Batman and superman meet for first time

When BATMAN Met SUPERMAN: Their 10 BEST First Meetings

batman and superman meet for first time

The connotation in that era was not bad fashion sense but related to old time A BRIEF HISTORY OF BATMAN AND SUPERMAN'S FIRST MEETING AND. The episode depicts the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the DCAU, when . At the same time, Batman flees the Wayne/Lex T-7 using his new Jet- wing. The two heroes first appeared side by side—well, with Robin in the middle—in See Batman and Superman's First-Ever Appearance Together.

Apparently, that kind of thing goes a long way to rebuilding relationships, although it's not really recommended for anyone who isn't a superhero. The Vigilantes 6 of 12 Retconned into the Elseworlds series Generations was this brand new version of a meeting of the original Batman and Superman, again envisioned by John Byrne.

This time around, it was the Ultra-Humanite - a classic Golden Age villain who didn't actually come face-to-face with Batman during the real Golden Age but debuted as a Superman Villain in the real - that brought the two together, with the two heroes finding themselves investigating different aspects of the same case before coming together to defeat the bad guy.

In part due to its overwhelmingly retro nature, the two heroes manage to work together in near-perfect harmony, setting in motion literally centuries of co-operation between the heroes and their eventual off-spring.

batman and superman meet for first time

Maybe it was Byrne trying to make up for what he set in motion thirteen years earlier. The latter hero was mind-controlled by Lex Luthor, thanks to Poison Ivy's mind-control gas.

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When Clark Met Bruce 8 of 12 And then there was the time when the two characters didn't meet for the first time. In this short by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, a young Bruce Wayne passed through Smallville and found himself in the presence of Clark Kent -- although, as the two were kids and neither even vaguely aware of what lay ahead of themneither one was really aware of how important the other would end up becoming in their life in the future. One of the many retcons to Superman's history of the period - Remember when Lex Luthor was suddenly at high school with Clark, seemingly out of nowhere?

Justice League, Part One 9 of 12 's "New 52" makeover brought about yet another chance for our heroes to meet for the first time, and this time around, there was a brand new twist: The two heroes had company during their first meeting.

batman and superman meet for first time

He quickly grabs his gang and outfits them with a gun that shoots a liquefied substance as effective against Superman as natural kryptonite. However, Superman coldly rejects the offer, stating that he has a partnership with a new superhero named Powerman.

In the end, Batman and Robin create a defensive shield that protects Superman from the kryptonite. Luthor is sent back to prison, and Superman reveals that Powerman was just a remote controlled robot designed to protect his friends from harm. The series re-booted the entire DC Universe from the beginning and started over with a clean slate.

This time we see a darker side to Superman. Hot on the trail of a female villain called Magpie, Batman is stopped by Superman, who is helping the Gotham Police Department to throw Batman in jail. Magpie, a thief with an obsession for shiny things, is on a robbery rampage that is leaving innocent people dead. Not wanting to go to jail, Batman explains to Superman that should he come closer to Batman, a trigger will activate and a bomb will kill someone in the city.

This statement causes Superman to hesitate and gives Batman time to suggest working together to stop Magpie before she strikes again.


After Magpie is caught and on her way to prison, Superman demands that Batman show him where he planted the bomb, which is when Batman explains that the detonation device was in his utility belt and makes it clear that he was never going to use it, gaining him a certain amount of respect from Superman as they part ways. The Ultra-Humanite is an evil old man in a wheelchair who is bent on pursuing total destruction of the world.

Showing up just in time, Superman swoops in, saves Julie, and stops the robot. Later that evening, Batman is surveying the scene when he bumps into Lois Lane and Clark Kent, who are taking pictures for the story they are writing for the Daily Planet. As he is escaping on a rocket, he deliberately triggers a bomb that is set to destroy the whole city. Superman grabs the bomb and flings it into outer-space, destroying the rocket and ending the Ultra-Humanite.

batman and superman meet for first time

In the current continuity, the most recent first meeting of Batman and Superman is in the first story arc of the New 52 title Justice League Because even though the characters clearly know each other in the story at this point so not a first meetingthis is the very first time that we see Batman and Superman share the pages of a comic. The Green Lantern has a pang of guilt about some war orphans, so the Justice Society pledge to raise money to help them, and Bats and Supes take part.

Hardly abig adventure, but just look at how glum those orphans look! Curt Swan The first proper meeting You never know who you might meet on holiday. In Clark Kents case he ends up sharing a room on a luxury cruise ship with Bruce Wayne though why the millionaire doesnt kick off about being roomed with a reporter is a bit of a mystery.

When a fire endangers Loiss life, the two set aside their differences and get to work. A final twist comes at the end of the issue when Lois implausibly agrees to a date with Robin.

batman and superman meet for first time

Curt Swan Small-time crook Thad Linnis blackmails Superman by threatening to reveal his secret identity unless he vanishes.

With Supes gone, its down to his bestie, Batman, to figure out whats going on. The tale then flashes back to the Smallville era, where we see Clark dealing with a troublesome snoop who is trying to figure out his secret identity. It turns out to be a very young Bruce Wayne honing his detective skills, meaning that the two first met years ago.

Dick Sprang Third times the charm? Six years after hepenned their original first meeting, Edmond Hamilton takes a third run at it.

batman and superman meet for first time

This time we see Batman and Robin flash back to their absolutely definitely real first mission with Superman. Concerned by Lex Luthor arming his gang with Kryptonite, they offer their services to Clark only to be rebuffed because he hasa new ally: Powerman no, not that one. It all turns out to be a long con: Powerman is a robot that Superman has created to keep his super-buds from harm.

Superman meets Batman for the first time

George Papp Just two years later and DC were at it again and, yes, they even used the same title. Superboy meets Bruce Wayne when Bruce moves into Smallville with his still living! Here Bruce creates his firstcrime-fighting personality.