Immigration ask me for proof of relationship

Step 4: Collect Financial Documents

immigration ask me for proof of relationship

The page “proof of relationship” they filed included: six pages of Then immigration asked them - twice - for more evidence that their union. However, the spousal sponsorship immigration program is monitored to detect what are to be living together at the time of submitting an application in order to prove a genuine relationship. . Wants PR of My bachelor son. To prove a mother-child relationship, it is enough to submit evidence of a biological Featured Immigration Law Firms In Florissant, MO Change Location.

For example, if the current forms are from Julyand you submitted forms from Januarythe likelihood of your application being returned is less than if you submitted the forms from June You can tell what version of the forms you are using by checking the bottom left corner of the page for the form number such as IMM and a month and year such as The reason IRCC updates the forms is because they ask for new or additional information than they had previously.

The best way to avoid this problem is simply to ensure that you have the newest forms. Answering questions incorrectly on the application forms The most common mistake people make when applying to sponsor their spouse is not asking for help if they do not understand what a question means on the application.

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Frequently people mistake the meaning of a question and answer it with irrelevant or incorrect information. One example is misunderstanding who can be listed as a dependant or a family member for the purposes of a sponsorship application. Just because someone is a relative who is financially dependent on you, does not mean that they can be counted as a dependant on your sponsorship application.

immigration ask me for proof of relationship

It is an eight or ten-digit number that looks like this: What is a UCI? This eight or ten digit number appears on all documents you get from us. It looks like this: If you have sent us an application before Look for this number on: How can I get it?

immigration ask me for proof of relationship

This eight or ten digit number looks like this: Look for this number on: This eight or ten digit number is on all documents you get from us. What do you mean by surname?

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Your surname is your family name. Do not use initials.

immigration ask me for proof of relationship

I have no effective way of showing that I've been supporting her financially through these years, all the bills and contracts were in my name for simplicity. We've lived together since the very early days of our relationship so there was no need for email or phone calls. Any early love letters via email have long since disappeared into the digital ether.

immigration ask me for proof of relationship

The only proof of relationship we have is to sort through all our digital pictures and create a timeline from when we met to now, and our Canadian Marriage certificate, but the certificate is very recent. We have a Spanish birth certificate that lists us as parents of our son. We've asked my father to write a sort of affidavit vouching for our relationship. He is a retired University professor who was faculty at UBC for decades, I'm hoping that might have some sway.