Meet and greet games for family reunion

meet and greet games for family reunion

Check out the 30 best family reunion ideas, games, and activities for adults to meet relatives, share heirlooms, and hear—and record—family. How To Plan A Meet And Greet | The Family Reunion Planners Blog. Reunion Planners Blog #familyreunionfundfaisingideas Family Reunion Activities. Reunion expert Edith Wagner gives you some tips on fun ways to get people introduced and enjoying each other's company.

Also, a page was included in each family reunion journal showing their photos as well as a special salute. The photo above is the our Military Honor Board which my sister designed and created for our last reunion. It was displayed on a floor easel at every event except the picnic!

Sweepstakes Contest This is certainly one of the gems of our family reunions. The first fifty 50 adults to pay their reunion fees in full are entered into the Satcher Family Reunion Sweepstakes.

meet and greet games for family reunion

The drawing takes place at our Family Heritage Banquet. This is not only a great way to initiate excitement about the reunion but it motiviates family members to get their reunion fees paid early!

Coloring Contest Calling all artists and coloring stars! Or should I say, mini-artist!

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For our little ones ageswe have coloring contest. We simply use one the family specific coloring pages located in their kids activity booklets. With some pre-planning, actually you could have the parents forward actual photos of the little ones who will be attending the reunion and make coloring pages or sheets using their images.

Be sure to award the these little mini coloring artist as well as display their colored pictures. Click this link to find out how you can create really cool, one-of-a-kind family or family reunion specific coloring pages like the one below.

I will be detailing more information about this on a separate forthcoming page on the website. However, the basic concept and idea is a set up a special and separate area, a little village, so to speak, specifically designated just for them.

This village is supplied with coloring books, crayons, games, etc.

meet and greet games for family reunion

Poster Contest A poster contest is great idea for a family reunion. We have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Be sure to display the posters at the reunion. Essay Contest An essay contest is wonderful idea to integrate into a family reunion.

For my family, we actually have two essay contests. One for ages word essay and one for ages word essay. We provide monetary prizes for this contest. You will have to formulated and develop rules and guidelines. Click this link for information on an ultra unique creative face painting and body art idea for your next family reunion!

Fun and meaningful for all ages! The Mic Is Open! Open Mic Family Reunion Idea! An open mike or open mic is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone. Incorporate an Open Mic into your next family reunion by opening the mic for family updates by allowing family members to take the mic and personally share their updates, good news, etc with the family…marriages, anniversaries, births, promotions, graduations, scholarships, honor roll, etc.

After all is it not the responsiblility of a family to congratulate and celebrate its own. A creative way to applaud and celebrate your family members accomplishments! Click here for Family Reunion Decorations Ideas, and corresponding activities for a great time. Generational Dance Each generation has had its own unique dances and moves! Have a Generational Dance Night or simply incorporate a Generational Dance into one of your family reunion events.

meet and greet games for family reunion

Family members from each generation simply share the dances they did in their generation and teach them to the other generations. I like these particular ice breaker activities because they're completely optional - they offer something to do if your guests need them, but they're not required and it's not terribly obvious if someone chooses not to participate.

Mystery Counting Fill a jar or several jars of various sizes with candy. Guests write on a small piece of paper how many pieces of candy they think are in the jar. The one closest to the actual number, wins the candy. Mystery Counting variation Instead of candy in a jar, guess how many seeds are in an orange or number of words on a newspaper. Guess the length of a string wrapped in a ball, the quantity of water in a bucket or the weight of a head of lettuce.

Mystery Touch Place various items in several containers such as paper bags or cardboard boxes and let participants feel inside each and guess the contents. Look for items that vary in texture and contain an element of surprise. Family Timeline Mount several pieces of paper or poster board in a row along a wall. Draw a horizontal line and begin a timeline by filling in basic dates, such as when the "Mom and Dad" of the gathering group were born and the "today" date of the current family reunion.

meet and greet games for family reunion

Invite everyone to help complete the family timeline by filling in birthdates, anniversaries, current events, etc. Baby Pictures Collect baby pictures beforehand from family that will be in attendance. Have participants guess which picture belongs to whom. For clues, you could provide current pictures in addition to the baby pictures, or provide list of names to choose from. Pictures Variation Alter these ice breaker activities as needed. Do You Know Me? As people arrive, give each individual an index card and a nametag of another person.

They must circulate and ask questions of everyone about the person on the nametag, using the phrase "Do you know me? When everyone arrives, or at the end of a designated period of time, each person uses their notes to introduce the person on their nametag.

The two lines should be about 4 feet apart. The game leader sits at the head of the line.

meet and greet games for family reunion

This game is played in silence. Begin by introducing yourself to the person sitting on each side of you. All players join hands with the person beside them. Everyone closes their eyes except the two players sitting by the leader the lead players.

When everyone has their eyes closed and is silent, the leader flips a coin in between the two lead players. Tails, the lead players squeezes the hand of the person beside them. The squeeze passes as quickly as possible remember, eyes closed down the line.

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When the last person feels the squeeze, they grab for the keys which are placed in between the last two players. The team who gets the keys rotates…the head player goes to the end and everyone shuffles up one spot. Pass the Hoop This great game requires tactical thinking and encourages team work.

Instruct the group to form a circle with a inch space between each participant. Once everyone is in place, add a Hula Hoop to the circle and instruct everyone to pass the hoop between each other and around the circle without it touching the ground. Once it gets to its original position the game is over.

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To make this game a little trickier add more than one hoop to the circle. I HATE games that leave me feeling embarrassed or like a fool. Only choose games that help your family members feel welcome and comfortable at your family reunion.