Entity relationship diagram for hp qc

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entity relationship diagram for hp qc

Testing Tools >> HP ALM / Mercury Quality Center I don't think there is ER diagram available. But you get all the table There is a table by table ERD in the Mercury Quality Center Database Reference guide. Click on Help. QC Mock Test - Learn QC (Quality Center) in simple and easy steps starting Q 4 - Which options can be used to submit defects from HP Sprinter to HP . Q 22 - When defining content for a Library, which entities can be added based on their relationship to the requirements selected? A - ALM uses a concurrency model. Hi, Has anyone made a table relationship/ ER digram of all the tables for Quality Center(pref, v 11) There are some diagrams for functional groups of tables. . then I would think that is a bug that needs to be reported to HP.

For example, ScrumWorks uses the word "Themes" within "Epics" to organize what needs to be achieved by each release. Easier Data Entry There are several mechanisms which make entry of data less onerous.

So custom default values and pull-down selections can be part of the system. For example, the types of tests to be performed can be specified by a custom pull-down such as this: Picture] Semi-Custom USER Fields One clever and user-friendly aspect of the database design is that administrators can define new custom fields without needing a DBA to change the schema of the database.

To make use of a field, the administrator simply changes the title associated with a USER field. So rather convulted SQL coding is sometimes necessary to produce a usable report. If you still have problems reading.

But most people use Excel rather than Word which requires each element to be marked. So here is my advice: Standardize on a template that contains only the fields needed for your organization. I have some to show you. Use separate templates for importing requirements and test plans.

entity relationship diagram for hp qc

Create data edit macros and run them before importing. Backup existing data before performing the import. Hierarchy Restructure It is desirable for the hierarchy of test sets and test runs to take several forms over time. Product managers and testers may need a hierarchy by version and release: Before the restructing occurs, an edit script is run to ensure that each such field contains data valid to construct the hierarchy.

Ironically, in fear of being allowed to crash the database, those using SQL to manipulate hierarchies are often denied the permissions needed to create temporary tables needed to efficently work with hierarchies. Also, although updating the schema to add a hierarchy level number column would make SQL queries easier and much more efficient and not require temp tablesmost organizations avoid doing so out of fear, and thus paralize QC administrators as well. Measures and Metrics Managers Need Measures help us approximate less tangible metrics used to imagine process changes to achieve better metric scores.

For example, body temperature and body temperature trend are measures. An individual instance of a measure is a measurement. In business, market share, profit margins, and customer satisfaction are metrics.

The most useful measures are based on workflow tasks what people do which serve as predictors of where time and budgets might need adjustment. Organizations need more complex reports and graphs than QC provides by default.

The Fallacy of Coverge Progress The chart at right is prominent in the software to summarize progress toward "completion" at several moments over time. Those who have taken a system through implementation know that new Requirements inevitably crop up.

Relationships should connect entities. Each attribute in a given entity should have a unique name. Entities in the "MyFlix" library The entities to be included in our ER diagram are; Members - this entity will hold member information. Movies - this entity will hold information regarding movies Categories - this entity will hold information that places movies into different categories such as "Drama", "Action", and "Epic" etc.

What is ER Modeling? Learn with Example

Movie Rentals - this entity will hold information that about movies rented out to members. Payments - this entity will hold information about the payments made by members. Defining the relationships among entities Members and movies The following holds true regarding the interactions between the two entities.

A member can rent a more than movie in a given period. A movie can be rented by more than one member in a given period.

HP ALM Quality Center : Its Annoyances, and what to do about them

From the above scenario, we can see that the nature of the relationship is many-to-many. Relational databases do not support many-to-many relationships.

We need to introduce a junction entity. This is the role that the MovieRentals entity plays. It has a one-to-many relationship with the members table and another one-to-many relationship with movies table. Movies and categories entities The following holds true about movies and categories. A movie can only belong to one category but a category can have more than one movie. We can deduce from this that the nature of the relation between categories and movies table is one-to-many.

Members and payments entities The following holds true about members and payments A member can only have one account but can make a number of payments. In case of "Unified Functional testing" UFTchoose the options appropriately and install the addins.

Dashboard, Reports & Analysis in HP ALM (Quality Center)

Enter the Server URL as shown in the below example. Tester has to connect to the relevant project area. The same can be done using "Settings" of "File" Menu. Navigate to Resources Tab and select the Datatable that we added in Step The Libraries files and Object Repositories are bound dynamically.

entity relationship diagram for hp qc

The Procedure to Add tests into Test Lab remains the same as that of manual tests. User can click on "Launch report" to get to know about more details of the execution.