Meet and greet ideas for physicians

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meet and greet ideas for physicians

Have you ever wondered why you doctor doesn't talk to you by phone? Have you ever wondered why the doctors who prescribe medications have no idea to go to the emergency room, they are likely to meet them there. These are all excellent ideas and should definitely be implemented if you to what I'll title the “10 steps to the doctor-patient meet and greet.”. You can get a good idea about how easy it is to get an appointment by calling the doctor's receptionist and asking about after-hours clinics and.

This means your referral network is still strong and viable, even with you taking no additional time out of your schedule to bolster those existing relationships.

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That is why the first tip to strengthen your physician referral relationships is to simply get out of the office. Even though you may not currently be experiencing any dips in patient referrals, it may not be far off. Take one day every three months to get out of the office and visit physician groups in your area. Introduce yourself and your healthcare practice.

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Leave your contact information business card, phone number, email address, etc. Network Once you make the decision to get out of the office, the next important thing to do in regards to your healthcare business is to network. It is important to reach out to existing providers who you refer to or who refer to you, but it is also vital to meet new physicians and healthcare leaders in your community to bolster your referral network and keep your business thriving.

Whether you are part of a health network like an ACO, or if you are part of a private practice, there are different ways to go about networking. In a fast paced hospital setting, it can be especially hard to connect with colleagues unless there is time put away to do just that. Luckily, large hospitals and health networks tend to have numerous events scheduled throughout the year where doctors and hospital staff can interact with each other and build proper relationships.

In addition, there are other simple ways to network within the hospital environment. In private practice, it is a little harder to network and takes a little bit more effort on your part. The easiest way is to reach out to referring providers and offer to treat them to a meal. This is especially effective with new providers in the area looking to build connections.

meet and greet ideas for physicians

All of this shows them that you appreciate them and their business. It is more likely that they will continue or start to refer their patients to you. If you are a primary care provider, it is more likely that specialists will extend invitations to you for dinner or even to have you over to their homes.

Although this is great, it is still important for you to also reach out and ensure that you find the best specialty care providers that you feel comfortable sending your patients to.

Attend hospital sponsored events, galas, fundraisers, lectures, etc. If part of a private practice, reach out to existing and new providers and treat them to a meal.

meet and greet ideas for physicians

Follow-Up This is a crucial step that many physicians do not do. When you refer a patient to someone, or when a patient is referred to you, it is always vital to follow-up.

meet and greet ideas for physicians

It is definitely a good idea to touch base in order to ensure that a certain patient is receiving the best care possible. You can do this through email, a phone call, or even an in-person meeting this is probably overkill.

Nowadays, there are all-in-one referral management software, like our very own, that help you track your referrals and easily communicate with providers. Follow-up with all inbound and outbound referrals by email, phone, in-person, or best of all, an all-in-one software.

Stay in Touch While it Is essential to follow-up with all incoming and outgoing referrals, you should also make a point to stay in touch with those providers outside of business. A great way to do this is to block out an hour of time to spend calling physicians and personally saying thank you for either accepting your referrals or sending you referrals.

Additionally, many physicians send Christmas cards, party invites, and gift baskets to physicians in their referral network.

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Stay in touch with your referral network outside of work. Say thank you and send personal invitations to them. Get Feedback A less known tip for strengthening your referral relationship is to ask for feedback from your network.

This is key to identifying what you are doing well and what you are not doing so well.

meet and greet ideas for physicians

There are a couple of ways to go about doing this: You can hire a physician liaison to go door to door and have in person conversations with the providers in your referral network. They can gather feedback and report back to you.

You can also send out surveys to your referral network. And you may feel more comfortable with a doctor who already has numerous patients like you. Some physicians see a lot of young families and children — and deliver babies, too. If you're starting your own family, you may want a doctor whose practice is child-centred. Other physicians treat a high percentage of seniors.

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If you are getting on in years, then you may want a doctor willing to do home visits for older patients. You'll also find that certain medical teams have links to other health-related services that might include dietitians, occupational therapists, addiction counselling and social workers.

The extra services, "usually depend on the needs in the surrounding community," explains Dr. Some doctors are connected to teaching hospitals that can sometimes put you in touch with new and innovative therapies.

But it's worth noting you will likely be examined by medical students and residents in clinics affiliated with universities and hospitals. Staff physicians will be supervising the doctors-in-training.

Communication styles Story continues below advertisement It's critically important to be able to talk freely with your doctor about your health concerns. Tepper has had people book an appointment simply to get to know him before deciding to join his practice.

Some people have even asked my views on abortion or end-of-life care. Story continues below advertisement "You have to imagine what that relationship will feel like in a time of crisis," Tepper says. It's not an exaggeration to say your life could some day depend on that relationship. Starting the search Of course, not all patients start their search for a new doctor by being handed a list of available physicians. Many provinces now have websites to help link patients to health-care providers.

The information "is usually just a few Google strokes away," Tepper says. It's also true that parts of the country have a smaller supply of doctors than others and some people do struggle to find a family physician.