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Meet Dave Blu-ray

meet dave english subtitles download for korean Meet Dave: Eddie Murphy, Kevin Hart, Stephen McEveety, ( Dolby Digital ), Spanish (Dolby Digital ); Subtitles: Chinese, Korean, English. Meet Dave movie YIFY subtitles. 1, English, subtitle pdl-inc.infox[] · sub · download. 0, Finnish, subtitle. Results 1 - 17 of 17 AKA: Starship Dave, Знайомтесь: Дейв, Upoznajte Dejva, Download Meet Dave movie. film . Meet Dave[]DvDrip R5[Eng]-NikonXpr.

In Meet Dave, Murphy limits himself to two roles none human. He plays a pint-sized alien from outer space and the spacecraft he rode in on. If you think I'm going to explain that lame premise, think again. Murphy, teaming again with his Norbit director Brian Robbins, is assuming we'll all line up for lazyass toilet jokes and pay for the privilege.

Meet Dave Blu-ray

Some movies demand flow charts. Are you under the age of 11 and instantly amused by the notion of a spaceship that looks like Eddie Murphy, captained by a tiny Eddie Murphy and a crew of Spandex-clad explorers?

meet dave english subtitles download for korean

If you answered "yes," proceed to Meet Dave. And if you're amused by the notion of a character called "Lieutenant Buttocks," don't waste any time reading the rest of this review. If you answered "no," you're likely to spend much of the film silently asking questions. Why, for instance, would humanoid aliens whose culture has so much in common with Earth's spend so much time baffled by what they encounter? Members of Murphy's miniscule crew smile at each other, but seem baffled when humans bare their teeth to greet the giant, Murphy-shaped ship.

A spacecraft is sent to find out what has become of the sphere — that's Eddie there as the spaceship, which is conveniently human sized. That's also Eddie piloting the ship — he and his crew are just a couple inches tall, and don't get out much.

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The ship soon finds its his way to the home of fishbowl boy Austin Myers and his single mom Elizabeth Banks and introduces itself as Dave Ming Cheng. Meantime young Josh loses the sphere to his nemesis at school and Dave is in a race against time to locate it and get on with his mission.

The only problem is that, if he succeeds, it would be the end of our planet as we know it. A lot of people are suggesting that eddie's career is going downhill but in my opinion its gone from good to bad back to good. His career hit a snag with movies like boomerang, metro, holy man etc. His latest films have been very good and i think they will keep getting better. If you want to watch a good movie with a few good gags i would definitely recommend this one. Eddie Murphy plays an alien captain who his sent to earth with his crew in a ship shaped as eddie murphy to retrieve a rock.

During their time on earth they learn more about human life learn to become part of it. I wont go into to much detail but i would recommend this movie. I actually couldn't believe that it's scored only 3. Well, if your understanding of comedy is chicks with no tops in it and using slang language, then maybe this is not a film for you. But the film has clearly nice, fun jokes. It's suitable for families. I actually enjoyed the film and would suggest it. I have enjoyed watching film of Eddie Murphy since my childhood and with this film he still shows he's really a nice comedian.

So i can say to people who would like to spend some time with laughing, they can go and see this movie. I don't think they'd not like it if comedy is what they are looking for.

He made comedy after comedy after comedy of non stop laughs and nothing seemed like it could stop him; then the world of the 's came, as much as we hoped for Eddie, it seemed like he had more mediocre comedies; then the new millennium, oh, boy, his world has shattered since then.

meet dave english subtitles download for korean

He was very lucky to have an Oscar nomination with Dream Girls, yet continued to release bad movies such as Daddy Day Care and the disaster that was Norbit, now we have Meet Dave, which would've been a good bad movie with unknown actors, but since we have well known actors, you can't help but feel bad for them, but Eddie Murphy just keeps making mistakes after mistakes and I'm just wondering what the heck was he on to think this was the script that will save his career, because I want whatever he's taking since he's in a La-La land right now.

I feel silly telling you the "plot", but I'm going to try to make it work. Dave is an alien who has crashed into Planet Earth, he has little people inside him who control his movements and voice. Dave is on a mission to gather all of the Earth's water and bring it back to his home planet. But when he meets a single mother, Gina, she shows him a good time in New York City and all of a sudden the little people wanna stay on Planet Earth.

But one little alien named Agent number 2 is planning on succeeding at the mission and take over, yeah, that's the plot. I work at a movie theater so I get to see movies for free, the way I figure it is even if a movie looks bad, just give it a shot, it may not be as bad as it seems.