Derogatory name for irish people meet

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derogatory name for irish people meet

Did you meet someone, or did you MEET someone? WE HAVE MORE slang terms for kissing than we know what to do with, but is it time Similarly, any person who uses 'snog' non-ironically needs to get their head out of British teen magazines. Ireland's Official Word For Kissing, and for good reason. This is how the Irish insult people. Butler Yeats used bodach in The Hour-Glass to refer to a supernatural trickster one of his travelers meets on the road. McKraut - German/Irish person. Used in the Comes from St. Patrick and/or from the common Irish name Padraig. Also spelled Patty. Also the common slang term for a member of Canada's Conservative party. Turf-Cutter.

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Even the Grand Turk sent us his piastres. But the Sassenach tried to starve the nation at home while the land was full of crops that the British hyenas bought and sold in Rio de Janeiro. The word is from the Irish sasanach, which means "English" but is likely akin to the word that gave us Saxon. Sassenach is sometimes used disparagingly, as in the Joyce quote above, but more modern uses of the word are not quite as pointed. The word is used as an insider's term, however, as is seen in this quote from the Sunday Mail UK: But sassenach Tory MPs aren't convinced.

In Irish Gaelic, bodach originally meant "churl" or "lout"and we took this meaning with it when we co-opted bodach from Gaelic.

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According to one Irish-English dictionarybodach in Irish means everything from "boor" to "pig" to "low life," and in other settings, bodach can refer derogatorily to an old man.

We also borrowed, some time later, a second meaning for bodach: There was a renewed interested in Irish stories in the 19th century, and in Irish folklore, a bodach was a bogeyman who purportedly kidnapped or tormented bad children.

Sir Walter Scott used Bodach Glas in his novel Waverly as an omen of death; William Butler Yeats used bodach in The Hour-Glass to refer to a supernatural trickster one of his travelers meets on the road.

This is the sense of bodach that is more common in English print these days. If you're looking for a word for "fool" that doesn't have the same mystical baggage as bodach, you can't go wrong with the Irish omadhaun "An omadhaun is a fool, Clohessy.

derogatory name for irish people meet

You are an omadhaun. Green Bean - Mixed races. Used to denote and deride the Irish, similar to the way in which it was used towards the black population.

derogatory name for irish people meet

Harpie - Perhaps derived from the fact the harp is also the symbol of Ireland, a green flag with a harp was displayed by a lot of Irish people. Hibe - Short for Hibernian of, relating to, or characteristic of Ireland or the Irish. A large number of Appalachian settlers were Scotch-Irish, and the term arrived with them. Leprechaun - From the well-known old Irish myth of the chubby green-clad gnome what happens when you mix Catholicism with Paganism. Leprecoon - Combination of Leprechaun and Coon for blacks of Irish descent.

Mackerel Snapper - It can be applied to any Catholic, Irish or otherwise.

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In the past, Catholics were forbidden from eating meat on Fridays. They got around this the same way some vegetarians do, by eating fish although technically this is not vegetarian, but "pescetarian". Mead - The Irish are commonly drunk on mead and mead-derived alcohols.

Not as derogatory as Paddy. Narrow Back - The son or daughter of an Irish immigrant because they never worked as hard as those who emigrated. Similar negative connotations as "nigger.

Paddy Wagon - Variation of "paddy.

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Pogue - Possibly from Irish Gaelic "pogue mo thoin", meaning "kiss my arse". Could also refer to the Irish folk group "The Pogues" who did popular traditional Irish songs. Pot-Licker - During the potato famine, they would lick their pots clean to get every last morsel of food.

Shant - Poor Irish people. Derived from the shacks they lived in -- the shanty.

derogatory name for irish people meet

Shillelagh-Hugger - A shillelagh is a staff commonly use by the Irish.