9 common relationship killers for women

Top 10 Relationship Killers - Divorce and Remarriage Help

9 common relationship killers for women

Toxic romances are all too common. It's harder than you might think to steer clear of relationship killers like cheating, emotional abuse, or sexual what women deserve in relationship 9 Things Every Woman Deserves in a Relationship. 9. Laziness. All good relationships require work. If you are unwilling to do it, your Avoid these relationship killers, and keep the love alive in your life. Disclaimer: All women and men are different, everybody has different backgrounds, blah blah blah etc. O.k., now to your question. In my experience, there are a couple of relationship killers that women do that cause a This is a common one.


When they are in my office, I know they have tried everything and asked their spouse to step up and help, but they have not been successful. Filing for divorce is the only way they believe they will get some reprieve from it. Sachdev, an attorney in San Diego, California 2. We never talk about our problems. Problems crop up and no one wants to rock the boat.

So no one deals with the problem.

9 common relationship killers for women

No one talks about it. It goes underground, then another problem crops up.

9 Common Relationship Killers

This time, dealing with it is even harder because both parties still hold resentment from the first problem they never dealt with. So they push the second problem under the rug. At some point, they explode over something that seems stupid and silly.

9 common relationship killers for women

You tell her not to spend so much time gossiping with her girl friends. You tell her she spent too much money at the shoe store.

9 common relationship killers for women

More than anything, you tell her where and when she should go out. Although women have a reputation for being clingy, they also enjoy their independence.

Chances are your girlfriend lived her life pretty successfully before you entered the picture. It is equally likely that she can still manage her own time and money without your help.

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Instead of demanding time, ask for it. Unless you want her to duck out when she sees you coming into a room, you have to give her space and let her make her own decisions. If her posse is a bit shallow, try to find some substance, and if her mother is overbearing, try to realize she just wants to help. If you try to see the good things in them, you might actually start to like them.

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Her tone of voice changed, as she tried to look on the bright side. I thought about the list of differences my husband and I possess. We are SO different in so many ways. As a Professional Counselor, I see couples who come into therapy with their marriage on life-support. But their struggles often have nothing to do with the trauma of affairs, addictions, or abuse.

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Instead, they are dying a rather slow and painful death. There are so many factors that can get in the way of a good marriagebut often, they are the small, unnoticed things that make their way in. In order to make sure our marriages survive and thrive, here are some relationship killers every couple should be on the lookout for: The number one relationship stress for most couples has little to do with their relationship and much to do with the relationships they are surrounded by.

Too many marriages are struggling simply due to a lack of priorities- finding themselves pulled by everyone else in every which way, except toward each other.

Healthy marriages learn to choose one another above all others.