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It's been a long wait for YG's newest group, WINNER. With the group's debut . Casinos Don't Expect You to Do This. But They Can't Stop. WINNER - 끼부리지마 (Don't Flirt) (English Translation) Lyrics: Don't flirt, every day I'm nervous because of you / I pray Composer/작곡: 강욱진, 함승천, 조성확. S/S is the debut album of South Korean group WINNER. It was released on August 12, by the group's record label, YG Entertainment. The members were credited for writing the lyrics and composing the majority "Don't Flirt" (끼 부리지마), Sung Hwak Cho, Ham Seung-cheon, Kang Wook-jin, Song Min-ho, Lee.

This kind of song proves that it's still possible to come up with a catchy song that doesn't rely on EDM or hip hop that much. It is safe to say that I don't have a favorite part in this song since the whole song in itself is an easy favorite. Hands-down the best track off the album. The kind of song you don't mind listening to the whole day. Hip-hop Probably the only hip hop song off the album, "I'm Him" is the kind of song to make its listeners act all "swaggie" for its legit hip hop feel.

I can't fully judge the whole song because a heavy part of good rap song relies on its lyrics and wordplay--and I can't understand Korean. Even if I bother to read the english translation, I'm sure the bulk of the song's wittiness would be lost. Anyway, the track composition alone is enough for me to pay for it.

It's far from being unique and mind-blowing but I'm digging the song's backing track. I doubt the mainstream appeal of this song but I wouldn't discount its quality as another try-hard swagger song. For a hip hop album, let alone a kpop album, this one is a pretty solid rap track.

I love how the the song is unpretentious in a sense that it's not forced to sound fierce or cool--they just emanate naturally on the song. There's no question with the rapper's flow and voice. If anything, the rapper's voice is eargasmic as hell that it would be an asset to have him in my or anyone's studio. May not appeal to the mass but it is certainly one of those "real shit".

Love's A Lie Genre: Funk Starting from alternative hiphop, ballad, fusion reggae, to true blood hip hop, the album's claim for diversity was solidify by the fifth track "Love's a lie" with it's funk jam sound reminiscent of the good old days. It's undeniably catchy thanks to the song's familiar guitar riffs. The song is far from original but it's a notable song. While the deep-voiced rapper nailed most of the album's songs, this track was owned by the group's other rapper who almost ruined the title track "Empty".

Ironically, the song's stanzas are more remarkable than its disenchanting chorus. The english hook "La, Love, Love's a Lie Another safe title-worthy track off the album, this track is surely one of their "general public-friendly" songs with its effective "recall". It's catchy and cool--but it's not something really new.

The piano intro instantly set the mood of the song. The singer's voice blends well with the song. Actually, this singer's voice has the widest range among the group's vocals, and his sexy style of falsetto is something I don't normally encounter.

To say that he "nailed" the song is an understatement--his overtone humming at the end is too sexy even for a guy like me to handle.

True enough, his androgynous voice for this particular song is just delectable. Lacks mainstream appeal but anyone could attest the fact that it doesn't fall short in terms of quality.

Alternative One of the album's hidden gem, "But", the album's seventh track is one familiar-sounding song. The songs just transcends everything I heard of kpop--it's not kpop anymore, it's a jam that just happened to be in korean language. The rappers killed it this time with their on-point transitions and captivating rhythm. Some parts of the stanzas are so-so; even the chorus itself may take some getting used to.

Nevertheless, I find the song beautiful and unpretentious--the way they sing this song has skilfully yielded the group's matured musicality. There are reasons why people buy an artist's full album; and these kinds of sidetracks are one of the reasons for it.

It's weak for a standalone single but it's definitely a guilty-pleasure to hear. Pop Rock Nothing particularly remarkable about the song--but it sure is not just another filler. It's a mass-friendly song that is catchy enough to have its own fair share of audience. I don't understand korean but I find the song a little to cheesy not necessarily a bad thing. The transitions from the stanzas to the chorus are really awkward and need some serious work.

The "I'm just different" phrase tends to be repetitive and tiring.

What will WINNER do without Taehyun??

The best part of the song starts at 2: The powerful humming as song fades out to its end is also one of the saving moments of this song. A head-nodding song that could be a little too cheesy for some. Almost forgettable if not for the "I'm just different" line. It's pretty catchy and I am particularly 'into' this kind of jams. I think the rap on the intro is unnecessary though; it could have done fine with just the instruments alone.

However, the ad lib-like outro of the song astoundingly stood out-- the low-voiced rapper sexy delivery of lines that overlaps with the high-pitched vocalist's croon, is enough to conclude that the passion in this song is overflowing.

Winner 위너 Don't Flirt 끼부리지마 Lyrics English translation Korean Hangul Romanization

The syncopation at 2: I also have to commend the smooth transitions and the allocation of the singing parts of this song The "knock knock are you there? The 'house feel' of the backtracking combined with the song's unfamiliar arrangement produced a highly addictive track that could definitely make you "smile again". I was a little taken aback by Jin Woo starting the song by telling me he was meeting another girl, but still, it's a good song to jam to in the car or sing at karaoke.

Next is Nam Tae Hyun's solo, "Confession. Nam Tae Hyun also composed and penned the lyrics for this track, so naturally his soft voice fits perfectly and he is able to showcase his vocal talent. With the acoustic guitar backtrack mixed with the vocals and rapping Even though the boys are "different than the good guys" and it would be nice if they were the good guys, we'll take them as they are, too.

The next track, "Tonight," has a slow jam beat. This song about lonely nights and missing a girl also does not disappoint. The falsettos in this track are on point. Now, the last track is nothing new.

This song was praised by the entire YG family, and I'm not going to object to their opinion--it's a great song.

What will WINNER do without Taehyun?? - Music - OneHallyu

In addition, they sped up the song a little with a dance beat and bits of dubstep. I'm really happy this song made it onto their debut album. Overall, I am so, so impressed with this album--it's hard to believe this is a rookie group and a debut album at that.