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If the court finds that a relationship meets the meretricious definition, then the . Since he died w/out a will everything legally goes to the “kids”(41, 29, 27 yrs). These relationships were formerly known as “meretricious aims to determine custody and child support in the best interest of the children. - Dictionary > Definition: meretricious. meretricious yet stylish book "; "tawdry ornaments"; like or relating to a prostitute; "meretricious relationships". | Free legal help for Washingtonians who cannot afford a lawyer.

How does the court determine a committed intimate relationship? There is not a specific set of criteria or a distinct formula used to determine if a relationship constitutes a committed intimate relationship. The courts use a number of different factors when making this determination.

Some of these factors among others may include: How long was the relationship? What was the purpose of the relationship and the intentions of the parties involved? Did you hold yourself out as a couple? Was this an exclusive relationship? Were you registered domestic partners? Rights in committed intimate relationships: When an unmarried cohabitating couple separates, if their relationship constitutes a committed intimate relationship as determined by the courts, their rights and responsibilities are similar to those of married couples.

If a couple cannot negotiate and come to an agreement on their own, the court may need to get involved in making determinations. The common most common issues that arise include: Determining division of debts and liabilities Determining property ownership rights and division of assets Courts will evaluate the interest of each party and determine an equitable distribution.


Determining child custody and child support Parents have a legal responsibility to care for their children regardless of marital status. The court aims to determine custody and child support in the best interest of the children. Generally, property acquired during the committed intimate relationship is presumed to be owned jointly by both parties. This will be divided in a way that is fair and equitable as determined by the court.

The separate property of the parties is not subject to division. Only that partner owns it. A court finding the relationship was marriage-like AND the other partner contributed significant labor or money could order the one to pay back the other for their contribution. Get advice from a lawyer about a particular type of property, interest, or claim. How else is a Committed Intimate Relationship different from a marriage? If you registered your partnership under Washington's Registered Domestic Partnership Law, you may be able to inherit without a will.

This is not a complete list of differences.

Committed Intimate Relationships: Understanding what “living together” means in Washington State

Talk to a lawyer for individual advice. How does the court divide our property if our relationship is not marriage-like? Usually the focus will be more on whose name is on the property. You must prove you are the property's legal owner example: Otherwise, it may be very hard to get the property back if your ex also claims ownership. There are some exceptions.

The law is complicated Talk to a lawyer. General property laws may help, even if your relationship was not marriage-like and no exceptions apply. Your name is on the title to a car. Your ex currently has the car. You may be able to file a replevin case to get the car back. You own a home together. You may be able to bring a partition case to divide that property. The court may award attorney's fees in your case.

What happens to our joint credit cards and bank accounts? This may not be wise in your case. Talk to a lawyer first. In a court case for division of property and debts, the court will expect you to have acted fairly. You no longer want the account. You will not be responsible for any debts made after the date of the letter. Send copies of the letter to anyone else authorized to use the account.

Keep one for yourself. Keep a record of everyone who received the letter and how you sent it. You must stop using the account after your send your request. What if the creditor insists I pay a debt my ex promised to pay? Even if you divide your debts, or a court divides them for you, a creditor may be able to collect from either of you.

A creditor may collect against whoever has promised to pay the debt. If both of you have promised to pay the debt then the creditor can require payment from either or both of you. Your name is on a credit card.

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The credit card company can ask you to pay the debt even if the court orders your ex to pay it. Debtor's Right with Collection Agencies and How to Claim Personal Property Exemptions have more info on income and assets you can protect from debt collection.

Can a court order my ex to pay some of the debts? If a creditor forces you to pay a debt that is your ex's court-ordered responsibility, you can go back to court to get your ex to pay you back. If you already paid a debt before any court order dividing debts, and then the court decides that debt is your ex's responsibility, you should get a judgment for that amount in the court order. Talk to a lawyer. If a creditor contacts you about a debt your ex should pay, mail the creditor a letter and a copy of the court order showing your ex's responsibility for the debt.

If your income is limited, you can also send a copy of your budget showing you cannot pay. How does the court divide our debts if the relationship is not marriage-like?

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You will be responsible for any debts in your name only. If a debt is in both your names, you will probably be "jointly and severally" liable. The creditor can collect the debt from each of you in any portion it chooses. If you have more income than your ex, a creditor may try to collect only from you.

Do not voluntarily pay your ex's debt. If your relationship is not marriage-like, and you do not personally benefit from paying the debt off, the court may call this a gift. The ex does not have to pay you back unless you can show it would be unjust to let your ex keep the benefit of your payment. Where should I file my court case? In general, you should file a case to divide property and debts in the county in Washington State where your ex lives. You must file a case involving ownership of real property in the Superior Court where the real property is located.

You can file a case asking for the return of personal property in District Court or Superior Court, depending on the property's value. If you are bringing only a case for money, where you file depends on how much you claim. You must bring claims for more in Superior Court. When can I go to Small Claims Court? See Small Claims Courtavailable at www.

Not all counties allow this. Talk to a local attorney about local procedures. What if I have an emergency? If you are a domestic violence victim, you may be able to get a Domestic Violence Protection Order containing emergency protection.

See the list of domestic violence related resources at www. You file suit over a home you and your ex were buying. It was in only your ex's name. The court may temporarily be able to prevent the sale of the home. Are there alternatives to a lawsuit?

It may be best to reach an agreement with your ex. Should I Use It has more info. Are there forms and instructions I can use? The state has not developed any forms to ask the court to declare that you have had a marriage-like relationship and divide your property and debts. Ask a local attorney or the family law facilitator if your county has one if your court has local forms.

If not, Unmarried Couples: Even if you cannot afford to hire one for full representation, an experienced family law attorney can explain local procedures evaluate the strength of your case identify claims you might make advise how to safeguard your interests examples: