Cross country meet tips for getting

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cross country meet tips for getting

Check out these top tips from athlete Louise Damen so you can perform well when taking on a cross country race. Meet Our Team If you're serious about cross country running then it's a good idea to invest in a pair of Get out the Gaffer. To help you get ahead of the pack when it comes to the sport, we've gathered some of the best tips people looking to improve their cross country running game. The beauty of cross country is that it's you against not only the Unfortunately, we don't always get to pick the course that our major race will be be no less than a m straight line until you meet your first turn or narrowing.

cross country meet tips for getting

Cross country was a popular event for the Games, however in the Olympics in Paris, a heatwave on event day resulted in only 15 of the 38 runners in the final reaching the finish line, with the rest needing to be rescued by medics. The public were so horrified at the conditions the cross country athletes endured that Olympic officials ruled to ban cross country running from future Games though it remained a part of the modern Olympic pentathlon.

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Fast-forward to nearly a hundred years later: Many of those who do top the cross-country podium have gone on to win at the Olympics in various disciplines over the years.

Cousin to cross country, and still well practiced across the globe is orienteering — the sport of navigating maps to locate and run to key points in a timed race through forests and outdoor courses.

cross country meet tips for getting

On athlete and World Champion Matthias Kyburz shared his tips for orienteering with us hererelevant to anyone looking to better their outdoor running skills in general. Train hills One of the parts of cross country running people often underestimate is how much up and down is involved.

cross country meet tips for getting

Though events will be a maximum of 12km, courses vary and can have large ascents and descents that can make or break competitors. For those looking to do their first cross country, focusing on hill sprints and uphill running is one of the most effective ways to spend your training time to become accustomed to the hardest part of the race.

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To help, see our guide to running uphill effectively hereand be sure to include hills in every training session you can leading up to race day. Grass and rocky trail routes give you the perfect combination of training terrain that best represent what the actual event will be like.

Rain and mud are a very real part of events, and can hugely effect the outcome of races. Even the cross country World Championships themselves, usually held in the Northern hemisphere and always in March, are full of wet, slippery terrain as the remnants of winter lie on the courses.

Therefore, when it comes to training, weather is no excuse to not be out there, with many of the top schools known to schedule their trainings for when weather is especially bad as you never know what might happen on race day… 4.

cross country meet tips for getting

The workout goes like this: Who Cares About Cross-Country? What do they achieve mentally and physically? Physiologically, these workouts boost your VO2 max—the maximum amount of oxygen your body can take in and utilize. The workouts also improve your running economy—faster pace with less oxygen required—and help the body produce less lactic acid at race pace and improve the clearance of any lactic acid that is produced.

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Mentally, these workouts prepare the new cross-country runner to the difference in effort and pace compared to road running. The workouts help the runner get used to the varying mental discomfort that comes from running fast over undulating terrain, and allow the runner the chance to practice running relaxed at race pace despite increasing fatigue.


If you are a good downhiller, then fly down the hills. If you are a good uphiller, then attack the hills. Many runners relax when they get to the top of hills.

Tips For Cross-Country Training And Racing

The best runners run hard over the top of the hill to keep their pace going. This is the fun of cross-country. Each runner ahead of you is a target, so commit yourself to catching them. This will fatigue the body.

cross country meet tips for getting