Active directory trust relationship between two forests in india

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active directory trust relationship between two forests in india

As the name implies, a forest level trust is a trust between two separate trust is a trust relationship in which a domain within your forest trusts a. A forest trust relationship between the two organizations Active Directory Domain Services is desired. Before the trust can be created name. By configuring a trust relationship, it's possible to allow users in one For example, if you have a trust between two domain forests and that.

Trust Relationship Between Two Different Domains

At this point, you will see what is probably the most important question asked by the wizard. The wizard wants to know if you will be creating an external trust or a forest trust. Choose the Forest Trust option and click Next. At this point, you will see a screen asking you if you want to establish a one way incoming, a one way outgoing, or a two way trust.

A trust has two sides. For example, imagine that you have two domains named A and B.

Auditing Windows Active Directory Trust Relationships

Now imagine that domain A contains resources that users in Domain B need access to. In a situation like this, domain A would be the trusting domain, and Domain B would be the trusted domain. In this particular instance, a two way trust would not be appropriate because users in Domain A do not need access to anything in Domain B.

A lot of times in real life though, a two way trust is the most appropriate choice. For the purposes of this article, I am assuming that you have chosen a two way trust. You will now be asked if you want to configure only your own side of the trust or both sides of the trust.

Creating Trusts Between Forests

What this is referring to is the fact that you will need an administrative password for both domains in order to establish the trust. If you only have the administrative password for your own domain, then you will have to choose the This Domain Only option and the administrator of the other domain will have to repeat the procedure on their end with their own password.

active directory trust relationship between two forests in india

Selective Authentication allows you to fine tune the authentication process, but it involves a lot more work. Most of the time you will be fine using Forest Wide Authentication. Click Next and you will see a summary of the options that you have chosen. Click Next one last time and the trust will be established.

active directory trust relationship between two forests in india

When the process completes, you will see a message asking you if you want to confirm the link between the forests. Go ahead and try to confirm the link, but keep in mind that Microsoft has had problems with this particular piece of code. Conclusion As you can see, there are some situations in which you may need to trust users from another forest.

In this article, I have explained how you can create such a trust. The concept is that a cross-link trust bypasses the traversal up the Active Directory tree, then down the Active Directory tree for domains that are multiple internal trusts away. These trusts are created for efficiency of authentication within the forest when users are accessing resources in a domain that is not near where the user is located. Forest trust - These trusts were introduced with Windows Server domains.

They provide a top level trust between two Active Directory forests. The goal is that all domains in both forests will be trusted, instead of having to create a trust between every domain to every other domain in the other forest.

Creating Trusts Between Forests

How to Audit Trusts In order to audit the trust relationships, you will need to either get a screen capture or ask for a command line output. There are, of course, other methods, but these might require a purchase of software or to write a script.

Not that these options are all that bad, but if there is a way to obtain the information without any cost, I typically try to lead the auditor down that path. The first option, screen capture, will come from the domain administrator.

active directory trust relationship between two forests in india

This screen capture will be of the Trusts tab for each domain that you need to audit. So, if the network administrator has informed you that the company has three domains total, you will need a screen capture from each domain, totaling three screen captures. To obtain the screen capture, the domain administrator will need to use the Active Directory Domains and Trusts administrative tool.

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This tool is on every domain controller and is one of the tools that is installed with the adminpak. To get to the correct screen, the administrator needs to expand the list of domains on the left pane, then right-click on each domain name. When the menu appears, select the Properties option. This will launch the Properties window for the domain. Here, select the Trusts tab to see the list of trusted and trusting domains, as shown in Figure 1. Active Directory Domains and Trusts allows you to see all domain trusts.

If any trusts are established, they will appear in this list. If you choose to do the command line option, you will be using the nltest command. Unfortunately trusts can't be created for OUs, but there is a kind of workaround available called selective authentication that provides a way to control which groups of users in a trusted forest can access shared resources in the trusting forest. Basically as this TechNet article explains, selective authentication allows you to limit the scope of a trust relationship so it applies only to the Active Directory objects you explicitly specify.

But should you trust another forest? Trusts between forests are usually implemented in situations like where one company acquires another or merges with another. Are there any risks involved in creating trusts between two forests?

Of course there are, because you're basically giving the other company the keys to your kingdom. Even if you've legally acquired the other business, it doesn't mean you should automatically fully trust their IT staff! So before you attempt to create an inter-forest trust or implement something like selective authentication between two forests, be sure to read the TechNet article Security Considerations for Trusts.