Giving or receiving advice in your dream is often connected to making a stand in waking life. Perhaps you were talking to an authority figure? Having your tarot. Tell her you had a dream that you took her on a dinner date in a fancy If she finds out it was fake, she'll feel pretty pathetic and it could ruin your relationship. .,have a long casual walk around the park or to a dinner and talk to her openly. Protect your fundamental characteristics and personality traits and never give up the 'essential you.' We all change to a certain degree in relationships but be.

Just ask him and you'll probably hear him say that you're on the right track. If this is what you do on a regular basis, or even just from time to time, then you're not a dream girlfriend at all but a total and complete nightmare. This shows such a lack of respect for your partner, it's not even funny.

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You might think that it's all in fun because you're laughing at his refusal to work out or eat healthily or whatever else, but honestly, don't you realize how much this hurts his feelings? You wouldn't like it if he did the same thing to you. You have to be a solid team and know that you two are a united front and really care about each other. Teasing and humiliating him can't be a part of that.

Even though you know that your best friends and family members and co-workers aren't going to constantly heap compliments on you, it would be nice if they did. At the very least, you want to hear some nice things from your boyfriend on a regular basis. The same goes for your boyfriend. He definitely wants to hear how you feel about him.

If you tell him how great he is on a regular basis, you can be super confident that he's very happy with you. You don't need to go over-the-top and make it sound like he's a King or a god or anything that's way too much so as long as you make sure it's genuine, this is a great thing to do.

Cooking dinner together on weeknights, binge-watching TV shows, grabbing brunch and hanging out on weekends -- it's the best. This is why people love being in a relationship. There's a certain comfort level.

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It's toxic if you never see your friends You absolutely can't tell him that he can never see his friends. And you really can't complain when he makes social plans. It's healthy to have some time outside of the relationship, and if you're not interested in that, then you're definitely a total nightmare.

It's only a matter of time before this ends your relationship.

dream girlfriend how to give advice in a relationship

Chances are that's not happening, though, so the two of you have to work out a system for your TV time. Hopefully you have some TV shows in common so you can watch the same things most of the time, but of course from time to time, one of you gets to pick the TV show or movie.


If you watch what he wants sometimes yup, even if it's an action movie or just a TV show that doesn't interest youthen you can be sure that you're a dream girlfriend. Even though it seems like this doesn't matter because it's just about television, it's a pretty big deal.

A healthy relationship should provide a solid base from which to explore the world and achieve the best you possibly can.

Your Independence — Personal and Financial Being in a relationship can be a wonderful, loving experience. Independence is healthy and always helps you feel you are in the relationship because you want to be not because you need to be. Your Right to Decide for Yourself — Freedom of Choice Never give up your opinions and freedom of choice to keep another person happy.

Compromise is important and a win-win situation is the ideal outcome, but be wary of partners that try to control you. Those who love you will adore the real you and all your imperfections. Constantly trying to change yourself will erode your confidence and self-esteem and it can be demoralizing. Your Happiness There are times when our fear of being lonely is bigger than our wish for genuine happiness.

We stay in lack-luster relationships because we fear the unknown and ultimately do ourselves a huge disservice. You only have one life — try not to waste it in a relationship that makes you miserable.

But you have to make her a priority.

10 Signs You're A Dream Girlfriend And 10 Signs You're Definitely Not

You have to show her that she does matter. You have to openly communicate with each other and constantly monitor and evaluate your relationship and where you are putting all your attention. If you make goals for your career, then you should make goals for your relationship as well. Schedule Quality Time This plays into communication and making a concerted effort to make the relationship a priority. You are going to have to schedule quality time together. This could be scheduling a weekly date night, or a day on the weekend that you spend together every week, free of work distractions.

Maybe you spend every Saturday together? That way no matter how caught up you are with work that week, she knows that you have your day together to re-connect with each other. Planning weekend vacations and trips is also another way to nurture and grow your bond as a couple.

Guard Your Energy Chasing a dream alone expends almost all of your energy. Now add an intimate relationship to the picture that requires a ton of your mental energy as well. Now your time and energy becomes absolutely paramount.

We have the opportunity to become more productive at our work by working less, as long as we prioritize and focus on the most crucial tasks to moving our goals forward.

dream girlfriend how to give advice in a relationship

The point many entrepreneurs will make is that you can have it all, just not at once. At least until you get your business or your project to a place where you have the luxury to slow down a little bit. But I believe both are attainable at the exact same time.